Mar 6, 2024 - Day 742

742 days of active phase of the 10-year war. I want to thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thanks to which I can write this and you can read it. Everyone here?

Time for some good news!



💪Sky defenders destroyed 38 UAVs.

On the night of March 6, 2024, Russian occupying forces attacked with 5 anti-aircraft guided missiles S-300 from the territory of Donetsk region and with 42 strike drones of type "Shahed" from four directions - Chauda, Balaklava - Crimea, Kursk region, Primorsko-Akhtarsk - Russia.

As a result of combat work, 38 "shahids" were killed in the Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, and Sumy regions.



As a result of the Russian attack, UAVs of the Shahed type were recorded flying over Sumy.— OWA.

All emergency services are working on site.

Injured people receive necessary medical care.

Also, the Russians attacked the village of Martove in Chuhuiv district in Kharkiv region with drones.(on the photo).

Buildings of the kindergarten and high school were damaged.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.



😈 In the Kursk region, a drone flew into a fuel depot.

За according to the governor of the region, there are no casualties, they are trying to extinguish the fire.



🚨Air alarm announced in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.



🕯️At 9:00 in the morning, a minute of silence is dedicated to the memory of those who died in the brutal war of Russia against Ukraine.



🔥And here is a video of the fire in the Kursk region.

The Ministry of Energy is reporting that the Mikhaylov Mining and Processing Plant named after A.V. Varichev was hit by a drone attack.



🕯️On February 28, 2024, military commander from Kherson region Maxim Baranenko died.

The man fought for the independence of our state, but one of the combat missions in the Russian-Ukrainian war became the last for the defender.

He left behind a wife and two underage children.

Forever in line!



Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration for the exercise of self-government powers Volodymyr Prokopyev appealed to law enforcement agencies after a fire in Osokorki.

We appeal to law enforcement agencies to determine the causes of the fire, if it was arson, then find those responsible as soon as possible for them to be held accountable for it.



Also in the Russian Federation, an explosion occurred in the boiler room at the Shagonar CHP plant in Tuva.

6 workers in critical condition, total number of victims - 18, 3 people may still be under the rubble.



Russian military targeted residential areas in populated areas of the region, in particular, 10 high-rise buildings and 11 private houses were damaged, - Kherson Regional State Administration.

In Kherson, critical infrastructure objects, a museum, a creativity center, and cars were damaged as a result of shelling. Hits on the port infrastructure and park territory were also recorded.

As a result of enemy attacks, hits were made on gas pipelines, a point of invincibility, a garage facility, as well as the territory of the airport.

Due to Russian aggression, 2 people were wounded.

Then, while Polish farmers continue to block the Ukrainian border, trade with Ukraine brings Poland considerable profits, writes Rzeczpospolita. And after the start of the great war, these profits only grew.

Representatives of the dairy industry in Poland have stated their concerns about how the border blockade is already affecting and may affect trade. In fact, they were perhaps the only representatives of Polish business who have expressed concerns since the very beginning of the farmers' protests back in 2023. And they have reasons for that.



🇺🇸 Trump and Biden won the primaries from their parties on Super Tuesday.

Trump won the Republican primaries in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia, rejecting former US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, his only competitor.

As expected, the current president Biden will run for election from the Democratic Party, although there are activists who oppose his strong support for Israel.

Nevertheless, public opinion polls show that both 81-year-old Biden and 77-year-old Trump have low ratings among voters.

On Super Tuesday in the USA, delegates were selected for party conventions, where it will be decided who to nominate as a presidential candidate in the elections on November 5.

Imagine a small village somewhere in Bukovyna.

Whether in Polissia. Whether in Slobozhanshchyna.

Not essential.

From that village, 10 boys went to war.

One turned on the shield.

From one - already more than a year there is no news.

Two people were injured. One of them has been receiving treatment for three months, while the other has been forced to knock on the doors of the VLK for the same 3 months.

Two were at home on vacation for 15 days each.

Dvom - it was luckier because they were on vacation twice, but for 10 days each.

And one - for more than a year of service, they never let him go.

The commander did not approve the report - that happens.

Where is the tenth? - you ask.

And the tenth - also returned home.

But in SSC.

Well, actually, now he is awaiting his sentence.

From 5 to 10 years.

But no one... no one just didn't come home.

Living and healthy (relatively).

Honestly. Calmly. Dignified.

Having fulfilled his civic duty, he has not yet returned to his children, wife or elderly parents.

It is possible to appeal to the collective consciousness of the people indefinitely.

To tell about patriotism and the necessity of defending the country.

All this is absolutely appropriate and unquestionable.

But until they start returning from the army, they won't start going back there.

They will do whatever it takes.

The third child, groups of disabilities ... or storm the Tisa on inflatable mattresses.

Such is the human psyche.

Sorry for the not very appropriate analogy, but people buy lottery tickets because they have a chance to win.

Let it be even insignificant.

But there is a chance.

