Mar 4, 2024 - Day 740

740 days of active phase of a 10-year war. And Ukrainians are forced to resist corrupt officials and ignoramuses. And we will defeat them! Everyone here?

Good news time!

- Ukraine has taken a powerful step to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, - said Head of the OP Andriy Yermak at a meeting with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Szijjarto on January 29, 2024.

The conditions for organizing a meeting between Orban and Zelensky have not yet matured, - said the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry Szijjarto on March 4, 2024.

Powerful negotiator Yermak. Powerful and effective. Like the other 5 of Zelensky's managers.



❗️During the day there were 68 combat clashes.— General Staff.

Overall, the enemy inflicted 5 missile and 44 aviation strikes, carried out 54 shelling from rocket launchers with barrage fire on the positions of our troops and populated areas. Unfortunately, as a result of Russian terrorist attacks, there are casualties and injuries among the civilian population.

During the day, the aviation of the defense forces struck 7 areas where the enemy personnel was concentrated.

Cotton? Nyu-nyu. After a cotton the bridge will not be able to perform its function. But in Rashka, they are ashamed to call it an explosion. Why? Because then it will be a public recognition of the effectiveness of the Ukrainian special services. And so... Cotton blooms again in Rashka. ))



Russian military aimed at residential areas of Kherson region, in particular, 9 high-rise buildings and 16 private houses were damaged.— OWA.

In Kherson, administrative buildings were damaged as a result of shelling.

As a result of enemy attacks in settlements in the region, critical infrastructure objects, educational institutions, a bakery and economic buildings were hit.

Through Russian aggression, one person died.

This is a piece of shit. He promised a cut-off ear of an Azov soldier, but instead he was disposed of. Now it's a piece of dead shit.

Yesterday it became known that the head of the intelligence of the Russian terrorist formation Espanola was eliminated.Vyacheslav Subbotin with the call sign Outgoing.He is now not Outgoing, but Disabled. It is noted that this biomass was eliminated when he was on assignment with a weapon in his hands. Whether he had ears with him is unknown. But what difference does it make now?

And so it will be with every occupier. Sooner or later, but it will be.



🕯In the morning at 9:00 minutes of silence we honor the memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



Today we honor the memory of military serviceman Ihor Neznamov.

The man lived in the Varas community in Rivne region. He worked as a carpenter in a public utility. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the aggressor country into Ukraine, he was mobilized.

On September 12, 2022, he received a fatal injury on the Donetsk direction. He was 45 years old. He is survived by his mother, wife, and two sons.

Always in formation!



💪 The railway bridge in Russia was blown up - train traffic paralyzed.- GUR.


Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine confirms the fact of the railway bridge over the Chapayevka River in the Samara region of Russia being disabled.

The railway branch was used by the aggressor state to transport military cargo, including engineering ammunition, produced by the Polimer plant in the city of Chapayevsk, Samara region.


Due to the nature of the damage to the railway bridge, its use will be impossible for a long time.



😔In the evening, Nikopol region was under enemy attack.— Dnipropetrovsk OWA.

The aggressor targeted the city center with a kamikaze drone. Postal services, a private house, and a car were damaged.

Manganese was shelled by occupants with heavy artillery. Electric transmission line is damaged.

People were not injured.

- Corrupt officials can be safely sent to fight, - said Justice Minister Denis Malyuska about who among the convicts can be taken into the army.

It is interesting whether former People's Deputy of the Servant of the People party Oleksandr Trukhin, who was called the accountant of Bankova, falls under this definition. The High Anti-Corruption Court recognized him as a corrupt official and because of this, he lost his mandate. Is that something else?

By the way, considering how many officials have already been suspected of corruption and caught taking bribes, we can form a separate assault squad named 30 percent. The main thing is for them not to do the same thing on the front line as they do in the Verkhovna Rada. But this is not a fact...



The aid package to Ukraine for $60 billion will be discussed only in mid-March or even in April,— CNN. (Note: CNN stands for Cable News Network)

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress Mike Johnson held private meetings with Republicans regarding a new bipartisan foreign aid package, including Ukraine, which includes restrictions at the US-Mexico border.

It is noted that Johnson rejected the bipartisan aid package to Ukraine proposed by the Senate, but left the door open for a new proposal that emerged in the House of Representatives.

Johnson held private meetings with Republicans of the House of Representatives who were trying to secure support for a new bipartisan package of foreign aid that includes restrictions on the US-Mexico border. And now House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Michael McCaul is playing a leading role in efforts to revise the proposal and reach a consensus to achieve passage of the resolution on the floor by the end of March or in April.

The material states that Johnson has not yet taken a position on the new plan and has not committed to bringing it to a vote, telling his colleagues that they must first complete work on legislation on state funding.

But as soon as this process is completed by mid-March, supporters of the plan among Republicans believe Johnson will allow it to be voted on, although he risks negative reaction from extreme right-wing members of Congress or even a vote to remove him from the speakership.

