Mar 22, 2022 - Day 27



⛴ In the port of the Turkish Bodrum, athletes from the children's-youth team from Odessablockedberthing of Russian billionaire Abramovich's yacht.

And the government of Gibraltar detained a yacht connected to the owner of the largest Russian steel pipe producer, sanctioned oligarch Pumpyansky.



🚨Kramatorsk district, air alarm!



🚨Bakhmut territorial community, air alarm!



The Armed Forces of Ukraine have been released.MakarivIn Kyiv, the state flag of Ukraine was raised by the occupiers.



🛡The USA has already started sending a new batch of weapons to Ukraine worth $800 million.

The Pentagon assures that the first deliveries will begin soon.



🚨Kramatorsk district, take cover!



Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense of EU countries approvedStrategic compass- the first concept of the European Union in defense and security.

In particular, it provides for the establishment of European rapid response forces of 5,000 military personnel..



We publish the schedule of additional designated evacuation flights on March 22👇🏻

⭕ Kharkiv:

7:50 - №905/906 Kharkiv - Khelm;

11:30 - №229/230 Kharkiv - Uzhhorod;

15:00 - Intercity+ Kharkiv - Lviv.


20:00 - No. 234/233 Dnipro - Chop.

⭕ Kramatorsk:

13:00 - No. 275/274 Kramatorsk - Lviv;

16:00 - No. 277/276 Kramatorsk - Lviv.

⭕Krivoy Rog:

11:30 - No. 210/209 Kryvyi Rih - Lviv.

Additional flights will also depart from Odessa to Uzhhorod at 22:32, from Kyiv to Khelm at 19:13, and from Kyiv (Darnytsia station) to Lviv at 8:00.

Due to the introduction of an enhanced curfew in Kyiv from 8:00 p.m. on March 21 to 7:00 a.m. on March 23, boarding onto trains departing from Kyiv is only possible for passengers who arrived at the station in advance, before the start of the curfew.

The schedule of regular trains for the next day is updated daily at around 00:00 on the website



🤝The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France spoke with the US Secretary of State. They agreed that it is necessary to strengthen sanctions against Russia.



😯 More than half of the population left Chernihiv after the start of full-scale war.

The city mayor adds:According to my feelings, approximately 130,000 people remain in the city. Before the war, there were 285,000.



🚨Kyiv, air alarm!



🚨Kyiv region, air alarm!



🤨Ukrainewill continue transit of Russian gas to Europe,as long as it is technically possible- Naftogaz head Yuriy Vitrenko.

According to him, there were attempts by Russia to interfere in the operation of three compressor stations in Eastern Ukraine, but after warning about the risks of such actions for transit.Russian troops started behaving differently.



🚨Vinnytsia region, air alarm!



❕Head of the Kyiv Regional Administration Alexander Pavlyuk:For now under occupation - whether Bucha, whether Hostomel, whether the entire region, there we can't do any actions yet. We need to hold back the enemy in their attempts to cross the Irpin River and advance on Kyiv.



🚨Izium district, air alarm!



🚨Kharkiv region, air alarm!



🛰 Russian troops are clearly visible in satellite images in Belarus, less than 30 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Also recorded were tents and military equipment located on the border of the Polissya Radiation and Ecological Reserve.

📷Maxar Technologies



🚨Kramatorsk district, air alarm!



❗️Mayor of Boryspil called residents to evacuate from the city to facilitate the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

People who are unable to leave on their own will be helped with evacuation.



🚨Kyiv - air alarm alert!



🚨 Zhytomyr region - into shelter!



🚨Air alarm in Kramatorsk district!



🏚Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the occupiers have completely destroyed 651 buildings, and partially damaged about 3780 - State Emergency Service



🚨Vinnytsia! Take cover!



🚨Kyiv - air alarm!



🚨Cherkasy region - air alarm!



Lviv, Volyn, Mykolaiv, Kirovohrad, Zaporizhia region, Ivano-Frankivsk - to shelter!



