Feb 20, 2024 - Day 727

727 days of active phase of the 9-year war. February 20, 2014 Russia started the war against Ukraine. Do not forget this. Is everyone here?

Time for some great news!



❌ On the night of February 20, 2024, the enemy attacked with two guided missiles S-300/S-400 (Belgorod region), guided aviation missile Kh-31 (Zaporizhia region), and 23 unmanned combat aerial vehicles Shahed (Primorsko-Akhtarsk - RF).

As a result of the combat work, all 23 Shahids were killed within the borders of Kharkiv, Poltava, Kirovograd, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kherson, and Mykolaiv regions.



⛓️At night, enemy drones attacked Poltava region.— head of the OVAs Pronin.

In Kremenchuk district, explosions were heard. An industrial object was hit. It caused a fire. Fortunately, there were no casualties or injuries.



❗️The enemy attacked the most on the Maryinsky and Zaporizhzhia directions.— General Staff data.

In Ukraine, there have been 81 military clashes on the frontlines throughout the day. Russian occupiers are attempting to advance in the Kupiansk, Avdiivka, Bahmut, Mariupol, and Zaporizhzhia directions.

During the past day, the aviation of the Defense Forces struck in 4 districts where the enemy personnel was concentrated. Also, on the eastern direction, our air defense destroyed a Su-34 fighter-bomber and one reconnaissance UAV "Orlan-10".

Units of rocket troops struck at 1 district of concentration of personnel, 3 management points, and 2 depots

I was always curious about what Commissar Yakir felt when he gave orders to mass shoot the male population of stanitsas in the Don region. Was he proud of it or did he do it out of fear, afraid that he would be put up against the wall if he did not show himself fighting the class enemy? Did he later try to drown those terrible memories in alcohol, or on the contrary, did he proudly talk about them at meetings with students? And did he remember the innocent victims when Stalin's executioners led him to the firing squad?

I have always been interested in what the commandant of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Josef Kramer, who was responsible for the deaths of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of innocent people, felt? Did he not wake up from nightmares at night and did he not want to shoot himself? Or maybe he came home in the evening and told his wife Rozina how he tortured prisoners, mocked them, and set dogs on them, along with Irma Grese? And what did he think about before hanging in the prison of the city of Hameln, about being unfairly executed or about it being retribution for what he had done?

I have always been curious about what the Russian commander of the unit felt when he ordered a Tochka-U missile strike on the crowded railway station in Kramatorsk on April 8, 2022, resulting in the deaths of 61 people and injuring at least 110. Did he feel scared of committing a war crime, and did he have gray hairs afterwards? Did he call his wife in Tula that evening and joyfully, filled with emotions and pride, tell her about the children, women, and elderly killed on his orders? Or maybe, following Russian custom, he drowned his feelings of guilt in alcohol and searched for justification? I wonder, did he think it was retribution that came for him, or did thoughts of injustice come to his mind when on the night of June 23-24, 2022, HIMARS ended his earthly path?

I was always curious what the commander of the Berkut company, Dmytro Sadovnyk, felt when he gave orders to kill people on Maidan? Did he find justification in executing the orders? Did he enjoy feeling like a predator among herbivores, which motivated him and his team to unjustified cruelty and strengthened the desire to kill, using weapons? Will he tell his children that it was thanks to his commands and orders that people were deprived of life? Or will he remain silent and lower his eyes to the ground when asked by children?

But I do not have an answer to any of these questions. There are only assumptions that I form based on personal perception. In any case, I believe that the Gardener and his subordinates deserve trial and judgment. And punishment. And exactly 10 years ago, the black detachment under the leadership of this coward, who fled responsibility to Russia, killed 39 activists of Maidan on Institutskaya. And I remember that. And I believe that he cannot escape from his karma. And from the curse of the cowardly killer, too. By the way, Gardener, fleeing to Russia, confirmed that the Russian Federation is a haven for any bio-waste with blood on their hands.

And remember the deceased. In the first comment is a full list of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes, killed on February 20, 2014 by the stormtroopers of the Kyiv Berkut regiment under the command of Major Sadovnyk, specifying the time of infliction of fatal injuries.



🕯Every morning at 9:00, we observe a minute of silence in memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



Today Russian terrorists committed another crime against the peaceful population of Sumy region.— OVA

At 5 o'clock in the morning, the enemy carried out an air-artillery strike on the Novoslobidskaya community of the Konotop district.

As a result of the shelling, a fire broke out in a residential building.

The fire has been localized. The bodies of two victims have been found.



Today we honor the memory of military pilot, one of the best pilots of Su-25, Vladislav Rykov. 🕯️

The military had the call sign MAGIC - magic, which he received for his virtuoso style of piloting. At the age of 28, Vladislav met a great war. He defended the sky over Kharkiv, Kyiv, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions. A full knight of the orders of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and For Bravery - one of the best Ukrainian attack pilots, thirty-year-old Vladislav Rykov, made his last 385th flight on February 7th.

The soldier is survived by his wife and young daughter Mira. Vladyslav Rykov was posthumously promoted to the rank of Colonel.

Forever in line!