Boeing 737-800 of the Pobeda airline with 168 passengers barely avoided a crash during landing at Sochi airport. Due to a strong storm and instrument problems, the pilots lost control of the plane, and its roll reached 49 degrees. The 27-year-old co-pilot suggested several times to the 50-year-old commander to go around for another approach, but he would not dare. Due to crew overload, they lost the "ability to analyse incoming information and respond to it adequately." After landing and investigation, the commander was transferred to the co-pilot position without the right to restore.

Nothing, we'll wait. This one didn't fall? The next one will fall. The probability of an airplane crash in Russia increases every day. It would be desirable for it to fall in Moscow. We'll wait.



1150 occupiers and 8 tanks will be added: General Staff updated data on enemy losses.



😔 On March 3, Russians wounded 19 residents of Donetsk region: 16 in Kurakhovo and 3 in Pokrovsk.

The total number of Russian casualties in Donetsk region is given without taking into account Mariupol and Volnovakha.

Friends, 2 years ago, on March 3, 2022, we organized the first collection in support of the limited mobility residents of the Kakhovka geriatric nursing home - which was already under enemy occupation for two days at that time.

The money was spent on buying medicines, diapers, and the most basic food. Then our wards were abducted to Russia and the money was spent on taking them out from there. We managed to take out almost everyone who could and dared to escape.

Then, in the spring of 2022, I relied on about 1.5-2 years of help: immediately thought that it would be senseless to pull later, the opportunities would close. Well, maybe this will be the last collection to save the last one who dared to run. It's not easy to organize the evacuation of a person from an enemy state during a war. But we try.

So, we are preparing for the next special operation.

Who can contribute any amount of money - cards are still the same.

I, of course, will be incredibly grateful for spreading information and media support for the collection.


4441114402738197Monobank Holobutskyi Oleksii Petrovych


5375 4112 0738 9599

Bank in Mono

🔗Link to the bank



Fighters of the Third Assault Battalion are firing at enemy positions near Avdiivka.

So, with the help of the UAV, enemy infantry night movement was detected in one of the forest belts. From the sky, the fighters adjusted artillery fire and heavily covered the landing site, where they identified a concentration of enemy forces.

Sorry, what's with his moves??? Subconsciousness, such subconsciousness. )))



❌Ukrainian soldiers destroyed a combat kit and 6 headquarters, bases of fuel and lubricant materials of the Russians last week.



NATO conducts military exercises for the first time in Finland near the Russian border.

From March 4 to 15, the Nordic Response 2024 maneuvers will take place, with more than 20,000 military personnel participating.

It is planned to involve about 50 ships, including submarines and frigates, and over 100 fighters and helicopters.

Rusnaya elite! Putin said that the Russian elite should be formed from this dregs. Rusnya, how do you feel about your elite? Are you proud of it or are you happy for your future?

What's wrong, Russians? Why aren't you happy? Maybe you don't like the elite? But no one is interested in the opinion of Russians. Endure, Russians, you agreed to this yourself by supporting the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.



😈Guardians' airbase in the occupiedCrimea was attacked by rockets.- they write rosmi.

It is noted that the attack occurred on March 1. Two rockets exploded, damaging the airport runway.

According to the media, the 37th mixed aviation regiment of the Russian Air Force is based at this airfield.



🇺🇸 Soldiers of the 25th Separate Dnipropetrovsk Airborne Brigade urgently need specific lightweight protection, namely: 8 plate carriers with side protection and a helmet with a ballistic package (ballistic filling class II).

Defenders perform certain tasks in which maneuverability saves lives. Due to the active use and heaviness of the protective plates, the old equipment broke down.

This type of equipment is expensive, but in terms of quality and durability, it more than justifies itself.

Join the collection that will help protect our fighters!

🔗Link to the bank:

💳Bank card number:

5375 4112 1317 1213(Note: This appears to be a series of numbers and does not require translation)

In Ukraine, those convicted of corruption may be sent to fight in the ranks of the Armed Forces. This was stated by the Minister of Justice Denis Malyuska. Could this idea become a reality, and who among Ukrainian officials and politicians involved in corruption could end up on the front lines - I, Borislav Bereza, will discuss on my channel. Join the discussion in the comments.



⛓️The SBU detained a traitor in Dnipro who was helping the Russiansdetect the radar stations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to bypass the Ukrainian air defense .

First of all, the suspect attempted to identify the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces radar complexes.

Also, in case of receiving accurate coordinates, the invaders planned to carry out targeted missile-drone strikes on Ukrainian radar stations.

Another task of the Russian agent was to track down the main routes that fuel tankers were moving along towards the front line.

Employees of the SBU exposed an enemy agent at the initial stage of his intelligence activity.

The criminal is in custody. He faces life imprisonment.



🇫🇷France provided Ukraine with military equipment and materials adapted to the conditions in which the Ukrainian Armed Forces operate from February 24, 2022 to December 31, 2023 for a total amount of 2.615 billion euros.