And they are counting on this chance.

When in a fictional village in Bukovyna... in Polissya... or in Slobozhanshchyna they see a living Hero returning home.

Returned - honestly served his time.

Earned money, status and respect.

And how can he now calmly walk the streets and even go to the nearest city without paying attention to roadblocks and checkpoints ...

Then again, queues may form in the same shopping center.

Although it sounds paradoxical, clear terms of service and demobilization are currently a really important guarantee for continuing mobilization.

Especially considering that within half a year, 70-80 percent of demobilized individuals will return to service.

Oh, maybe even more.

Likely, even, faster than half a year.

My personal feeling - in two/three months.

Some people demobilize only to finally get into another unit where they can work more effectively under more adequate command.

That's - demobilization, actually, with the challenge can turn into a solution.

Although if the law is to be considered for another year, and another fifteen hundred amendments are to be made, then maybe not...

Because in this world there are many inevitable things.

Apart, dimwit...Igor Chernyak, military serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine



😔On March 5, the Russians killed 1 resident of Donetsk - in Krasnogorivka.

One person in the region was injured per day.

The total number of Russian casualties in Donetsk does not include Mariupol and Volnovakha.

My friend once asked me if I know the definition of hatred?

Anger, resentment, and disgust combined in one feeling?

No, hatred is helplessness together with anger. We hate until we are helpless, until we can't punish those who hurt us. Hatred destroys precisely because you are unable to punish for the pain they caused you. But everything can change as soon as you begin to administer justice and punish for the committed evil or forgive.

I agree with her 100% and with that definition of hers. Ukrainians need to understand that either we will punish the guilty Russians for their crimes in any way or we will ruin ourselves with hatred. We will no longer hate the punished. There will be no one to hate, no reason, and we will understand that retribution has found the guilty. It is important for the nation's maturity and understanding of which institution should emerge. It is not only a question of revenge and punishment, but also an important practice of healing a society ravaged by war. And one more thing. I will not be able to forgive.



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate losses of Russian occupiers for the past day.



🗣️Poland is having informal talks with the President of the European Commission about the operation of its agricultural market., Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrzej Schain.

According to him, exceptions to the rules will apply to everything that is possible: both the Green Course and the influx of products that may cause constant disruptions in the market of one or most countries.

If we manage to agree on Poland's demands in the EU, as we successfully agreed on EU financing, they will become the common position of the European Union. I also want to say, quoting Prime Minister Tusk, if this drags on, we will introduce changes, border closures, barriers and customs duties unilaterally, - Sheina said.



😂The drone hit the Mykhailivskyi HZK for the second time.

In Russia, as always reported that the air defense system worked, and the local authorities talk about a shot down drone.

Looking at everything that has been happening lately in Ukraine, an old joke comes to mind.

The client sits in the dental chair with an open mouth. The dentist, approaching him with a tool, mutters:

- Vova, pull yourself together! Everything will be fine!

– I'm not Vova! I'm Dmytro.

- I don't care about your name? I am Vova!

Wish our officials will pull themselves together...



👺During the destruction of Sergey Kotov, at least 27 occupiers were injured., — GUR.


Irreversible losses among the personnel of the enemy ship, according to preliminary data ― 7 sailors. Information is being clarified.Ukrainian intelligence reported.



📰Olena Zelenska refused to be present at Biden's address to Congress this Thursday.— The Washington Post.

It is noted that the reason for Zelenskyy's refusal to attend the event was that they planned to seat her together with the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Yulia, next to the First Lady of the United States Jill Biden.

According to one official, the presence of "both women, each of whom is a symbol of resistance to Putin, would be a powerful backdrop for President Biden's speech at a joint session of Congress." But the potential presence of Navalny has caused resistance among Ukrainians due to a number of his political positions.

At the same time WP assumes that another possible reason for Zelensky's refusal is Kyiv's reluctance to spoil relations with Republicans, who are currently blocking the continuation of aid to Ukraine, and her presence could look like "too close a connection with Biden."

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Husakov Nazariy Olegovich



Identification taxpayer number/EDRPOU




🏊Five violators did not have to cross the Dniester.- State Border Guard Service

Three residents of Kyiv and Kharkiv regions were detained by a border patrol on a service boat at the start of the swim. Another two swimmers were found on the river bank - they were just putting on wetsuits and preparing to swim across the Dniester to get to Moldova.

Men have been drawn up protocols for administrative offenses, cases have been referred to court.



🤬 Former deputy from the banned OPP and suspected of state treason Viktor Medvedchuk, who is currently in Russia, demands in Ukrainian courts to return his citizenship and parliamentary mandate.— writes hromadske.

In the public field, Medvedchuk accuses Ukraine of not wanting to end the war - supposedly, the Ukrainian authorities repeatedly declare that they do not need any peace - only more weapons and money., - mentioned in the message.