❕At night, our defenders shot down two drones over the region. UAVs landed in Synelnikivsky and Dniprovsky districts, - OVA.

Three country houses and two cars were damaged in the recent fall of debris from the deadly Russian metal structure.

Through the Manganese community Nikopol district the enemy was firing artillery.

To assess the past, look at what happened today, as a result of the past. The future will tell you what did not happen today.

The purpose of Syrian is an action that makes no sense to analyze. We will see the result of his actions and we will not be able to influence it in any way. And we don't need to.

And the absence of appointments Zhalyuzhny, Shaptala, Nayev and other golden professionals... No matter how their results are assessed, but their experience is truly golden.

As soon as I hear that someone has transferred their profession to a job in NATO or somewhere else like political activity but not in the appropriate domestic structures, I will say:

Dear, boys, girls, what Kravchuk gave up nuclear weapons - this is bullshit, that Kuchma, being the director of Yuzhmash, unqualified specialists from designers to welders, put to riveting trolleybuses instead of missiles, and then did the same with state specialists - that's bullshit too. But the fact that Zelensky during the war did not find (for any reason) work for hundreds of golden generals - this is not bullshit. This is fucked up. (c) Dmytro Kozichev



Until February 2025, the European Union extended sanctions against the Russian Federation for the occupation of certain territories of Ukraine not controlled by the government.

It is about the illegal annexation of parts of the Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia regions.

As long as the illegal actions of the Russian Federation continue to violate the ban on the use of force, which is a serious violation of international law, it is advisable to maintain all measures introduced by the EU at this time and to take additional measures if necessary. Therefore, restrictive measures should be extended for another 12 months, until February 24, 2025.- mentioned in the message.



Today, February 20, Ukraine for the tenth time commemorates the Day of Remembrance of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred.

During these days, the confrontation between the Ukrainian people and the then regime reached its peak during the Revolution of Dignity. From February 18 to 20, the most people were killed on Maidan - 78 individuals; after February 20, over 20 protesters died from wounds. They all became part of the memorial to the fighters for Ukrainian independence - the Heavenly Hundred.

Eternal memory and honor to the heroes who became heavenly defenders of Ukraine, low bow to their families and loved ones.