It is noted that all military supplies to Ukraine meet three criteria:

▪️complete cycle support (ammunition supply, training and equipment maintenance);

▪️help without weakening the French army

▪️escalation control

In the equipment list that France has transferred to Ukraine, there is small arms, personal protective equipment, air defense systems, artillery, armored vehicles, boats, trucks, drones, aviation fuel, etc.

In some cases, the number of units transferred is classified. This includes Crotale, Aster, and SCALP missiles.

In addition, about 10 thousand Ukrainian defenders underwent training in France and Poland with the support of Paris.



👾Cyber experts from the GRU hacked the Russian Ministry of Defense.


As a result of the DDoS attack, access to the servers of the Russian Ministry of Defense was obtained.


It is about orders, reports, directives, reports and other documents that circulated between >2000 structural units of the Russian law enforcement agency.


The information obtained allows to establish the complete structure of the Russian Ministry of Defense and its branches.


The analysis of the data received also helped to identify the generals, other senior officials of the structural units of the Russian Federation, as well as deputies, assistants, specialists - all those who used the software for electronic document flow called bureaucrat.

All Russians are quite fucked up. Knowing how I treat them and address me... Fucked up.



🗣️ In Ukraine during full-scale warfare, the production of analogs of American armored vehicles M113, MaxxPro, and Humvee has been established.- representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Andriy Yusov.

It is about BTR Fox, Sikach and Characteristic. Domestic equipment has proven its effectiveness on the battlefield, especially during the defense and withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Avdiivka, said Yusov. According to him, the equipment is assembled from available materials, including Soviet elements, or new ones are made.



😱In Mykolaiv region a 50-year-old man kidnapped an 8-year-old girl and hid her underground.

The police found a child in a disguised hiding place-underground near the highway Kryvyi Rih-Mykolaiv. The girl's relatives said that the former fellow resident of her grandmother could have kidnapped the child. Currently, he offender has been informed of suspicion, and the child has been taken to a medical facility.

There is only one force that has protected Ukraine, holds the defense, retakes territories, destroys occupiers and brings Victory closer - and that's the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to the Ukrainian military!



📰 Western intelligence services do not trust Germany because of constant leaks to the Kremlin.BILDAs BILD editor Petro Tіде writes, commenting on the scandal with the leak of German officers' conversation about a missile strike on the Crimean Bridge, a popular saying in Western countries is becoming less relevant: If you want something to be discovered in Moscow - give it to the Germans!

The mistrust of Western allies in German intelligence services and politicians is huge, it has developed historically: for almost 80 years no Western country has experienced such intensive and successful espionage from Moscow as Germany. Secrets always end up in Moscow through Germany., - writes Tide.

As BILD's source in one of the German special services, the Western special services have not trusted them for many years due to constant scandals and leaks.

No one from the CIA or MI5 comes and openly says they no longer trust us. It's a gradual process: you are invited less, you only learn about important meetings on certain topics later... In the world of intelligence services, we are considered second-rate and treated accordingly: we are not in the first league, - says the source.

He cites excessive regulation as the reason: only seven government agencies are monitored by external intelligence BND.

In every Western country, information received from partner intelligence agencies is protected. Before using it in court cases or investigative commissions, you need to ask the intelligence service where the information came from: secret information belongs to them. But in Germany it's not like that, here it is not protected, every secret threatens to become public knowledge. We have to pass it on to the courts and committees - initially it was regulated by the courts, and now by law. As a result, we are receiving less and less information from our partners because it is not safe," the source said.



💣 In Sumy region, the State Bureau of Investigation found a hiding place with ammunition of the Russian military.

In a camouflaged hideout in the forest aisle, almost forty anti-tank mines, 10 homemade explosive devices, two rocket-propelled grenade shots, and two boxes of 14.5 mm caliber cartridges were stored.

After examination, confiscated ammunition will be transferred for the needs of the Defense Forces.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky does not know how to recruit additional troops against the backdrop of the Russian army's advance. This has become one of the most serious challenges for him and his team since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.Translation: , -Writes The Washington Post

As noted, Volodymyr Zelensky's inability to form a political consensus on the mobilization strategy - despite months of warnings about the acute shortage of prepared military personnel on the front line - has caused deep divisions in the Ukrainian parliament and more broadly in Ukrainian society.

It has also resulted in military relying on haphazard efforts to recruit soldiers and has sown panic among men of draft age. Many people are hiding, fearing that they will be called into a poorly equipped army and sent to certain death, as help for Ukraine in Washington remains at a standstill, the publication notes.

Despite Zelensky's promises to international partners that Ukraine will cope with the fighting if it receives the necessary weapons and other support, Ukraine's leader and its top military command have not yet been able to develop a clear plan to recruit thousands of new soldiers critically needed to defend against ongoing Russian attacks.