🚨Sumy region. Air alarm!

27 days of the hot phase of the 8-year war of Russia against Ukraine. The Ukrainian Armed Forces defend the country! And we have a traditional roll call.

Everyone here?



The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine warns"through enemy shelling in settlements in Ukraine there were fires by dry grass and some peatlands"

👌The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has developed recommendations on what to do when the city's air is contaminated with combustion products.

🔺Stay at home and close the windows

🔺If you need to go outside, for example, to head to a shelter, wear protective goggles and a mask/respirator

🔺Do wet cleaning at least once a day

🔺Avoid excessive physical activity

🔺Do not air out the apartment

🔺Drink plenty of clean water for opportunities

🔺Take a shower

❗️If your condition worsens, be sure to see a doctor!

At the same time, we remind you that !burning dry vegetation in wartime conditions from March 4equals to sabotage andpunished by law#stoprussia



🔥 In the territory of the Chernobyl zone, recorded 7 sources of fires.

Likely, the fire occurred as a result of armed aggression by the Russian Federation, namely, a shell hit or intentional arson.



🪓In Uzhgorod, activistsdismantledmemorial plaque, installed in honor of the 300th anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine and Russia



At least82,5 thousandsquare kilometers of Ukrainian land already need demining.



🇮🇱The Prime Minister of Israel plans to visit Kiev and has instructed the Israeli intelligence services to prepare for the possible visit - Times of Israel.

Naftali Bennett plans to visit the capital of Ukraineimportant negotiations on ceasefireand he will visit Kyiv only if the parties are close to reaching a peaceful agreement.

About war. During military operations, you start looking at different moments differently. For everyone, the main thing becomes what simplifies the task and increases survival on the battlefield. For everyone, it's different. Someone takes maximum armor and doesn't pay attention to the weight they carry. Someone throws on themselves a maximum supply of ammunition in order to be able to fight for as long as possible in different situations. Someone ignores the helmet because their neck gets tired and they can't quickly turn their head in urban combat conditions. And for someone, it's important to have at least 2 tourniquets and a first aid kit hanging on them, because they saw how the absence of these items failed to save a comrade. In general, everyone chooses their own priorities.

I do not have a professional military education and I am not an expert, but from what I have encountered, the most important thing for me is communication. Yes, precisely communication on the battlefield or during an operation. You can't even imagine how important communication is and you will not understand this without being in a military operation. If there is no communication, then you cannot contact the bird operators who, having received a task, find enemy positions from which they will attack you for 4 hours with mortars and Nona. If you do not have communication with your artillery, then you will not be able to contact them later to cover the positions of these same mortar batteries. If you have no communication, then you cannot lead the operation and deploy the units you have at your disposal. If you have no communication, then you cannot coordinate your actions with the bears, and without tank support, it's hard. Very hard. Communication is the key to a successfully conducted operation and a chance to complete the task in the shortest time with minimal losses or even without them.

What does no connection mean? It means that enemies jam your frequencies. It means that someone you need to contact has a dead battery, and there is no spare or it's an old Chinese one that also died quickly. It means that there simply isn't enough power from the station. And in urban combat conditions, this is very noticeable. These are not all the reasons why I consider communication to be the most important component, but each of these reasons motivates to pay special attention to communication. Communication in modern combat conditions is one of the most important elements of ensuring victory. Tried and tested on my own skin. That's why for me, communication is key. Everything is important, but without communication, it's a nightmare, not warfighting.

And last. War is not a game like Call of Duty. You can't replay the mission. And there is nothing beautiful in war. War is pain, blood, exhaustion, and losses. And that's why I never tire of thanking everyone who defends Ukraine. I am grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and I believe in our warriors. They are heroes! I am grateful to everyone who is defending Ukraine today, whether they are from the Armed Forces, National Guard, Territorial Defense Forces, Special Operations Forces, Security Service, police, or volunteer battalions. All these people are defending us from the aggressors and making history. So, glory to all of them! From the general to the private! And a salute to all these heroes who are actually defeating the occupiers. Don't forget that all victories were achieved by the warriors of Ukraine under the leadership of the General Staff. Here is Glory and Respect from all Ukrainians to them!