1. Mazurenko Pavlo Anatoliyovych

2. Slobozhan Taras Ihorovych

3. Verbitskiy Yuriy Tarasovich

4. Zhyznevskyi Mykhailo Mykhailovych

5. Nigoyan Sergiy Hahikovich

6. Senik Roman Fedorovich

Hamster Victor Borisovich

8. Kaliniak Bohdan Mykhailovych

9. Badera Oleksandr Mykolayovych

10. Sinenko Serhiy Petrovych

11. Bondarev Sergiy Anatoliyovych

12. Bresdenyuk Valeriy Oleksandrovych

13. Vasiltsov Vitaliy Valeriyovych

14. Vyacheslav Vasylievich Veremiy

15. Antonina Grigorievna noblewoman

16. Dіdіch Sergіy Vasylіovych

17. Zaiko Yakiv Yakovych

18. Kishchuk Volodymyr Yuriyovych

19. Korczak Andriy Bogdanovych

20. Kulchytskyi Volodymyr Stanislavovych

21. Naumov Volodymyr Hryhorovych

22. Prokhorsky Vasily Petrovich

23. Prokhorchuk Viktor Oleksandrovych

24. Serdyuk Igor Mykolayovych

25. Zurab Khurtsia

26. Chernenko Andriy Mykolayovych

27. Shapoval Serhiy Borysovych

28. Boykiv Volodymyr Vasylovich

29. Hordniuk Ivan Volodymyrovych

30. Horoshishin Maksim Maksimovich

31. Kapinos Oleksandr Anatoliyovych

32. Klytynskyi Oleksandr Ivanovych

33. Maksymov Dmytro Vyacheslavovych

34. Pahor Dmytro Oleksiyovich

35. Paschalin Yuriy Oleksandrovych

36. Plekhanov Oleksandr Viktorovich

37. Topiy Volodymyr Petrovych

38. Monk Viktor Hryhorovych

39. Viktor Mykolayovych Shvets

40. Arutyunyan Georgiy Vagarshakovich

41. Baidovsky Sergey Romanovich

42. Balyuk Oleksandr Oleksandrovych

43. Ivan Ivanovich Block

44. Bondarchuk Sergiy Mykhailovych

45. Brother Oleksiy Serhiyovych

46. Vaida Bohdan Ivanovych

47. Varenik Roman Mykhailovych

48. Voitovych Nazariy Yuriyovych

49. Holodniuk Ustim Volodymyrovych

50. Grinevich Eduard Mikhailovich

51. Huryk Roman Ihorovych

52. Dziavulsky Mykola Stepanovych

53. Digdalovych Andriy Ivanovych

54. Dmitriev Igor Fedorovich

55. Anatoliy Hryhorovych is the complainant



56. Zherebny Volodymyr Mykolaiovych

57. Kems'kyi Serhii Oleksandrovych

58. Korniiev Anatolii Petrovych

59. Kostenko Igor Igorevich

60. Kotlyar Yevhen Mykolayovych

61. Kotsyuba Vitaliy Mykolayovych 😊

62. Melnychuk Volodymyr Valeriyovych

63. Movchan Andrii Sergiiovych

64. Moisey Vasil Mikhaylovich

Opanasyuk Valeriy Adamovych

66. Pantelyeiev Ivan Mykolayovych

67. Pankiv Mykola Oleksandrovych

68. Parashchuk Yuriy Hryhorovych

69. Pehenko Igor Oleksandrovych

70. Polianskyi Leonid Petrovych

71. Saienko Andriy Stepanovych

72. Smolensky Vitaliy Vitaliyovych

73. Solchanik Bohdan Zinoviyovych

74. Tarasiuk Ivan Mykolayovych

75. Tkachuk Ihor Mykhailovych

76. Tochin Roman Petrovich

77. Ushnevich Oleg Mikhailovich

78. Khrapachenko Oleksandr Volodymyrovych

79. Tsarok Oleksandr Mykolayovych

80. Chaplinskiy Volodymyr Volodymyrovych

81. Chmilenko Victor Ivanovich

82. Shimko Maksym Mykolayovych

83. Shylinh Yosyp Mykhailovych

84. Shcherbanyuk Oleksandr Mykolayovych

85. Kipiani David Ilyich

86. Tsepun Andrii Mykhailovych

87. Ilkiv Bohdan Ivanovich

88. Sheremet Lyudmila Oleksandrivna

89. Podrygun Oleksandr Volodymyrovych

90. Bachynsky Igor Volodymyrovych

91. Kostyshyn Mykhailo Yosypovych

92. Zubenko Vladislav Vitaliyovich

93. Poznyak Andriy Anatoliyovych

94. Mazar Artem Anatoliyovich

95. Sheremet Vasyl Oleksandrovych

96. Ivan Maksimovich Nakonechny

97. Olga Vasylivna Bura

98. Aksenin Vasil Stepanovich

99. Cherniavskyi Dmytro Oleksandrovych

100. Gadzha Petro Mironovich

101. Sergiyenko Vasyl Mykolayovych

102. Nechiporenko Anatoliy Ilyich

103. Amendment Yuriy Yuriyovych

104. Dyakovskiy Yuriy Ivanovich

105. Ribak Volodymyr Ivanovych

106. Sidorchuk Yuriy Volodymyrovych

107. Orlenko Victor Nikolaevich


4 Ukrainian MPs to 44 American congressmen at the Munich Security Conference (I am not counting members of the Bundestag and others) - this is a failure of Ukrainian parliamentary democracy. Shame on not releasing the opposition, but restricting the delegation from the ruling party - this is no longer shame, this is a political catastrophe.

One person, even the most brilliant one, cannot solve such a volume of communication tasks with dozens of partner countries and potential partners, not to mention those with whom relations are difficult. We need hundreds (!) negotiators. The time of bright performances from the rostrum has long passed, even by the end of 2022. You cannot win on the football field with a team of one person, even if it is Maradona. (c) Valeriy Pekar

In Ukraine, on February 20, the memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes is honored. It was during these days, 10 years ago, during the Revolution of Dignity, that the confrontation between the Ukrainian people and the then regime reached its peak. On February 20, 2014, the largest number of Maidan activists were killed. This leads to analogies, thoughts about the revenge of the anti-Maidan and the killers. This and more were narrated in his author's blog.




👊With powerful discounts, the border guards of the brigade Guard Steel Border Advance on Kharkiv region destroyed the enemy dugout with personnel.



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published estimated losses of Russian occupiers for the past day.



🇨🇦Canada supplied Ukraine with over 800 SkyRanger R70 drones.— Minister of Defense Blair.

It is noted that these drones are part of the Canadian aid package worth $500 million, announced by the country's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau back in June 2023.

In the department, they say that the drones provided have automated and autonomous navigation systems. This allows them to carry various camera systems and useful payloads for detecting and identifying targets. Thus, operators will be able to recognize various targets at great distances at any time of day and weather.

In addition, SkyRanger R70 is able to carry various payloads weighing up to 3.5 kilograms, including ammunition.



🇸🇪 Sweden has announced its largest military aid package for Ukraine worth $683 million.

The package includes the following assistance:

▫️10 Stridsbåt 90 class amphibious assault boats;

▫️20 landing craft;

▫️underwater weapons, such as mines and torpedoes;

▫️bottom of zenith systems like Robot 70;

Anti-tank work TOW model;

▫️ grenade launchers with ammunition;

▫️artillery ammunition

hand grenades;

Carl Gustav grenade launchers

▫️medical equipment;

Emergency vehicles

In addition, 1 billion crowns will be allocated for the purchase of military equipment through various funds, another 1 - for the order of new combat vehicles Stridsfordon 90 for Ukraine. 400 million Swedish crowns will be spent on various educational initiatives.

Finally, it is about humanity and integrity. Also about protecting values and interests that are important to Sweden and its interests., - said the country's Minister of Defense Paul Johnson.