Instead, according to journalists, Medvedchuk wants to be in Ukraine again, and right now he is demanding that his citizenship and deputy mandate be returned to him in Ukrainian courts, and also that the sanctions imposed by the National Security and Defense Council be lifted.

It is noted that a month after being deprived of Ukrainian citizenship and parliamentary mandate, Medvedchuk turned to the Supreme Court. In his lawsuit, he demanded the return of his passport for himself and for other traitor deputies. Medvedchuk claimed that Zelensky's decree was illegal, baseless, arbitrary, and adopted in violation of the norms of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Last March, the Supreme Court accepted the statement of claim and commenced proceedings in the case - the hearings are still ongoing today.

That case when everyone, except for a jerk, doesn't give a damn about you and your theatrical attempts at intrigues. ))



💪The third assault destroyed the enemy's artillery battery near Avdiivka.

So, during the night reconnaissance on the outskirts of the city, the placement of four enemy D-30 howitzers was recorded, and two more - D-20.

In the morning, the enemy's artillery battery was picketed and successfully destroyed by a flock of FPV attack drones.

The question of demobilizing soldiers in Ukraine is very acute, but where to find people to replace them? The solution is obvious. But how to solve this issue in the nearest future? Why don't deputies vote for the bill on mobilization? Will Zelensky continue to evade this problem? Analyzed the situation in his author's blog. Write your thoughts in the comments.



😅The explosion moment at the thermal power plant in the Russian Tuva was shown on the network.

Currently it is known that allegedly 23 people were injured as a result of the explosion.



⛓️ The Security Service prevented the escape of an RF agent from Ukraine who was gathering intelligence on Defense Forces in the eastern front.

After completing the enemy's task in the Donetsk region, the criminal traveled to the Vinnytsia region, from where he tried to "evacuate" to the unrecognized Transnistria.

Law enforcement officers detained the suspect as he was preparing to cross the border river using a wetsuit and fins.

The detainee turned out to be a resident of Dnipropetrovsk region, who graduated from Moscow State University in the mid-zeroes and received a diploma in law.

According to available data, during his studies, the man got into the field of view of Russian special services. After graduating from a Russian university and returning to Ukraine, he did not carry out intelligence activities for the Russian Federation.

However, the situation changed after the start of full-scale invasion by Russia. According to the investigation, in 2023 he turned to the local military commissariat and was mobilized to one of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

After being admitted to the military unit, he was later sent to positions of the Ukrainian troops in the area of Bakhmut.

Arriving on the front-line territory of Donetsk region, the man began leaking information to the occupiers about the location and movement of Ukrainian Armed Forces units near the front line.

He is currently in custody. He faces life imprisonment.



In the occupied Berdyansk, one of the organizers of the pseudo-elections was blown up.locals write

The occupiers later published a video from the scene of the liquidation of the collaborator.

According to their version, on the morning of March 6, 2024, an improvised explosive device was planted under the vehicle of a member of the precinct election commission with the right to a decisive vote.

When a woman got into the car salon parked near the house on Hertsen Street in the city of Berdyansk, it triggered. As a result of the injuries received, the victim died in a medical institution.



⚔️Ukraine itself bought over 350 thousand artillery shells from Europe's defense industry,— Vice President of the EU Josep Borrell.

According to him, in addition to ammunition provided and purchased by EU countries, Ukraine acquired shells under its own contracts.

Ukraine today needs 200 thousand 155 mm caliber ammunition per month. This amounts to 2.5 million per year, - said Josep Borrell.

He noted that currently European countries support Ukraine by transferring ammunition from their reserves and increasing production at defense enterprises.



🇸🇪Sweden will officially become a member of NATO on March 11- MEDIA.

The Swedish flag will be raised at NATO headquarters in Brussels on Monday, March 11th. This will mean the beginning of the country's membership in the Alliance, reports the Swedish TV channel TV4 Nyheterna.

According to the data, on March 11, Belgian Prime Minister Uluf Kristersson of Sweden, as well as the commander-in-chief of the country's armed forces, Mikael Bjuddenn, and other politicians will be present.

In Brussels, solemn ceremonies are planned, as stated in the material.

CEC believes that there are no legitimacy issues with Zelensky after May 20. In the commission's opinion, he should carry out his duties until the successor takes office. In the commission's opinion... Does the opinion of the CEC carry any weight in this matter? Or is it just PR despite everything?

It's great that they think so, but then maybe we will already get a decision from the Constitutional Court to put an end to this story? Because the opinion of the CEC on this matter is the same as the opinion of Aunt Hanna from the neighboring entrance. It is interesting, but it has no power or significance. But the decision of the Constitutional Court will be final and will resolve all issues, both in Ukraine and abroad. And it doesn't matter who or what will say afterwards. Because the decision of the Constitutional Court prevails over all other words and thoughts. The law must work in the country, and the decision of the CCU will help with this.



📢 We invite you to an online consultation with a lawyer regarding the payment of VPO!