⚡️In Okhtyrka district of Sumy region, about 300 occupiers refused to fight and left the area.



🇺🇦❤️ Ukrainian-American Hollywood actress Vera Farmiga read aloud a poem by Vasyl Symonenko "Beautiful People" in Ukrainian. She added that she is proud of the courage of the Ukrainian people.



🚫 Congress demands the US government to ban cooperation with companies that have remained in Russia.

Not outdated. But I have a feeling that the Kremlin took everything from this joke and started implementing it.



⚡️In Kramatorsk, Russians used phosphorus ammunition in Donetsk region.



❗️The General Staff reported that the occupiers in Ukraine have supplies of ammunition, food, and fuel for no more than three days.

According to the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, since the beginning of the war in the country, about 3780 residential buildings have been partially damaged, 651 residential building have been completely destroyed.

At the same time, according to the head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Roman Primus, this statistics reflects only those objects where rescuers can assess the extent of the damage without endangering their lives, and does not include occupied territories. Therefore, the scale of destruction in reality is significantly greater.

I agree with the last one. Yesterday I personally saw how the rashists destroyed two houses, a cafe, and a skyscraper with 120 mines. And damaged a couple of houses nearby.



💊 Ukraine will receive over two million doses of iodine preparations, because these medicines are in short supply. Also, in the coming days, pharmacies will have enough tranquilizers and hormonal preparations.



Kryvyi Rih was shelled twice at night by occupiers with "Grads". They hit the villages of Mala Kostrivka and the city of Zelenodolsk. This was reported by the head of the Kryvyi Rih Regional State Administration Oleksandr Vilhul. According to him, residential buildings were destroyed as a result of the shelling.

Folk art in the name of Chernobaevka.



The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine explains, in accordance with the Government's decision, the directions in which forced migrants can receive state aid.

Every internally displaced person in Ukraine will receive a monthly assistance of 2,000 hryvnias from the state.

Parents of each child who moved to safer regions will receive 3,000 hryvnias monthly.

▶️ Also, individuals with disabilities will receive 3,000 hryvnias monthly

▶️Every employer will receive 6500 hryvnia monthly to pay the wages of a hired forced migrant

▶️ Each family that provides shelter to displaced persons will receive a monthly compensation of 450 hryvnia for utilities (for each person provided with shelter).

❗️Payments will be made through Diia, to the bank card


Olympic champion of Russia in swimming Evgeny Rylov lost his sponsorship contract with Speedo after attending a meeting and festive concert at Luzhniki with Vladimir Putin last week.

Rylov, who won two gold medals at last year's Olympics in Tokyo, was spotted at a rally with the letter Z on his clothes, which has become a symbol of support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow calls a special operation.

The company Speedo announced that it has immediately terminated sponsorship of Rylov after his attendance at an event commemorating the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

Kyiv. March 20. A man collects things from a destroyed apartment.



Military aircraft of the Russian Federation have increased their aviation presence in the airspace of Ukraine - Armed Forces of Ukraine.



Every morning at 9:00 we observe a minute of silence in memory of the deceased.

At this moment they could live. Waiting for spring, cooking in the kitchen, writing a letter to mom from the barracks, learning to walk, smiling, choosing a skirt, new lipstick, planning a vacation, playing volleyball. Anything.

They would just live their normal lives. Everyone who fought. All military and civilian. Adults and children. Everyone who could still live if Russia had not started this war.

And all MIA service center employees remain silent every morning at 09:00.

We are with you, country. Everything will be Ukraine!




🚌 A column of 24 buses left Zaporizhia for Berdyansk to evacuate people. Humanitarian aid went in 7 buses - Oleksandr Starukh, Zaporizhia region.



😂Assistant deputies of the city council of Novosibirsk were called to save paper.