If someone didn't recognize, then this is Oleg Tatarov, who reports and lies that the Maidaners killed and injured themselves, and the police did not use weapons at all. He didn't even apologize for this. And today he is in the closest circle of President Zelensky. I wonder, how after that did Volodymyr Oleksandrovych mention Maidan and the Heavenly Hundred today? Did he not mention it? Is cynicism the norm for Zelensky? But the fact that Tatarov is with Zelensky today speaks volumes.



😳This is Poland, not Brussels. I do not support Ukrainians.

This is how the protests of Polish farmers at the border look like.



🗣️The withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Avdiivka was not prepared.

About this, the editor-in-chief of the online publication Censor.net Yuri Butusov told on the air.

However, the withdrawal overall took place very organized and losses were of course during the retreat, but the enemy failed to pursue our troops, failed to cut off, and mostly all defenders were able to leave the city, - Butusov noted.

UPDThank you!!! Collection closed!! Thank you all!!! You are amazing!!!

Friends, I am turning to you for help again. Soldiers who were transferred to the 119th separate TRO brigade in the north after Avdiivka have reached out to me. But the condition of their vehicles after Avdiivka is such that they require immediate repair. It is impossible to work on them. Some can break down at any moment, others are already broken down. That is why they are asking for help. I know the soldiers personally. Some of them have been with the Right Sector since 2014. So I am asking for help for them. And honestly, it is not only them who need it, but all of us. Thank you to everyone who can donate.

Map and link in the first comment

On a car that 300

🎯Goal: 230,000.00 UAH

🔗Link to the bank


💳Bank card number

5375 4112 1458 8985




❗️ Lubinets appealed to the UN and the Red Cross regarding the murder of Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered in captivity at Zenith.

The Ombudsman stated that when the stronghold was surrounded, the command contacted the coordination center and organizations negotiating with Russia to provide assistance to heavily wounded unarmed military personnel. According to Lubintsev, Russia agreed to evacuate them, provide assistance, and then exchange them.

What happened after these agreements we saw in the released video from the captured position "Zenit." The families of the Defenders recognized Georgiy Pavlov, Andriy Dubnytskyi, Ivan Zhytnyk - as deceased. Also with them were Oleksandr Zinchuk and Mykola Savosik, who were shot by Russian soldiers. As for the sixth fighter, the information is not yet confirmed.



📄 The State Bureau of Investigations has reported another suspicion of state treason to Volodymyr Sivkovich - the deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council during the Yanukovych times for organizing the beating of students on the Maidan.

He was recruited by Russia back in the late nineties, when he was a personnel officer of the KGB of the USSR and FSB. The official carried out tasks of the top political leadership of the aggressor country to prevent Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration. It is documented that in October 2013 he met with the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev within the framework of consultations of the NSDC delegations of the two countries in Odessa. At this event, the traitor received instructions for further subversive activities against Ukraine and suppression of potential protest actions through Ukraine's refusal to associate with the EU.

After the start of student protests on Independence Square, the Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council began implementing plans of the Russian Federation. In the night of 29 to 30 November 2013, he personally supervised from the office of the chief of the Kiev police the dispersal and beating of students organized by him.

After the events on the Maidan, the socio-political crisis significantly complicated the consolidation of various branches of power in countering the hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and annexation of territories.

Thus, with his actions, Sivkovich created the exclusive conditions for the RF to carry out active actions regarding the occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine.

Currently, the suspect is evading investigation and the court in the territory of the aggressor state and is one of the leaders of the anti-Ukrainian movement created by the Russian special services.



📷SSO Armed Forces showed a photo report from the coksochim in Avdiivka.

In the frames are the soldiers of the 3rd regiment, who from the first day of the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation stood in defense of Avdiivka and together with other units of the Defense Forces successfully destroyed the enemy's equipment and personnel.

Let's return all Ukrainian lands and take revenge for all the Heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of our country! - emphasize special forces.



🚧Polish strikers have started more stringent restrictions on the movement of vehicles at the border with Ukraine.

📍"Medika-Shegini"Polish farmers completely blocked the movement of trucks through the checkpoint. The end date of such blocking was not reported.

📍"Dolhobychuv-Uhryniv"Near the checkpoint, protesters plan to close down traffic for all types of transport until 17.00 on February 20.

📍"Zosin-Ustylog".From 13:00 to 16:00, protesters intend to restrict the movement of buses, trucks, and cars in both directions. They promise to only let through trucks with humanitarian aid.

📍"Korchova-Krakivets".Until 21.00 on February 20, protesters plan to block the movement of trucks leaving Poland, except for those carrying critical cargo. At the same time, buses, minibuses, passenger cars in both directions will be able to move freely.

📍"Hrybene-Rava-Ruska".Protesters from 13.00 on February 20 completely blocked traffic in both directions of all types of vehicles, except those carrying critically important cargo and humanitarian aid.

📍"Dorohusk-Yahodyn".Until 7:00 p.m., protest organizers intend to completely block the movement of trucks in both directions.




Bogdan Bondarenko - frequent guest of Direct, and now - a combat medic asks for help to close an important collection for the rescue of our military.

Goal: 500,000 UAH

Bogdan's can.https://send.monobank.ua/jar/Ey6grYMxM

Bank card:




Clarification of information regarding the consequences of enemy attack on Novoslobidska community of Konotop district.— Sumy OVA.