The question of how to replenish the ranks of the army raised by Zelensky, perhaps posed the most serious challenge to his leadership since February 2022. The lack of a clear mobilization strategy - or at least agreement on how many more troops Ukraine needs - led to the dismissal of Zelensky's chief commander of the Armed Forces Zaluzhny in February, but the new chief commander Aleksandr Syrsky has not yet provided any clarity, - The Washington Post notes.

It was stated that Syrsky was tasked with conducting a review of the personnel of the Armed Forces to find more combat-ready servicemen after Zelensky was informed that out of the 1 million mobilized, only about 300 thousand fought at the front.

However, almost a month after the increase, no one in the military leadership or the president's administration explained where these 700,000 people are and what they are doing, journalists write.

Authorized representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on recruitment issues Oleksiy Bezevets stated that citizens of conscription age should come to terms with the fact that it is no longer time to sit at home.

It is quite possible that the Russians will soon come much closer if no one stops them, - he emphasized.

Beige added that in addition to the lack of ammunition, weapons, shells, and so on, we also have a shortage of personnel, this is a tragedy.

But the most interesting thing is that the article does not have recommendations from Zelensky and his 5 managers on how to solve this problem on which the future of Ukraine depends. And why is that? Zelensky said at the press conference that they are his team. Can this team offer anything other than schemes, deceit, and persecution of opponents and investigative journalists? But the problem itself will not be solved and will not disappear. And we don't have much time. It's time for Zelensky to turn to those who can solve this and other problems. It's time to call on adults and create a Government of national unity. Does he still want to continue experimenting?



🤔In Ukraine, certain categories of convicts can be sent to fight in the ranks of the Armed Forces. This includes, in particular, corrupt officials.statedMinister of Justice Denis Malyuska

Corrupt officials, I think, can be absolutely safely sent to fight, - he says.

He explains that such people are often patriots, they are just greedy for their patriotism.

Well, not only greedy, but let's be open. Our country has cultivated corruption for decades. Someone to a greater extent, someone to a lesser extent, but it was a widespread and remains a widespread phenomenon. So saying wow, he is a corrupt person, - continues Malyuska.



Ex-FBI informant accused of lying about Biden had Russian contacts- OSINT BEES

Former FBI informant is 43-year-old Alexander Smirnov, who has passports of the USA and Israel. Last week he was accused of falsely informing FBI agents in June 2020 that officials of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma paid the Bidens 5 million dollars in bribe.

OSINT investigators revealed that among the special operation of the Russian special services there was not only an accusation of the Bidens of corruption before the US presidential elections, but also an attempt to discredit Ukraine's intervention in these elections.

It turned out that Smirnov had suspicious contacts with Russians for many years.

Only during the second half of 2023, Smirnov met with at least four Russian high-ranking officials, including representatives of special services.

In particular, in October Smirnova was invited to a party that took place in one of the countries of the Middle East on the superyacht of the owner of the largest Russian steelmaking and mining company, Alexei Mordashov.

From Smirnov's words, these meetings discussed the possible end of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The Russians demanded that negotiations with the Ukrainians on a ceasefire take into account the theme of the upcoming presidential elections in the USA, and that Ukraine help them influence these elections.

Alcoholic, drug addict, shitty stand-up comedian or asshole?

And I have a persistent feeling that Dimon is posing as a dumb and aggressive animal so that the pale special services wouldn't bother them with their eternal frogging. And he is clearly scared and wants to look like the most radical in order to please the owner. From the outside, it looks pathetic, but such little things don't bother Dimon. He is driven only by self-preservation instinct. That's why he does such things. And to make it easier, he also uses. What does he use? I don't know. A professional narcologist is needed here. Although I'm not sure he will help Dimon.



🗣️ Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal held his annual press conference.

Here is the main point of his speech:

🔹Approximately 40 billion UAH has been allocated for the purchase of drones, half of which is planned to be spent in Ukraine.

This year, the budget deficit is more than 20% of GDP - $37 billion.

From the beginning of the year, 20 billion UAH has been allocated from the reserve fund of the state budget for fortification and construction of defensive lines, and another 11 billion - from other sources.

🔹Frozen about $300 billion of Russian assets in the West. Plans to use them for the needs of Ukraine.

🔹Ukraine has proposed 5 steps to Poland to resolve the blockade issue, the Polish government is considering them.

🔹No cases of blocking weapons, military equipment, humanitarian aid, or fuel for Ukraine have been recorded at the Polish border.

🔹The number of ministries in Ukraine will be reduced by a third.

🔹This year, 20 thousand government vacancies have been cut.

🔹Ukraine does not intend to extend the contract for the transportation of Russian gas after 2024, but may talk with a European country (an EU member) about using its gas transit network.



☠️One combat drone and minus 11 occupants at once.

Caught up with the enemy on the move and hit the equipment during the enemy infantry movement using an FPV drone. As a bonus - the burning of the ammunition compartment onboard with occupants.

Elimination of the enemy army unit on the Avdiivka direction - the work of the crew of Vytrolom, fighters of the Third Assault Brigade's Drone Systems Battalion.