👥 At a meeting in the format of a live broadcast with expert Daria Pylyo, a lawyer and founder of the NGO Re:Dim and head of the Youth NGO Association Arkadiy Petrosyan, all participants will have the opportunity:

🔹Understand the current changes related to VPO payments.

🔹You will be able to ask individual questions related to your specific situation and receive professional recommendations.

🔹For organizations, this can be an opportunity to expand your network and find partners or colleagues on issues related to internally displaced persons.

🗓 Date and time: Wednesday, March 6, at 18:00.

🔍 Questions can be asked in advance in Google form

The broadcast will take place on the Instagram Association at the link: No translation needed as it is a website link.

Democratic rage post

The decision of the Office of the President not to send Olena Zelenska to the USA, where she would have listened to President Joe Biden's speech alongside Yulia Navalnaya, is correct.

The position of the democratic administration in Washington once again indicates a catastrophic misunderstanding of political nuances in this part of Europe and the mentality of Ukrainians. Just like in the Vatican. Do you remember how Pope Francis led the Way of the Cross with the participation of women, one of whom represented Ukraine, and the other - Russia?

Moreover, Zelenska is the official first lady of a country at war. And who is Navalna? She is not even the leader of Russian, forgive the Lord, opposition in exile. Not even Tikhanovska - who at least took direct part in the Belarusian presidential elections.

In the USA, they are following an old inertial scenario of supporting Russians who talk about "democratization of Russia" in case the regime falls. Sitting on grants and support provided to them by Europe, they often identify themselves with Ukrainians who are forced migrants. And it really pisses me off. Just like their dreams over a glass of wine in some hotel in Vilnius or Paris about how they will run Russia when Putin dies (shoots himself, gets killed) and Russia suddenly becomes democratic. "Democratic Russia" is as much an oxymoron as "Democratic North Korea."

First, these are clearly idealistic theories. Because first of all, that regime still needs to be overthrown (And here they are more looking towards the Armed Forces of Ukraine, rather than their own people, adjusting their white collars and putting on white gloves. As if to say, let someone else do our work - and we are ready for the ride in a carriage to the Kremlin).

Secondly, in Russia, which constantly sought a father-tsar and is focused on an authoritarian style of governance, after the overthrow of one dragon, another will definitely grow. On the same bones. And, perhaps, even more bloodthirsty. Because Russian society is generally a society of thugs with ambitions.

Thirdly, the majority of the Russian opposition groups are absolutely pro-imperial. They want to maintain all this "machine" that will continue to strive to influence the world.

They even in a terrible dream reject scenarios of defragmentation of the Russian Empire and turning this territory into a series of national states. Although this option actually solves most existing problems. And not only Ukraine. But also themselves.

To ask Navalny what she thinks about it. And about the "sandwich" Crimea too.

And finally. Navalna (as well as Tikhonovskaya, by the way), if she wants real politics and real struggle, can do only one thing - come to Kyiv, undergo training and go to the front. But she will never do that. Because psychologically she is already used to being where she is. In a bubble that only records absolute impotence to act.

A, so, they will all be able to come together to the elections of Putin at 12 o'clock. To sanctify this event... (с)Victor Shlinchak



❗️ Zelensky will remain a legitimate president even after May 20th.

The Central Election Commission reported this in response to a request from Glavkom.

According to the commission, Zelensky must perform his duties until the successor takes office, and the presidential elections must be held within 30 days after the end of the martial law regime.

The Central Election Commission refers to the continuity of exercising power enshrined in the Constitution, the president carrying out his powers until the successor takes office, and the absence of grounds to talk about the possible transfer of presidential functions to the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. This is stated in Articles 106 and 108 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

It is noted that the narrative about the alleged illegitimacy of Zelensky after May 20 is being spread by the enemy in order to fuel hostility and mistrust towards the authorities in the society.



😔 As a result of enemy shelling of the village of Borova, 1 person is known to have died and 7 have been injured, among themthree underage boys,Kharkiv Regional State Administration

A 70-year-old local resident died. The circumstances are being clarified.

73-year-old civilianwith injuries from debris.44-year-old womanexperienced moderate injuries.

У 24-year-old womandiagnosed acute stress reactionAt three young menagefrom 12 to 16 years oldlung and moderate injuries.18-year-old boyreceived shrapnel wounds. Medical aid is provided to all victims.

The liquidation of the consequences continues.



‼️ EXCLUSIVE‼️What you have here is democracy!

- President of the European Union Ursula von der Leyen emotionally reacted to the participation of Petro Poroshenko in the Congress of the European People's Party, which is currently taking place in Bucharest.

The fifth president of Ukraine went to the EPP Congress to negotiate with partners about supplying weapons to Ukraine and speeding up the EU accession after a sharp resolution of the European Parliament, which called on the Ukrainian government to stop blocking opposition foreign trips.

Oreiro!!! And this is a candidate for power??? Although he is probably very loyal.