It is established that an enemy strike drone of the type "Lancet" hit a residential building.

As a result of the hit, a family died: mother and two sons, as well as two of their distant relatives: grandmother and a woman who came from another city.



10 years have passed since the great events of the Revolution of Dignity, which evolved into the birth of a nation.

I remember February 18, events in Mariinsky Park, when dozens of people died before my eyes. They came to demand freedom and democracy, to return the country to Europe. For this they were killed and destroyed.

I remember the House of Officers and the hotel foyer, where the bodies of heroes lay, covered with white sheets. And those who gave orders to kill. Today, you heard greetings from them on the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity. From these Yanukovych and Portnov scoundrels, who should at least go to the dump of history, and at most — to prison.

I remember not only those days when tens of thousands of people stood near the stage of Maidan, turning on the light on their phones. But also those dark nights, when less than a thousand people remained on Maidan. And this fear: will people not come in the morning?

I remember the burning House of Trade Unions. Smoke from tires protecting defenders from bandits' bullets. Institutskaya Street, flooded with blood.

Scary dark night, followed by the morning. The morning is not yet our victory. Because on February 20, the majority of the Heavenly Hundred died. But the morning of hope for victory.

Hundreds of self-defense fighters, hundreds of Maidan participants immediately, in the first days went to the front to defend the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, to defend our freedom.

We must remember: there is still no victory over the enemy, but we definitely must not lose hope and faith in this victory. Everyone must do everything to not just bring the victory closer, but to preserve Ukraine.

Glory to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred!

Russians - a nation of marauders. Liberators, bastards who can only liberate apartments from property. Russians are a nation of thieves, marauders, rapists, and killers. They are used to living in shit, envying the whole world, hating the whole world, and destroying everything they can reach. Degenerates.

"Their apartments are not small at all, spacious... I'll probably take the crib for myself, damn, awesome..." - exclaims the marauder-Rashist, who is looting the remaining surviving apartments of those Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes because of the Russians in the area of Bahmut.



👊Powerful work in the conditions of intense fighting in Avdiivka by the fighters of the Third Assault Brigade's Unmanned Systems Battalion.

They puzzled the enemy's personnel composition using FPV drones and undermined Russian equipment on mines that were remotely dropped from a copter.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, commenting on the death in Spain of Russian pilot Maksim Kuzminov, who flew a Russian Mi-8 helicopter into Ukraine, said:

- "The proposal of our country was that he remained in Ukraine. He would definitely be protected here. And I don't think they (Russians) could cause as much trouble here as it happened in Spain."

After these words, I remembered that 2 terrorist attacks occurred in Ukraine in the last few days.

In Vinnytsia region, a railway track was blown up. Sabotage occurred on February 16 around 06:30 in the village of Serebriya.

Mohyliv-Podilsky district. During the train ride, the engineer noticed an explosion on the railway track, after which he applied emergency braking. As a result of the explosion, the railway track was damaged, and the movement of railway transport was stopped. The freight train was not damaged, and there were no casualties.

On February 19, unknown individuals detonated a car of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army in Odesa region, in which Albert and Natalia Kruchynini were. Doctors are currently fighting for their lives.

Using the vocabulary of Danilrva, I want to ask: and who is causing trouble in Ukraine? After all, sometimes it is better for government officials to chew, rather than speak. And not sometimes, but almost always.



In the occupied Donetsk explosions were heard, a building burns in the center.

It is reported that smoke began to rise in the area of the building of the regional state administration (government building of the DPR).

Also, a fire broke out in the Chervonogvardiiskiy district of the occupied Makeyevka after shelling.



To give an assessment of the situation that has developed on the Avdiivka direction is needed after the end of the war., — 59th Brigade officer Sergei Tsehovsky noted on the air Direct.

According to his words, when the soldiers in Avdiivka heard the command to retreat - everyone breathed out. It was vital to even out the front.



🌾 Minister of Development and Technology of Poland Krzysztof Hetman fully supports the farmers who are blocking the border with Ukraine, as they are protesting for a just cause.

In his opinion, Polish farmers are in a very difficult situation, as the costs of agricultural production have increased significantly, while profitability has not.

Also, the Hetman commented on yesterday's statement by the President of Ukraine, in which he said that the situation at the border is abnormal.

The farmers' protest has nothing to do with politics. Perhaps this is not the first time Zelensky has made rather harsh statements, the minister said.

In turn, Ukrainian carriers started a peaceful protest in response to the blockade of border crossing points by Polish protesters. The media published footage from the Krakovets-Korchova checkpoint.

📹: Public

Today is not only the day when we remember the Heavenly Hundred Heroes, but also the beginning of Russia's war against Ukraine. It was exactly ten years ago today that this war began. And I don't know when it will end. But I know how. Russia will be choked by Ukraine. But we will never forget what the Russians did and how they attacked. Never!



⛓️ The SBU detained scammers who extorted money from relatives of Ukrainian prisoners of war, promising an exchange.

In Kyiv, two extortionists were caught red-handed, demanding 60 thousand US dollars from the relatives of two captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The figures promised to transfer money to the members of the occupying RF groups to include prisoners of war in the exchange lists.