Texts by Portnikov, like delicacies - they should be enjoyed. Not swallowed, but calmly, in parts, let yourself through everywhere, to enjoy the aftertaste. Note the accents, shades and passages and find meanings that run through the texts and are the main highlight. .

Did Shevchenko make a mistake in his attitude towards the Ukrainian people? A person who loved Ukraine as no Ukrainian poet before, at the same time was critically disposed towards his contemporaries and did not hide it, this criticality is one of the main motives of Shevchenko's work and correspondence. Many of us know these lines by heart, but perceive them purely as poetic rhetoric, although this is part of a civilizational program. Shevchenko understood well that without changes in the national consciousness, there would be no Ukraine, he was one of the first to realize the tragedy of the Ukrainian scrambled and contradictory identity. I apologize, but if you really consider a person as a nation builder, you cannot fail to notice a realistic attitude towards the nation itself. You can follow people interested in glory and access to financial flows, repeating the immortal meme about a wise nation, - but you cannot fail to notice that the historical and political choice of this wise nation has already brought Ukraine to ruin several times. Shevchenko was ready not only to expose, but also to fight for the reformatting of the nation. Both "Kobzar" and his life path are the beginning of such a reformatting. But what can we change if we rely on mythical folk wisdom? Will we promote the destruction of the people and perish ourselves along with them? Very romantic, but this is not Shevchenko's tradition, but a Russian tradition.



💬In February, Ukraine exported more than 8 million tons of goods through the "Grain Corridor," - Zelensky after the daily selector

At the meeting, the president received information about the rescue operation in Odesa and the elimination of the consequences of the shelling in Kurakhovo. Zelensky also heard from the representative of the Ministry of Defense and the Head of the General Staff about the situation on the front.

Critical losses of our troops at the front and the seizure of our land by the Russians largely occur due to the absence of defensive line construction.

On December 1, 2023, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief V. Zelensky ordered the construction of defensive structures on the front. However, besides the speech, the authorities have not done anything about the matter yet. At the moment, on the majority of the objects designated for construction, even the engineering works have not been started, and where they have begun, only the initial level is present. Not a single object has been completed. The pace is simply dismal.

At the time when Supreme Commander-in-Chief Zelensky and his subordinates ministers and generals talk about the need to save soldiers' lives, the priority and most important thing for preserving the lives of warriors is actually defensive structures.

All our defense is what the infantry managed to dig with their shovels, and some trees that the infantry made for cover in the neighboring plantation. So our losses are crazy from grenades from drones and grenade launchers, from mortars. That is why the enemy quickly wipes us out with fire, kills, takes prisoner those who survived.

So, replacing Zaluzhny with Syrskyi in the construction of defense lines did not change anything and cannot change - as I wrote, allocation of materials for construction, mobilization of construction organizations with equipment and personnel - all this is not a military issue. The army does not have such a number of engineering units to conduct large-scale construction work in the front line of hostilities. Defense Minister Umierov, as always, deals with obvious things and is afraid to raise the issue of construction, because he knows that if he asks for money, he may come into conflict with the office. Therefore, everyone in power pretends that defense structures are not their responsibility.

At the time when Russia is building quality defensive structures along the entire front line starting from October 2022, Ukraine, defending itself from an enemy that significantly surpasses in number of people and weapons, is not building defensive lines at all.

This is one of the real crimes of the Servants of the People, a lot of our people die every day because of the inaction of the authorities, who love to promote themselves in war, and are unable to fulfill either the demands of war or even their own orders. (c) Yuriy Butusov

The Washington Post writes that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky does not know how to recruit additional units to protect Ukraine, against the backdrop of the advancement of Russian troops. This issue has become the most difficult for Zelensky since the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the publication writes. But why can't the authorities solve the mobilization issue? Why did the President not listen to Zaluzhny and postpone the decision on mobilization? Will the new Chief of Staff Sirci manage this task? What is wrong with Zelensky's managers? And why does Ukraine need a Government of national unity? Details about the situation were shared by Borislav Bereza in his own author's blog.



From a security standpoint, it is currently not possible to make government meetings accessible to the media, - Minister Nemchinov for Interfax.

According to him, this question is currently being considered, but the presence in one place of all members of the government is very tempting for the enemy.



❗️In Kyiv, all medical expert commissions will be checked due to a large number of complaints - head of the Ministry of Health Lyashko.

It's about cases when doctors intentionally provide incorrect diagnosis or demand bribes for the correct one.

Also, according to the minister, many complaints relate to "basic things that can be quickly fixed": failure to comply with the electronic queue, lack of basic conditions for comfortable passage of VLK, unoptimized routes.

Swiss citizens in a referendum appointed pensioners an annual 13th pension. The government and parliament were against it, but the country's residents decided otherwise and this decision becomes law.