Judge Lyubomyr Andreychuk of the Commercial Court of the Zakarpattia region, at the meeting of the advisory group of experts reviewing his candidacy for the position of judge of the Constitutional Court, could not answer the question about the date of adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine.

During the meeting, one of the experts of the advisory group, Vasyl Shakun, asked judge Liubomyr Andreychuk: "Since you are preparing for the position of a judge of the Constitutional Court, could you tell us when the Constitution of Ukraine was adopted and from which chapters and articles it consists?". Liubomyr Andreychuk in reply said: "Can I not answer the question?". After being asked to answer anyway, the candidate remained silent for a few seconds and finally gave the wrong answer, namely he mentioned 1991 instead of 1996.

All! The curtain!



Polish farmers protest in front of Prime Minister Donald Tusk's office .

Farmers oppose the European Commission's Green Deal and uncontrolled import of products from Ukraine.

The organizers of the protest expect up to 100,000 people to take to the streets of Warsaw.

In turn, the spokesperson of the State Border Guard Service Andriy Demchenko reported that Polish protesters continue to block the movement of trucks to border checkpoints with Ukraine. According to him, 2300 freight vehicles are standing in queues.

Decided to see how many members of various committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (I remind you, a member of parliament can be a member of only one committee, and committees are the main tool of the Parliament's work).

The budget committee and the finance-tax-customs committee head the rating (I simplify all names, and for those who want to know the full long complex names, read for yourself) -- with 34 members.

Understood, there is money. There all the money in the world (crossed out) countries.

Next are the land committee, the regional planning committee, and the law enforcement committee - 30, 27, 25.

There is also money, but not as quickly and in smaller amounts.

At the bottom of the table there are economic, human rights, health, foreign policy, educational, ethical, digital transformation committees - from 16 to 10 members.

There is nothing to share here, you need to work and also demonstrate some knowledge of the subject area.

Below will be a Eurointegration, social-veterans, with 9 members. Here you need to be careful, and still you will be flying for braking or punctures. Not many eager.

Closes the list committee on freedom of speech - 5 members. What the hell is freedom of speech?

I apologize in advance to those MPs who actively and effectively work in committees with a large number of people. This is not about you, but about hares. It is known that in any flat collective there are 7-8 people working, the rest enjoy being involved, and if possible, monetize their influence. (c) Valeriy Pekar



👊Scouts destroyed the enemy complex with a sledgehammer.

The cost of such a complex is about 50 thousand dollars. The optics of MUR is able to detect a person at a distance of up to 10 km with a camera and up to 4 km with a thermal imaging camera.


During reconnaissance in the specified square, operators of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also traced the car used by the Russian invaders - and burned it.

Ok, I will provide information about the missile strike on the port in Odessa when Zelensky was there. Information from Odessa.

The blow was struck not where Zelensky was, but at the grain terminal. It was nearby.

2. As a result of a ballistic strike, all activities were immediately halted. They were planned for several hours, but lasted less than 20 minutes.

3. Information about the visit was limited to a small circle of people. So it's obvious that a mole was working. Maybe now Zelensky will understand that there are moles in his closest circle.

4. After being hit, Zelensky and his entourage showed that they are in excellent physical shape. That's good. But it must be understood that such arrivals in dangerous zones for PR should be stopped, in order not to help the enemy hunt the president.

I hope that conclusions will be drawn.



Germany allocates money to purchase 800 thousand shells for Ukraine

Government spokesperson Stefan Hebeshtein stressed that the country is contributing a three-digit million amount within the framework of the Czech Republic's initiative.

What future is being painted for the Russian Black Sea Fleet? How did FSB agents get into the government offices of Ukraine? Why do Hetmantsev's initiatives to increase state revenue kill Ukrainian business? Answered the questions of the people's deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, ex-serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, public figure Boryslav Bereza in an interview with Olena Kyryk.

00:00 Interview with Boryslav Bereza

01:04 Attack on the Russian ship is part of Zaluzhny's strategy to liberate Crimea

03:42 "Moles" from the FSB and GRU have infiltrated the Ukrainian government.

23:33 Hetmantsiv kills Ukrainian business.



In the Sumy region, Russia used cassette bombs for the first time: two villages mined, - head of the RSA Volodymyr Artyukh.

He informed that the invaders replaced two settlements in Shostkinsky district - Stara Huta and Marchihina Buda from the air. Demining is currently taking place.



🇺🇸Nikki Haley announced her withdrawal from the US presidential race.

Trump becomes the only candidate from the Republicans.

Friends, I am conducting a survey on the question of Zelensky and his responsibility for the high level of corruption in Ukraine today. I would be grateful if you vote and help see the attitude towards this among my subscribers.



🎥Video appeared documenting how the BDK Caesar Kunik was shelled.

The video was made by the Russians themselves directly from the ship.

He laughs best who laughs last.

What's up, Russian?