🤦‍♀The second army of the world is even stealing carpets. Now you have seen everything.



Iryna Vereshchuk on the planned operation of humanitarian corridors on March 22.

During the day in Kiev, 149 saboteurs were caught - Kiev VHA. In the next day, significantly more of them will be caught and destroyed. That's why a curfew was introduced. In general, the right decision. All these creatures must be caught or destroyed. Especially those with Ukrainian passports. No mercy for traitors.

We want to live. Enemies want to see us dead. This leaves not too much room for compromise. (c) Golda Meir



More sanctions are needed. A complete embargo on all Russian trade is needed. An embargo on Russian oil and gas is needed. And this should definitely be implemented today.

He said that in an interview for MSNBC.

Stop funding Putin. Stop funding this killer.

Finnish customs detained 21 yachts associated with Russian oligarchs.

There is no doubt that the personal fleet of Putin's billionaire friends is much larger, more powerful, and modern than the Russian Navy. By the way, has anyone seen Putin's entourage in line for sugar? No? Why aren't they with the people? ))

"A normal KAMAZ was replaced by a 1976 development."

Packages for milk are being replaced by canisters.

Toilet paper for burdocks.

Boots on bast shoes.

Computers for finance.

Machines on carts.

painkillers on plantain.

Here is the real Putin import substitution"

Professor Preobrazhensky



🤬 The French car manufacturer Renault has resumed production at its plant in Russia.- Reuters

Listened to the report of the Russian Ministry of Defense about their achievements in Ukraine. They have already shot down 8 Bayraktars more than there were in Ukraine. I wonder if they are going to shoot down our two star cruisers this week or next. Fabulous idiots. They made up the news themselves, were delighted with it themselves, and rewarded themselves for it. Not a single Bayraktar shot down by them, but they have already come up with stories about shooting them down for many years to come. Such a mess, such a mess. ))

We talked...



💪 Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko refused to fight against absolute world champion George Kambosos. This was reported by ESPN. All because the boxer doesn't want to leave the country where there is a war. He will defend Ukraine from the enemy.

Cambosos has already responded to Lomachenko's action on social media.Vasily, I respect your decision. I understand everything and will pray for you and your country. Please take care of yourself. And after I wipe the canvas ring with Devin, we will meet in one ring in a battle of true champions. God bless you.— he wrote.

Russians fight so incompetently and idiotically that the United States could not determine whether Russia appointed a military leader responsible for leading the war in Ukraine. All forces operate chaotically and in the style of Chernobyl.

According to two representatives of the US Ministry of Defense, the lack of senior command in the Russian occupying army has led to the fact that in the military actions on the territory of Ukraine or nearby, Russian units from different military districts of Russia, acting in different parts of Ukraine, seem to compete only for resources, rather than coordinate their efforts. And this leads to systemic defeats.

I assume that if the operation is personally led by Putin or Shoigu, then such idiocy is explained by their personal incompetence. There are no other options. But I am pleased with the result.



In February, Russians withdrew 1.2 trillion rubles from banks, the Central Bank of Russia reported.

This text was written by Vitaliy Portnykov. Read it:

After another performance by Volodymyr Zelensky, a large part of my compatriots will start discussing again on what terms the war can be ended, whether it is advisable to replace the prospect of Euro-Atlantic integration with some other security guarantees, whether territories can be sacrificed, what is the referendum for and whether it can be held during the war...

I perfectly understand the power that wants to end this terrible war as soon as possible. I perfectly understand every politician who wants to preserve their prospects for the future. I perfectly understand every Ukrainian who wants to return to peaceful life. Wants his children to return to peaceful life.

But I am not a representative of the authorities, not a politician who thinks about perspectives, I am not even an ethnic Ukrainian. Therefore, I have to talk about reality.

During the Second World War, Jews also thought about how to survive under Hitler. It is natural. Someone hoped that the Hitlerites would simply resettle him and his family elsewhere - and forget about them. Someone thought that he was not even a Jew, because even his parents were already not Jews, but Christians - what kind of Jew is he! And someone even hoped that cooperation with the killers would save him from death, that if he himself became a participant in the destruction of his own compatriots, they would not touch him.