60% of residents voted in favor of introducing the 13th pension, which will be paid annually in November. In addition, in the previous referendum, the Swiss overwhelmingly rejected the increase in the retirement age from 65 to 66 years.

Currently, the state pension in Switzerland is 2550 euros. Retirees may not have enough of it, especially in Zurich and Geneva, where the cost of living is one of the highest on the planet. They understand well that these pensions will be paid from the taxes of the working population. But for the sake of caring for their retirees and for pragmatic reasons about their future, the Swiss have made a choice.

Two stories from Rashka. Fresh.

In Kirov, the mercenary of the PMC "Wagner" Dmitry Efimov, who returned from the war, was detained for rape. On the night of February 24, he took the 22-year-old victim to the garages on Girsovsky Lane, put her in someone else's parked car and raped her. Later, Efimov got distracted and the girl was able to escape. Then he decided to cover his tracks, drove away the VAZ and set it on fire. Nevertheless, investigators found Efimov. The court sent him to pre-trial detention. A criminal case has been initiated under the article "Rape."

The source notes that Efimov had previously been convicted. In 2013, he was sentenced for rape, and in 2019 - for murder.

2. The dismemberer from Chita who returned from the war was sentenced for a new murder.

Chita district court on March 4 sentenced Tsyren-Dorzhi Tsyrenzhapov to 14 years in a strict regime colony, who had previously received a sentence for the murder and dismemberment of an 18-year-old girl and again dealt with a person.

Let us remind you, in the autumn of 2020 in Chita, Tsirenzhapov beat and strangled an 18-year-old girl during an argument, and then dismembered her body in the bathroom. He hid the hands and feet in the Chitinka river, and threw the head and body off the balcony of the apartment. The court sentenced him to 14 years in a high-security prison.

Earlier, he was released early due to his participation in the war and was personally pardoned by Putin.

These two stories show what awaits Russia and what these elites will do if they survive and return from the war. Rusnya, what about unlocking iPhone?



🥴Hard fate for Russian ballerinas...

More videos on our TikTok👇

Unfortunately, Mr. Minister does not understand (or does not speak) that first of all, Ukraine is denied extradition (and recent examples confirm this) because:

Message of suspicion is not properly substantiated or clearly present obvious political motives for all.

2. Representatives of the law enforcement system (including those holding high positions) do not respect the basic presumption of innocence of a person, which is fundamental for democratic societies. And already at the pre-trial investigation stage, they call suspects criminals, guilty, etc.

3. European courts legitimately doubt the existence of independent fair justice in Ukraine. Especially in so-called resonance cases where judges are sometimes guided not by the requirements of the law, but by "public expectations".

And the reasons given by Mr. Minister are also mentioned, but mostly as additional ones, although important.

And until there are changes in points 1-3, no one will be extraditing criminals to Ukraine, just as they were not extradited in peacetime and during the period 2014-2022. (c)Sergiy Vlasenko



🇺🇦The Russian army is deploying combat helicopters at Azovstal, - ATESH

According to information from the partisan movement, the Russians actively use the ruins of Azovstal for the deployment of their combat aviation.

Today, on Monday, March 4th, at 19:00, we will be doing a live broadcast together with Oleksiy Holobutsky.

-Корупціонерів можна спокійно відправляти воювати, каже Малюська. Але чи правильно це? Навіщо влада своїми ж руками робить вступ до лав ЗСУ покаранням?Corrupt officials can be safely sent to fight, says Maluska. But is this right? Why does the government punish by sending them to the Armed Forces themselves?

Zelensky doesn't know how to recruit additional troops amid the advance of the Russian army. WP writes about this. Why weren't mobilization issues addressed earlier? Thinking about ratings again?

Yermak says that Ukraine has taken a powerful step to bring Zelensky and Orban together. However, the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry denies this. So why was this statement made?

- Russian propagandists turn to Ukrainian public figures and hope for cooperation. What reasons have become key for such an activation of hostile propaganda?

- Hristo Grozev stated that among the recipients of Western grants and political activists of Ukraine, even from pro-liberal organizations, there are many people who received money from the FSB before February 24, 2022. Is this true? Can a journalist provide evidence?



The Parliament must receive information from the Government on the organization and financing of the defense lines construction.

We have been struggling for several months to create a TSC on this issue and have purchased new reliable bulldozers and excavators at our own expense. We do not intend to remain silent.

I urge all colleagues to support the creation of the TSC and submit their candidates there! So far, only mono-majority of power and OPGG have not provided candidates - perhaps they are not interested in how fortification construction takes place.

We need to unite, stop the politics of individuals. Everyone must do everything they can to ensure that the land of Ukraine is securely protected.




🤯The Ministry of Defense auditors discovered nearly 30,000 new quality medical turnstiles made in the USA in one of the storage facilities of a military unit in Zhytomyr region.

They haven't been seen by the military in nearly a year.



🗓 In the Ukrainian government, the date is 4 years of work under the chairmanship of Shmygal.