According to available information, the criminals had connections among militants and remotely received information about Ukrainian prisoners.

At the same time, the participants of the scheme did not intend to return the soldiers of the Armed Forces home.

For credibility while communicating with relatives of captured Ukrainian soldiers, scammers posed as law enforcement officials.

The investigation continues. Criminals face up to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property.

That case when in response on Israeli television Arestovich was made to understand that he is a liar and overworks the pro-Russian theses. Although Arestovich doesn't care about all this. He just makes money off suckers. If there are a lot of suckers in Ukraine, then Arestovich will earn well. If their number decreases, then his earnings will fall. But don't forget that he gained such popularity thanks to Zelensky and Yermak, who made him a government spokesperson after the start of a full-scale invasion. Why did they do it? Because he is similar to them in views, worldview, and principles. And I warned about this. But suckers took offense at this...



😡 Polish protesters opened the hatch of two Ukrainian freight wagons carrying grain. Ukrainian cargo is transit to Germany via Poland.- Ukrainian Railways.

Currently, about 40 Ukrainian freight cars with agricultural products are waiting for loading at Medyka station. Polish Railways and the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland have been informed of unauthorized interference with the railway operation.

Ukrzaliznytsia is outraged by such actions of Polish protesters and calls for an end to illegal activities. Such actions do not contribute to solving potential problems, but play into the hands of the aggressor country. Currently, the company has sent a relevant appeal to the Polish law enforcement agencies.— mentioned in the message.

📹: Суспільне📹: Public

Paramedic's tattoo. More than a tattoo.



💬Change of command in the Armed Forces of Ukraine influenced the battles for Avdiivka, the new team did not have time to prepare, believes Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve, military pilot-instructor Roman Svitlan.Any new team, no matter how good or better than the first one, will take some time to take control of the processes. Sometimes in a non-combat situation it can take years, and in a combat situation sometimes months, but definitely not days and weeks. In other words, the loss of management was definitely there, and in this loss of management, departure came out crushed, I would say. He was managed but crushed.

What was left of the wounded, is just an indicator that the departure was not fully controlled, not fully worked out.

What law is the Verkhovna Rada hiding? What mistake did the Bank make? Does the office want to profit from mobilization? Can one officially buy out of military service? Will only the poor fight? What consequences await the authorities for such decisions? What is happening to freedom of speech in Ukraine? Why was the government not prepared for war? Why is Ukraine facing a financial collapse? Will they ruin our economy? Ukrainian politician and statesman, MP of Ukraine IX convocation Dmytro Razumkov talked about all this in a conversation with Boryslav Bereza. Watch all the details in this video.




📄 According to the Public Broadcaster, more than 1300 amendments have been submitted to the draft law on mobilization, citing members of the relevant committee.

According to the words of the deputy from the faction "European Solidarity" Iryna Friz, on February 21, the registration of amendments will be completed, after which they will still need to be considered by the committee.

MP from the Servant of the People party Yegor Cherniev suggested that it will take a week to consider amendments in the committee.



🇪🇪In the warehouses of other countries, there are probably things that could support Ukraine, believes Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

Callas said, that all Western countries should do more to help Ukraine and seek new solutions, ERR reports.

"If we have gaps, then let's think about how to fill them," she urged.

According to her, if the recent statement by the President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel that there are 800,000 shells in the world that can be transferred to Ukraine is true, then negotiations must start in order for these shells to be transferred to Ukraine as soon as possible.

The countries in which they [ammunition] are must certainly agree on how they can be transferred to Ukraine. This is a question for our great allies as well. We are constantly thinking about what else we can give to help the Ukrainians, and I believe that there are probably things in the warehouses of other countries that they could send to help the Ukrainians withstand," Kallas said.

The situation with the border blockade has gone too far. If the Polish government does not start to punish farmers-thugs for violations and unblock the crossings in the near future, then there will be trouble.

Someone's nerves will not hold out, a direct conflict will begin, and Ukrainians will beat the pickets. This will lead to the standard hysteria "They are beating ours" and start a new wave - blocking everything that is delivered to Ukraine and Ukrainians, as well as calls for Ukrainians to leave Poland. Some Ukrainians will even leave Poland and move to other EU countries. And then the worsening of relations between Poland and Ukraine at the state level. And all this can happen if the government of Poland continues to ignore its farmers-idiots and their puppeteers.

And everything will be fine financially with a rusnet. But for now there is still time and opportunity to stop all this.



🇬🇪Georgia will not introduce sanctions against Russia," - Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze.

Regarding sanctions against Russia, we have a very clear position. We do not impose sanctions, and we have very strong arguments about this, - said the Georgian official.

Kobakhidze noted thatWe strongly support Ukraine politically, provide a lot of humanitarian aid, have very close relations with the Ukrainian people..



The war of Russia against Ukraine has been going on for ten years, although for some - "only" two years. How to win in this war and what is needed for this?

About all this today exactly at 19:00 watch an exclusive interview with the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the "Direct" TV channel.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgNlJS04Etc 👈

Latvian President Egars Rinkēvičs posted a post with this cartoon by Latvian cartoonist Gatiss Shlyuk and agreed that Western assistance to Ukraine looks just like this today.