Well, they all burned. All those whom the Fuhrer could reach. Because when a decision is made on the final resolution of the issue, they kill everyone - those who resist, those who collaborate, those who go to the synagogue, those who attend church. Even those who like the Fuhrer's ideology - they are also killed. Perhaps lastly, but they are killed.

Ukrainians are now in exactly the same situation - although many here and in the world do not realize this, do not want to realize, as they did not want to realize in the dark years of the Holocaust. We are talking about the final solution to the Ukrainian issue. They will destroy everyone they can reach. It won't help me that I am Jewish - the fact that I am writing these lines in Ukrainian and recognize the fact of the existence of the Ukrainian nation is enough for me to cease to exist. No "Russian-speaking Ukrainian" will be helped by the fact that he wants to continue speaking the same language with Putin - the very fact that he considers himself Ukrainian and recognizes the right of others to communicate in Ukrainian is enough. Note: mobilized from the occupied Donbas are now being forced in front of the Russian army, used as cannon fodder to facilitate the combat tasks of the "true Aryans." And no one cares whether these people wanted to live in Ukraine, or hoped that Putin would take Donbas. And Ukrainian citizens in Russia - those who consciously chose to live in Russia already after the attack in 2014 and thought that they would be considered their own for this? Why are they now being arrested, suspected, driven to suicide?

During the final resolution, no rescue tactics work. The last to die will not even be Medvedchuk. The last one to die will be Valya Matvienko with her stupid permanent - because Putin will finally remember that she is from Poltava.

So what to do? You already know. Don't live in illusions. There will be no agreements with Putin, and those that will be made will be temporary. The Jews were saved from Hitler not by seeking agreements. The Jews were saved from Hitler by the collapse of the Reich and the death of the fuhrer. Only because of that I have the physical ability to explain this to you. Only because of that. But before that, half of my family perished, who sleep in terrible ravines all over Ukraine and on the battlefields. This is the price for me being able to write this, for me being able to simply breathe.

Ukrainians will only be saved from the new Hitler by the collapse of the new Reich and the death of the Fuhrer. Ukrainians have already done more for this than they could. And the world supports us. We will not agree, we will not vote in a referendum for something unknown. We will simply win, albeit at a bitter price. A salty price. We will win together.

That's why I value the mobility of everyone who defends Ukraine today at the front and in the rear. Who allows me to tell you this necessary truth. The mobility of a soldier, a defender, a volunteer. The mobility of every mother who saves her baby. The mobility of every son, every daughter, who saves their parents. And Ukraine - this is the most important.



The situation in the region and Chernihiv as of the morning of March 22 from the head of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration Chaus.



⚡️ Ukrainian military destroyed personnel of Russian marines units near Mykolaiv and Mariupol, who were preparing to storm Odesa.

In Odessa, military personnel detained two traitors who were trying to pass information to the occupiers about the positions of the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine and penetrate the closed territory.

As reported by Ukrinform, this was reported on Facebook by the NSU press service.

"During the service at one of the checkpoints, the military personnel noticed two citizens trying to bypass the defense positions and enter the closed territory. Stopping the men, the National Guards decided to check their identity documents and mobile phones. During the inspection of one of the phones, an agreement with representatives of the aggressor country was discovered, where they were asked to provide information about the location of the combat positions and checkpoints of the National Guard and Armed Forces of Ukraine, for which money transfers were provided from the Russian side," the message says.

Both traitors were handed over to the territorial police department workers.

In addition, NGU fighters found two more men in the Odessa region who were trying to cross a checkpoint in a Shkoda Fabia car, carrying several passports of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as well as around 25,000 dollars in cash, notebooks, and maps with markings indicating locations. They could not explain why or where they were going.

Both men, military personnel, were handed over to the SBU employees.

Now our military have captured the Russian lieutenant colonel Koshel. Good safari, guys.