That which the Prime Minister cannot see or hear - they are used to. This is how the President's Office is arranged.


You make statements that not only bring a smile to my face. 🤔

Here, for example, - aboutcreation of a strong Government Center, where auxiliary and administrative functions will be concentrated.Ministries should have a small number of very good specialists who will shape state policy, and the Government Center will provide legal support in personnel, accounting and financial sphere. Also, the Government Center must quickly prepare documents for a particular ministry.


❌ The number of ministries will be reduced by a third (optimal number should be 15-16) - this idea was presented back in Lugano as part of the recovery plan in 2022.


❌ The number of state officials has already been reduced20 thousand vacancies. 🤪 - . 🤪


The media still "wandered" visualization of what will change (wrote about ithere.


Moreover, new agencies and services continue to be created, and there is no reduction in salary payments in ministries in the state budget for 2024, on the contrary — they have increased❗️


P.S. And if you delve deeper into the words of Denys Shmyhal, you can imagine how long and with what losses to the budget you can (or even theoretically can) implement what he said.

The news about the merger of ministries, which was "highlighted" today by Prime Minister Shmyhal, is no longer news. For three weeks, the president talked about this initiative at a closed meeting with journalists. I don't know why none of those present wrote about it then, it's not a state secret.

In the plans is to merge the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economy (this has already been done, as writers of FB rightly note); dissolve the Ministries of Sports, Culture, and Information Policy - the functions of the last two to be transferred either to the National Council or to the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting. Also planned is the merger of ministries that perform social functions into the Ministry of Social Policy. At the same time, the president did not rule out that the prime minister could also head one of the ministries (this is something new, it has never been done before). The vice prime ministers will also be thought of.

If taken globally, then if this is a launch of processes for effective governance, such initiatives should be welcomed. If the motivation is to save money, it can also be welcomed. The main thing is that after such reductions, the number of officials does not increase (this has also happened).

As knowledgeable people say, there can also be solutions regarding the merger of certain intelligence agencies (a debatable issue), for example, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense and the Foreign Intelligence Service. If there is a decision, I will write separately.

Well, as for personal appointments, according to my information, last week the final decision was made regarding the candidacy of our ambassador to Britain and... the new head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I don't write surnames, let there be room for intrigue.Victor Shlinchak

The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously reversed the decision of the Colorado Supreme Court to ban Trump from running for office. This decision allows Trump to run for office, despite decisions made by individual states.

I watch with anxiety the experts on America. These strange characters who know very well what Biden is thinking and what he will do and how decision-making centers will not allow Trump's presidency.

How are you guys? Anaconda plan in force? And the Showcase plan? By the way, I propose a new plan for America for Ukraine - Eggplant. The name is a little dumb, but beautiful. Everything as you like. Write more. (c) Sergiy Marchenko



During the extinguishing of a fire in the Kramatorsk district of Donetsk region, rescuers from Sloviansk garrison came under renewed shelling, - head of MIA Klymenko.

Two died, three more were injured. The deceased were 29 and 31 years old.

From this headline, I am interested in the list of channels that the authorities do not like. Because I will not be surprised if among those channels will be mine. And not only mine. The authorities like to beat opponents with other people's hands. Really like...



A brief overview of this day. Most of the time - military.

Head of Oleksandr Syrsky and Chief of General Staff Anatoliy Bargilevich. A lengthy meeting specifically about front-line issues and tasks. Our operations and perspectives.

Despite all the deficits, the capabilities of our soldiers to destroy occupiers should not decrease. I regularly head to the front line. Real combat commanders from the front line, from the brigades, are involved in decision-making. Today, I have approved and signed a number of necessary new appointments for the Defense Forces.

Minister of Defense Rustem Umierov. He held a separate meeting with him. Supply of weapons, fair and proper provision of brigades. Each combat brigade, each frontline unit should receive more modern weapons than they currently have.

Separate conversation - about drones. Good content. In particular, regarding our long-range drones.

Report of the Main Intelligence Directorate - Budanov. Our special operations. We need a clear result in destroying the Russian military infrastructure and logistics. A bigger result. And it will be.

SBU report - Malyuk. He reported on our resistance to Russian sabotage groups - these killers who terrorize our border areas. Malyuk also reported on the resistance to collaborators. There are good results in neutralizing these individuals.

There was a report from external intelligence - Litvinenko. Regarding sensitive international directions and Russia's existing plans. We understand what documents are on the enemy's table, what he is plotting next. We will resist.

Thank you to everyone who cares about Ukraine and Ukrainians! Thank you to all who fight and work for our state and people! Thanks to everyone in the world who helps and believes in us!

Understanding the processes that are taking place and that we may even be banned from Telegram, I created a channel on Viber. If you are willing and in need, then subscribe to it and to my YouTube. Exclusives will also be there.

🟢A little explanation about the history of the fake from the Commander of the Air Force

To begin, prehistory.On Saturday, March 2nd,Commander of the Air Force Mykola OleshchukpostedVideo of supposedly fire scenes after shooting down an enemy Su-34 aircraft in the sky near Mariupol.