"Unfortunately, he is right," Rinkevichs wrote.



⚽️ Ukrainian football referees will be checked on a lie detector.

The proposal to introduce mandatory polygraph testing for referees in competitive and non-competitive periods was supported by the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Football Association.

In addition, the appointment of referees for matches will be done by drawing lots.

Russian military should remember that the minimum of 17,000 Russian soldiers killed in Avdiivka (and Western experts believe that there may be many more), Shoigu considers "minimal losses".



In January on YouTubestartedproject "Vishka", which at first glance seems new, but the face and thesis are old - because it is the former channel "NASH".

This is supposedly a new program and the first video was allegedly published only at the beginning of January 2024, yet there are already over 1 million subscribers to the channel. How is this possible? The thing is, the YouTube channel "Вышка" was created back in 2018, but you won't find old videos.

YouTube channel "Vyshka" is a renamed channel "OUR". On Wikipedia, you can find the original link to the publication's YouTube channel. Using the Wayback Machine archive, researchers found that in January 2022, the channel was named "OUR", but later it was renamed to "Yes, it is so", and now the channel is called "Vyshka". That is, the same channel was renamed twice.

The hosts of the project also have a pro-Russian background. Currently, there are two of them: Lana Shevchuk and Vasyl Apasov.

In 2022, sanctions were imposed against the pro-Russian channel "NASH", owned by Yevgeny Muraev. It seemed like the main voices of Russian propaganda in Ukraine had finally lost their voice. Unfortunately, they find ways to remain in the Ukrainian media field.

I will go eat some chocolate 🍫, I suppose...

Today, on Tuesday, February 20, at 19-00, we will be doing a joint broadcast with Igor Lapin.

- 10 years ago Berkut shot protesters in Kiev. And during the war, Tatarov, who justified the atrocities against the Revolution of Dignity, is in power. Why did the president surround himself with the Anti-Maidan?

- Today is not only a day when we remember the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, but also the beginning of Russia's war against Ukraine. Have Ukrainians drawn conclusions from these 10 years?

- Occupants do not stop at Avdiivka, and we have not only a shell hunger, but also practically political strife So what will happen to the front?

MPs continue to make strange statements about the law on mobilization. Does the government not understand the importance of mobilization?

- Diversions have started in Ukraine. In Spain, pilot Maxim Kuzminov, who had flown a Russian Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine, was killed. What does this situation mean? And how to counteract enemy diversions?

- Ukrainians are worried and nervous due to uncertainty about the future. Why can't the government calm and motivate the people?




Petro Poroshenko on "Direct" about 10 years after the Revolution of Dignity: main achievements and failures.




🇺🇦 Ukraine plans to add an additional route through the Danube River to increase exports to pre-war levels, as a dispute with Poland over agricultural supplies has blocked the land border with the EU, - Bloomberg.

"We plan container shipping via the upper Danube as Romania is more predictable than the Polish border," said the Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Kubrakov.

The proposed new route will pass from the Ukrainian port of Izmail to the Romanian Constanta and the Danube ports of Germany.



⚡️Tomorrow President Zelensky will convene a meeting with the "Servant of the People" faction for the first time since the start of the full-scale invasion..

This is reported by "Suspilne" with reference to sources in the faction.

The topic of the meeting is not disclosed.




Bohdan Bondarenko - frequent guest of Pryamyy, and now - a combat medic asks for help to close an important collection for the rescue of our military.

Goal: 500,000 ₴

Bogdan's Bank:https://send.monobank.ua/jar/Ey6grYMxM

Bank card:


It became interesting what is the reason for the protests of Polish agrarians.

Went to read.

According to the Polish Institute of Agriculture Economics (Institute of Agricultural Economics and Food Economy) for the year 2023, purchasing prices for agricultural products in Poland fell by 21 percent. At the same time, agricultural machinery became more expensive by 11.7%, and plant protection products - by 6.4%.

What do the protesters demand? In the Polish media they write about three demands - cancellation of new EU regulations regarding the agricultural sector, restoration of customs duties on agricultural products from Ukraine, and cancellation of regulations in animal husbandry.

Obviously, blocking the Ukrainian border turned out to be the simplest and loudest action. But how will it affect EU regulations and subsidies? And does grain from Ukraine really affect prices on the Polish market?

Obviously, communication is needed.Oleksandr Yankovsky



🇺🇸The USA is monitoring cases of persecution of journalists in Ukraine and took into account that President Zelensky called pressure on the media unacceptable.

About this today in Kyiv said US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink, "EP" reports.

Free media is the foundation of a free society. Ukraine is moving towards the EU and NATO, and free media must be part of this path, - she emphasized.

Brink noticed thatWe heard the president's statement that he considers pressure on the media unacceptable..

We welcome this statement, and I believe it is incredibly important for the media, - added the American ambassador.

Today there was a successful strike on the military training ground of the enemy in the village of Trudovske, Volnovakha district, Donetsk region. The strike was carried out with "HIMARS". A total of 3 rockets were used. But the result is superb!

Training was conducted for servicemen of the 39th separate guards motorized rifle brigade (military unit 35390, Sakhalin). The strike occurred at the moment when the formation was being held on the training ground.