👊 Our SSO showed the result of a night hunt.



💰 The National Bank has increased the limit on cash withdrawals in foreign currency from 30 to 100 thousand hryvnias.Instead, abroad, Ukrainians can withdraw only 100 thousand UAH per month from hryvnia accounts.



The first payments of 6,500 UAH from eSupport have started for those who applied on the first day. Almost 500 thousand Ukrainians have received them. Funds are being distributed sequentially.

Important: people have been receiving SMS messages claiming that they need to click on the link to receive 6,500 monetary assistance. This is another internet scam. Be careful. Notification of money being credited from eSupport will come to you in the application of the bank whose client you are.

In total, we received almost 4 million applications for eSupport. Money can be received by all hired workers for whom the SES is paid, as well as sole proprietors from all groups in settlements where hostilities are actively taking place.

Funds can be spent without restrictions, as well as withdrawn from ATMs or transferred to other cards. More details told inon the air.



🚈 Ukrzaliznytsia managed to evacuate about a thousand Mariupol residents, who are now heading by train to Lviv and Kovel.

117 refugees from Mariupol will reach western Ukraine tomorrow.



‼️Kyiv, air alarm.



‼️ Tonight, a strike was made at the sea port of Mykolaiv. As a result, the port infrastructure suffered significant damage. There were no casualties.



😈 15,300 orcs are burning in hell right now. Losses of the occupiers as of March 22.



🚨 Kyiv, Chernihiv regions! Alarm!



🚨 Kramatorsk! Alarm!



⚡️Curfew in Kyiv region is in effect. 159 spies from 14 sabotage and reconnaissance groups of Russian occupiers have already been detained. This was reported by the head of the territorial defense of Kyiv region, Ihor Sabiy.

Well, with such a plan, I won't argue. I support.



🎥 Russian NTV posted a video with the famous Ukrainian volunteer Tayra, who was captured by the occupiers on March 16.

In the video, she asks to find a solution that will allow to evacuate all civilians from Mariupol. She and the driver were captured by the Russians on March 16. In Mariupol, she was treating wounded civilians.

Russian doctors have reported a shortage of more than 80 medications - "Vedomosti".

Doctors reported problems with anti-inflammatory, gastroenterological, antiepileptic, anticonvulsant drugs, as well as antidepressants and antipsychotics. There is a shortage of insulin and other medications for people with diabetes.

Here's the honest truth, I don't give a damn. This is the choice of the Russians. Do they want to support the invasion of Ukraine or cowardly keep silent, but die from a lack of medicine because of it? Let them die. This is their price for invading Ukraine.



⚡️Residents of Transcarpathia receive SMS with anti-Hungarian messages.

Alexei Navalny was found guilty of fraud and contempt of court.

What can I say? Navalny is not a bird to be put in a cage and then released. Let him sit. It's like with Crimea, which is not a sandwich, right, Alexei?

Chernigov on March 22 was completely left without electricity and water, reports the head of the regional administration Vyacheslav Chaus.

He claims that due to shelling in the city there is no electricity, and the pumping station is also de-energized - so there is no water either. Emergency utility services are working to try to restore communication.

About the new "social contract" between Putin and the population.

My father-in-law is like the state of Ohio to me, a flawless indicator of the mood of the general public (according to experts, the preferences of the American electorate as a whole are determined by Ohio in elections). To my concerns, worries, demands to come immediately and so on, he invariably responds with the phrase: "Well, in a couple of months everything will settle down..."

This is an honest indicator of the overall mood - everything that is happening is not perceived by the population as a complete failure. Expectations are as follows: everything will fall back into place, airplanes will fly to Europe again directly, bank cards will resume working, iPhones will overcome trade barriers and in general everything will be Coca-Cola again, but not right away, in a couple of months. And why? Because Putin said so, because it was good with him for twenty years and so it will continue to be good. One of my acquaintances said, "I don't understand what happened. He gave us such a good life. With him, we had such good projects!" - it just can't end like this. People are used to good things and subconsciously wait for the continuation of the feast.