Today - in Odessa. Meeting with the Prime Minister of Greece. The main issue in the talks with the Prime Minister of Greece was, of course, our defense, our capabilities in active actions and in protection. Missile defense is an absolute priority. As in talks with other partners. The missile defense system and the ability to produce weapons for protection in the world are sufficient. Weapons are needed here to save people's lives. Decisions are needed now - not sometime, but for people who endure terrorist attacks every day and night.

Thank you to everyone who fights for our people and our country. Thank you to each and every one who works for Ukraine and in Ukraine. Thank you to Odessa - to everyone who takes care of our Odessa, who defends the city, to everyone who works in the city and provides jobs for people. Thank you to everyone in the world who helps! We will definitely stand and protect a normal life.



As a result of the Russian strike on the port infrastructure of Odessa, five people were killed, - Navy.

Text in two parts. First part. Second in the next post.

The situation with providing the Armed Forces with food turned out just as Dana Yarova warned. But all in order. So, let's try to look at the continuation of the story about Mr. Zhumadilov. Today the auctions for supplying food to the Armed Forces failed. Because... no one came due to openly inadequate conditions. One company came for 12 lots, but it did not meet the qualification requirements. Another lot was received by a company whose qualification is being verified. Not only old suppliers did not come, but even retailers. And this is a fiasco.

Mr. Zhumadilov called a briefing, in which he accused the market of suppliers of conspiracy. And at the same time he announced that he would go to these same suppliers, who allegedly conspired, and ask them to conclude direct contracts with the DOT. It is already unclear - if the market is in a conspiracy, then why are you running to them and begging, and ready to refuse Prozorro and return to the times of Reznikov?

Actually, the situation is very simple. The state entrusted Mr. Zumadilov to feed the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And Mr. Zumadilov failed this assignment miserably. And now he is trying to blame "bad" suppliers.

We have seen at least two serious management errors. Or two crimes, evaluation should be given by the relevant structures.

First mistake: at first, the head of the DOT outlined conditions that somehow only large retail chains met. Suppliers were suddenly required, for example, to have cash registers, which seems a bit wild when it comes to wholesale volumes in the billions. These conditions were recognized as illegal by court decisions.

Friend's mistake. Instead of taking into account the court's decision and just removing discriminatory conditions, Mr. Zhumadilov does something strange. Yes, he removes these conditions, but introduces new ones. Which appear punitive and repressive. 20% for non-accepted Tax invoice or 50% for a day of deferred delivery raises doubts about the ability to work honestly and make a profit. Even more strange is such severity against the background of previous softness. It's worth figuring out who you are - a military communist or a libertarian?

Of course, the new conditions scare suppliers, and they say so. And when someone from Mr. Zhumadilov's entourage says that suppliers are "blackmailing" the DOT or the ministry, then, excuse me, it looks funny. Do we have such powerful suppliers that they are stronger than the state? Seriously? What kind of state do we have? Maybe the wrong people represent the State?

Can it be different? Namely, that the official did not cope with the state task? Couldn't do the elementary - organize competitive tenders? I will remind Mr. Zhumadilov that we do not have a Soviet system. We have free competition. And capitalism, not communism. And there is no obligation to necessarily participate in state tenders. The goal of any business is profit. Otherwise, the business ceases to exist. Even during a war. Business can be limited to a percentage of profit while ensuring the Armed Forces. But there is no need to descend into banal manual control and destruction of competition or attaching labels.

So, if an authorized official organizes a competition that no one attends, then it is the official's problem, not those who do not attend. Because the auctions were open. Anyone could participate. DOT invited participants themselves. And to claim that there were no entrepreneurs in the country who wanted to make money and that all suppliers had agreed among themselves without exception - consider others idiots.

Text in two parts. Part two. The first one is in the previous post.

We have the word "reformer" аs a nimbus above our head and an indulgence for many. But in fact, it is often just a camouflage net for incompetence and self-interest. Mr. Zhumadilov complains everywhere that the suppliers are sabotaging the reform. Ok, suppliers are bad. But what is the reform? In what way will the application for the supply of the same products now be sent by the military unit not directly to the firm, but through the DOT? And who will now pay the money, not the Minoborony, but the DOT? So Mr. Zhumadilov considers it a reform that he will now manage state money, not another official? After all, the subject of procurement has not changed, the same set of products is being purchased as in the time of Reznikov. In the conditions of the announced auctions, nothing has changed compared to what it was under Reznikov. Except for the insane increase in fines. Is this not a reform?

This is the stubbornness of a petty official assigned to manage a large and complex process. Like a taxi driver at the Simferopol station during the tourist season just wanting more money simply because it's his place. But now what's at stake is not just the taxi driver's earnings, but the country's defense capability. The price of a mistake is not the loss of earnings, but the loss of Ukrainian cities. If Mr. Zumadilov cannot understand that he couldn't handle what the state entrusted him with, perhaps Minister Umeryov can understand at least?