🚫 Та it quickly became known that this video is fake . What it is not is confirmation of an airplane on fire, but the frames of the fire were shot three days earlier - February 28.Logic dictates that the publication of a fake led to an excessive sharp reaction of the society. Because we are being fooled. Doubts creep in, whether the Air Force did not deceive about shooting down almost every day such a large number of Russian planes.

‼️No, not kidding.There are at least three methods of verifying the shooting down of air targets in occupied territories: disappearance of the plane from radars, interception of radio communications and objective control.

Objective control is just what is photo, video and other facts confirming.

🔄Let's go back to the history with a fake.Today I had a conversation withPetro Andryushenko, advisor to the mayor of Mariupol and one of those whoinvolved in organizing the resistance movement in Mariupol.Petro also explained how it happened that the Commander posted, essentially, a fake.

➡️In the Mariupol resistance there are special agents who "look to the sky".That is, their work is to scan the sky, photograph airplanes, boundaries of their departure, fix the number of airplanes in the air, and so on.

One of such agents of Mariupol resistance repeatedly provided true information for objective control.

He was the one who provided this video fake allegedly about shooting down an enemy plane. But, most likely, it was not our agent.And the Russian FSB. Which probably arrested him and deliberately staged an information provocation that led to the publication by the Commanderfake video, and therefore undermine the trust of the public in the actions of the Air Force.Today our agent of Mariupol resistance is considered arrested.

Here it is, friends, a sad picture. I hope that everyone who reads this text will understand that it is important not to write "WHERE IS THE PHOTO???" in the comments next time. For photos and videos - the lives and safety of real people.




We have gathered the main things you might have missed on March 4th:

Cyber specialists from the Main Intelligence Department hackedMinistry of Defense servers of the Russian Federation.

🔹 In the war in Ukraine, eliminatedchief of intelligence of the occupiers’ battalion "Espanola" Subotin.

🔹Near Avdiivka, Russianокупанти частково контролюютьOccupiers partially controlsela Berdychi and Tonenkе.

🔹 The Supreme Court of the United States allowed Donald Trumptake part in the elections

Losses of Ukrainian farmers from the blockade of the border with Polandreached $500 million.

🔹In Kyivcheck the work of all expert commissions, through numerous complaints.



💬 Lithuania will join the Czech initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine, - Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė

At the same time, she did not specify how much Lithuania would contribute.

18+. Sorry, but this is Oreyro! )))

WHO warns that the world may face a new pandemic - fungal, - writes Guardian

In 2022, the World Health Organization identified four fungal pathogens as "critical" among 19 fungi posing the greatest threat to public health: Cryptococcus neoformans, Candida auris, Aspergillus fumigatus, and Candida albicans. Fungi that have mutated due to rising temperatures are already spreading, causing mass infections and deaths, and effective treatments with maximum results to combat this do not yet exist.

The WHO highlighted the danger of having only a few antifungal medicines, the spread of fungal diseases due to global warming and international travel and trade, as well as their resistance to treatment.

WHO reports that at this point we are already experiencing a kind of slow pandemic, as about 4 million people die from such infections worldwide each year. But the speed of disease spread is increasing.

Mushrooms??? Seriously? Why do I feel like we are in the first part of The Last of Us?



❗️Ukrainian defenders repelled more than 20 attacks by Russian occupiers near Avdiivka and struck a number of areas where enemy soldiers are concentrated, according to the General Staff.

During the day, the aviation of the defense forces struck at 8 areas of concentration of enemy personnel and 1 ground station of UAV control. Also, by the forces and means of the anti-aircraft defense of Ukraine, one guided aviation missile X-59 was destroyed.

Units of missile troops have inflicted damage on 1 enemy concentration area, 1 anti-aircraft system, and 6 enemy artillery means.

On April 12, the TV series Fallout is released. The series is based on the game and events take place in the future, after the nuclear conflict of 2077. The game was a masterpiece. Whether the series will be as good, we will find out in a month. But I'm talking about something else. Humanity loves to watch horror series and movies, but lately I've been thinking that we are getting closer to what scared us in movies. We are approaching another big war. World War. The world is truly pregnant with nuclear war, and I really want a miscarriage. Otherwise, things could get much worse than in Fallout. Without cinematic effects and special effects. Let's see what will be in a few years. I hope there will be more seasons of Fallout, not the Third World War. In the meantime, we can just watch the processes and watch the series. It could be good...



❗️Petro Poroshenko was allowed to travel to the congress of the European People's Party in Romania.

Peter Oleksiyovych Poroshenko's business trip to the congress of the European People's Party has just been signed.

— announced the deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Korniienko.

He added that sometimes there are certain grounds for prohibiting or not allowing departure - they are security-related, clearly regulated.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all the good people

Russian scum is attacking Odessa with shahids again. Russian ugliness!