According to available data at 16:00, the number of 200s was 65 Muscovites, 300m is specified. I would like to thank the Russian commander for the construction. It is desirable to repeat. ))



Throughout the day, there were 50 military clashes.not providedin the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

During the day, the Defense Forces aviation struck at ten personnel concentration areas and five enemy anti-aircraft missile complexes.

Units of missile troops have struck at nine areas where enemy personnel, armaments, and military equipment are concentrated, as well as at ten artillery positions of the enemy.

Rusnya, in Ukraine you are waiting for death for Putin's ambitions. Ready to die? The Armed Forces will help you.

Firstly, it's beautiful. Secondly, the first one is enough. And it's also an expected ending for any occupant.



🚧 Ukrainian protesters simplified crossing the border for transport in two sections.

After 17:00, the movement of cars and buses through the checkpoint "Hrebenne - Rava-Ruska" resumed. Protesters also expressed their readiness to pass one truck every hour in both directions.

Moreover, protest participants are willing to allow a small amount of traffic through the "Zosin - Ustyluh" crossing point. In particular, they plan to allow five passenger cars in each direction every 30 minutes, one truck per hour entering Poland and three trucks entering Ukraine. Buses in both directions will be allowed to pass in normal mode.



We have gathered the most important things for you that you may have missed by February 20th:

🔹Russians ready before the new advance on Avdiivka direction, the new goal - Lastochkyne, - "Third assault".

🔹In Russian captivity died military serviceman Oleksandr Hrytsiuk from Kivertsy, Volyn Oblast. He was 47 years old.

🔹Russian forces in the Zaporizhzhia direction and in Donetsk region renewed application of toxic substances.

🔹During the Russian shelling of the Novoslobid community in the Konotop district of Sumy region on February 20 died whole family - woman, two sons and their relatives.

🔹Sweden announced about the largest aid package to Ukraine.

🔹European Commission announced 83 million euros funding package for various humanitarian projects in Ukraine and Moldova to support Ukrainians in the face of Russian aggression.

Ukrposhta seems to need a new stamp! (c) Dmytro Kovalenko



😢 The second Ukrainian who was stabbed in Oberhausen, Germany, has died in the hospital.

18-year-old Ukrainian basketball player Artem Kozachenko died in the hospital from the injuries he sustained.

G7 will discuss support for Kyiv at the meeting on the anniversary of the Russian invasion

"The Big Seven" will discuss support for Ukraine at a virtual meeting on Saturday, Italian authorities reported, currently holding the G7 presidency.

The video conference meeting will take place on the second anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion.

It is expected that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will participate in it, and the Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni will preside.

AFP reports that new sanctions against Russia are also planned to be discussed at the event.

"There is a false narrative describing the West's exhaustion [from war], which needs to be corrected," said a diplomatic source from the agency in Rome. "It is important to confirm that we will support Kyiv as much as needed."

Italian authorities have stated that a declaration will be adopted at the end of the meeting.

In Estonia, they vividly demonstrate why it is important to help Ukraine. In order to stop the mess and prevent Tallinn from turning into what it looks like on billboards.



Petro Poroshenko announced that the money to be reimbursed by the aggressor state after international arbitration for the destroyed "Roshen" factory in Lipetsk will go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

I will not forgive their aggression against Ukraine. The Lipetsk factory is just a part. We went to international arbitration, and Russia will pay every last penny. They will reimburse the cost of "Roshen". And every hryvnia, every dollar we receive from Russia, will be transferred to the Armed Forces. For me, this is a matter of principle," Poroshenko emphasized.



🪖 Ukrainian military universities will be trained by specialists from the United States, the Ministry of Defense reported.

Also, as part of a pilot project in one of the Ukrainian educational centers, assessment tools used in the US Army will be implemented. The purpose of the testing will be to identify potential leaders who can later become sergeants.

The Russian trolls are already trolling the Tuvinian degenerate. And it turns out funny. In the Russian MO, they shot another tik-tok from the side, reported to Putin that Krynki is taken and will calmly continue to put their slaves in the meat grinder under Krynki. Then they will try to report again. Or twice. Or three times. Degenerates. ))



The timing for changing the top military leadership was unsuccessful, as even experienced combat officers need time to familiarize themselves with the situation, for strategic planning, stated Petro Poroshenko on "Pravo" TV channel.

Poroshenko emphasized that the change in military leadership is exclusively the right of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine and it is his full responsibility.

I do not see arguments why this was done in such dangerous stormy times," the leader of "European Solidarity" noted.

He recalled Zaluzhny's article in The Economist, which pointed out that the time for a counterattack had ended and it was necessary to switch to active defense. However, at that time it was not accepted, although later it had to be agreed with the general's theses. The fifth president also noted that other remarks by Zaluzhny were initially not taken seriously, but later recognized.

We see, unfortunately, politics has been brought into relations with the commander-in-chief. And I highly appreciate that our military do not play politics. Others are playing on other streets, causing incredible damage to the state, - Poroshenko noted.

He emphasized that emotions or politics should not guide the defense of the country. And the government, opposition, and society should unite around the Armed Forces.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people.