And what if the supply auctions to the Armed Forces of Ukraine fail twice in a row, then further pretending that everything is fine and under control can lead to a breakdown in food supplies and ultimately serious problems on the front line. Responsibility for this will no longer be on Zhumadilov or even Umerov, but on the president.



Important meeting with the Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenković.

Thanks for the unwavering support of Croatia for the territorial integrity of our state and Ukraine's course towards joining the EU and NATO. Discussed the issue of accelerating the provision of high-precision and long-range weapons to Ukraine to deter Russian aggression, the situation with American assistance, as well as the prospects of starting negotiations on joining the EU in March of this year.

Special attention was paid to the importance of strengthening democracy in Ukraine, in particular, the principles of political and parliamentary pluralism, opposition rights, and the rule of law.


Today, on Wednesday, March 6th, at 8:00 pm, we will be broadcasting with Vitaliy Portnikov.

- In the morning of March 6, the Russians launched a missile strike on Odesa near the meeting place of President Volodymyr Zelensky and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Is this a coincidence, or an attempt on the President of Ukraine? Could the Russians have known where the president would be located?

- Macron and Peter Pavel's statement - is it a basis for future European Parliament elections or creating a new future and ending the war?

- Olena Zelenska and Yulia Navalna. Views on Olena Zelenska's decision have diverged. Was her decision correct? Can this story suggest that there is a catastrophic misunderstanding of political nuances in this part of Europe and the mentality of Ukrainians within the US administration?

-Zelensky's statement says he is not interested in the customer tracking journalists.BIHUS.INFO ?

-Special Representative of China Li Hui embarked on a tour of Europe, Ukraine, and Russia. Why have China and Turkey become more active now?



💥In Berdiansk, the organizer of the pseudo-elections Svitlana Samoylenko was eliminated, - GUR

According to intelligence data, the collaborator voluntarily went to cooperate with Russia in 2022 and received a position in the Russian occupation administration of Berdyansk.



Almost the entire amount needed for Ukraine to purchase 800,000 shells has been allocated, and ammunition could already be at the front line in March-April, - Bloomberg.

According to a few people familiar with the project implementation, the shells may be delivered within the next few weeks, although deadlines may vary depending on the speed of contract signing and transportation.

What is known about the missile attack in Odessa? Is there a mole in Zelensky's environment? Why does the president neglect safety rules during the war? How to explain to partners where meetings should be held? Is it difficult to detect a mole in the environment? Why does Russia want to kill Zelensky? What will this change? Why aren't there any attempts on Putin's life? Will this attempt push the West towards action? Boris Berezovskiy answered the questions.



Another enemy stuffing about an attack on Kyiv and "logging in Belarus for this is being recorded, - Disinformation Resistance Center.

As CNS reports, such fakes are spread by Russians as well as Ukrainian bloggers who fled abroad.



❗️ At the farmers' protest in Warsaw, 23 people were detained: Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland called the arrested provocateurs.

The police reported that four law enforcement officers were injured as a result of clashes with a protester.



We have gathered the most important things you might have missed for March 6th.

Russian occupiers shelled againOdessa , Donetchchinu , Kherson region та Kharkiv region .

🔹Funds for800 thousand shells for Ukrainecollected, on the front they can arrive in a few weeks.

Representatives of both parties in the US Congress called on the Pentagon to provide Ukrainelong-range missiles ATACMS .

🔹Russian occupation troopsactivated in Mariupol district.

🔹Sweden officiallywill become a member of NATOMarch 11th.

The government of Latvia has banned the import of vegetables, fruits, and grainsfrom the Russian Federation and Belarus.

On the morning of March 3, a video went viral on social media, showing attacks on solitary passers-by on the streets of Ivano-Frankivsk, especially elderly people. The police quickly identified the participants in the offenses as well as one woman - the victim. One of the participants in the hooliganism, a 16-year-old boy, together with his legal representatives, has already been taken to the local police department, where he is giving confessional explanations. He has already been charged with committing a criminal offense under Part 4 of Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (hooliganism), and the issue of applying preventive measures is being decided. And everything is going as expected.

The unexpected thing is that the victim has a big heart and is very humane, unlike her tormentor. "I forgive. I don't want him to suffer for me," says 81-year-old Olga Mykhailivna. And this is impressive. Many need to learn from this humanity. Great respect to her. For humanity.

UPD. Humanity does not replace justice. And the verdict will not be canceled. But it is a necessary component for building a civilized society.



The occupiers got stuck in the Avdiivka area and cannot move further, - OSUV Tavria Lykhoviy spokesperson

According to him, the situation has relatively stabilized in the Avdiivka direction.

This is not only the principle of doves, but also a significant layer of people. Unfortunately.



❗️76 battles took place on the battlefield, Ukrainian soldiers repelled attacks by Russians near Ivanivka, Donetsk region, - General Staff data.

During the day, the air force of the defense forces struck in 7 areas where the enemy's personnel were concentrated.

The units of the missile forces struck a blow at the enemy's ammunition depot and 4 artillery weapons.

Confessed, bastard...



The struggle for a stronger and safer Europe is taking place in Ukraine.

This is well understood here in Bucharest, at the congress of the European People's Party. I am greatly honored and have great responsibility to be among the members of the large EPP family. Thanked my colleagues for their comprehensive support for Ukraine.

This, 2024 year, should be the year of success for the European People's Party. This is the year when Europe will become bigger, not smaller. The year of united Europe, not isolated.

Fundamental priority for Europe - security situation, which can only be ensured by our joint victory. We must show that we do not believe in Putin and are not afraid of him. We will definitely win. To do this, it is necessary to support Ukraine as much as necessary for victory.

Emphasized the need for military assistance. Just three magical words: ammunition, fighters, Taurus rockets.

The way to stop the financing of the war is to strengthen sanctions. We must be able to use frozen Russian assets now and immediately. This money should go to support Ukrainian military.

Secondly, we must strengthen Europe through reforms. The EU must remain a guarantee of a safe, free, and democratic Ukraine. The recent resolution of the European Parliament precisely demonstrates this.

The third priority is the enlargement of the EU as a strong union, which will be a guarantee of peace, stability, and security in Europe. Negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the EU should begin in March. Before the start of elections in the EU.

Stay with Ukraine. Fight with us until our victory.

Glory to all Ukrainian heroes who fight for the independence of Ukraine, democracy, freedom, a free Europe, and the rule of law in the world. Glory to Ukraine!


Rusophobia begins not with language, but with worldview. Worldview begins with questions and a system of values.

If you think in Ukrainian in the paradigm: Who is guilty? And only then - What to do? Then congratulations, you are a Ukrainian-speaking Russophile who does not care about the cause and the actual problem, but fiercely longs for blood. You don't care about your goals, about what prevents you from achieving them, you just need to assign blame and run further into the rake, because: The guilty are found - the guilty are shot.

What is our goal:

- Ukraine where the Ukrainian language is inalienable, developing and is a language of nationwide communication?

- Is revenge and self-assertion at the expense of yesterday's Russian-speaking?

The answer to this question determines what to do next.

[Personal and bad]

I am ready to debate whether those who made Ukrainian-speaking a conscious choice have the right to criticize, even when it was not mainstream then. Those who have long maintained this balance. To debate, but not to support the idea of accusing. And I am definitely not ready to listen to accusations towards yesterday's Russian speakers from those who grew up in the sheltered Ukrainian-speaking conditions since childhood.

The problem is not in the language, but in the desire to search for enemies within and self-affirm by parasitizing on the topic of language, as well as on other triggers: left/stayed, fought from the 14th/not fought, voted for or against someone...

I will give a remote example:

You were born in a poor family, until a certain moment you behaved as if offended by the proletarian world, adopting the model from your parents. It was until you broke out of it by your own efforts and the will of fate. By yesterday's standards, you may even have become rich and now others look at you with envy. You realize that the way you acted and thought was wrong. You understand that without going through this path, you would not change and grow as a person. You acknowledge the mistakes in your statements, motivations, their destructiveness for others and take responsibility for them. But you will definitely not beat yourself up or give up on this period of your life, because you know the starting conditions and what you have been through to be here and be like this. Responsibility and guilt are different things.

Can someone blame such a person, or refuse to blame a person who grew up in a wealthy family? Where poverty and hunger were unknown, where these traumas and fears did not exist.

So, this person also lived in this society and made moral choices by refusing the convenience of complaining, blaming, getting rich at the expense of the stupidity of the lumpen, transferring responsibility for their failures to others. This person behaved as she should have according to the status and education given by her family. Behaved correctly.

So whether this person has the right to blame those who have risen from the slums and forgive her yesterday's lowly descent and misconception.

The answer is obvious - such a person will not blame others if they are whole and true to their values. And on the contrary, the question of blame arises only when this person seeks those responsible for their personal or collective misfortunes.

If she reproaches, then at that moment they changed places.

If your parents speak Ukrainian, then the fact that you speak Ukrainian is not your merit, but theirs, those who passed the language through their lives to yours. Do not pick your nose.

If you manage to become a Russian-speaking person, then you have nothing to be proud of.

However, if you are Ukrainian-speaking, despite the fact that your parents are Russian/Hungarian/Polish... speakers, then I am ready to shake your hand and hug you. You deserve ten unbitten.

More respect, mutual acceptance, and focus on the main thing, because we are all products of the tragedies of the history of Ukraine and we will spit them out with our shared blood.

We definitely have no extra people, no extra territories, just like ideal ones. We only have ourselves, just as we are.



🤬 The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has announced its decision to allow Russians and Belarusians to participate in the Olympics and Paralympics in 2024 in Paris in a neutral status.

Those who propose to increase punishment for corruption do not understand that the problem is different. The important thing is not even the severity of the punishment, but inevitability. And until we solve this problem, the situation will not change.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people