Putin still has a huge credit of trust issued against the pledge of his luck. The belief that difficulties will pass and are temporary in nature forms the content of a new social consensus. In general, the majority of the people and various strata of the elite do not doubt that it will pass, and overall it will not end terribly, but if temporarily and covers, then it is worth it. On the one hand, this now unties Putin's hands and gives him the opportunity to butt heads. This faith reveals such a common feature of the Russian soul as infantilism. Once again I am amazed at the accuracy of the Berdyaev definition of the Russian people as a nation of teenagers. After a whole century and taking into account Gorky's opinion, I will add - cruel teenagers.

The problem with this loan, like any other, is that when payments are not made on time, political default occurs. Judging by the expectations of the creditor population, the first tranche is expected to be received no later than mid-summer, and if this tranche (significant normalization of life) does not go through, panic may start on the exchange. I think the debtor understands this. Putin does not actually have an infinite amount of time to solve the Ukrainian issue. In the next few weeks, he will have to choose between going all-in or starting negotiations on debt restructuring. The wait for the outcome will not be long and torturous. April will be the month that will clarify many things.



⚡️Volunteers are raising funds for defenders in Donetsk region🇺🇦

🤝 Thanks to our joint efforts, we have already purchased binoculars, shoes, medicines, and food products, which are very necessary for those who are fighting for Independence 🇺🇦💪

Every hryvnia brings us closer to victory🤝 Engaged in sending! Keep working and dreaming of a thermal imager for one of the units🇺🇦❤️❤️

4149439017394416- volunteer card of Arkadiy Petrosyan

Phone number for contact:0500645126

Photo reports will be periodically published.



👏Ukrainian defenders shot down a winged rocket of Russian occupiers in the Novaya Vodolaga area in the Kharkiv region, reported the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleh Synyehubov.



🚨 In Kyiv, there is an air alarm.

A small sketch. Fighters entered the settlement. Fortified. Clean-up is underway on the street, where on the left are skyscrapers, and on the right are private houses. In the basement of the skyscraper, they found three people - an elderly man and woman, with their daughter. They constantly hide in this basement during shelling. At that moment, a couple of 120mm mines flew above and hit the neighboring private house. The house immediately ignites like a match. The women hiding from the bombing start screaming. It was their house. It turns out they gathered things, food, and medicine, but didn't have time to take them. Two fighters, assessing the situation and the plight of these people, immediately offer to help retrieve everything, but they need to show where everything is before it all burns down. Together with the elderly man, they rush into the house and emerge a couple of minutes later with the bags and backpacks of those affected by the fascist shelling. A small treasure, but this is all that could be saved from the building engulfed in flames. At the same time, the unit commander instructs to place these victims in the administrative building, which is already under our control.

Racists came to free us and destroy our homes, but our warriors, who are called Nazis by the stupid assertion of racists, literally pull out things from the fire of people who suffered from the actions of these scoundrels liberators. This is a war. It clearly shows who is human and who is a bitchy racist tribe. And no labels work where actions speak for themselves.



🚨 Vatutine, air alarm!

Police officers from Vinnytsia region detained a sabotage group that was working for the enemy.

The chairman of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, Sergey Borzov, reported this.

On March 20, operatives of the regional police headquarters, with the support of special forces Cord, detained collaborators of the occupiers.

5 migrants from Kharkiv region settled in Haisyn district and were constantly in touch with Russian military, passing on the collected information.

Computer equipment, communication tools, and other devices for sending information have been seized from the detained.

Men are handed over to the relevant special services.



⚡️President Zelensky stated that he spoke with Pope Francis and thanked him for his mediating role in relations with Russia.



The Counter Disinformation Center at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reports: Russian propaganda continues to use "Western experts" in information war.

❗️ From March 15 to 21, Russian media publish a "map of achievements" of Russian occupiers in Ukraine, without changing the data in it. In connection with this, even some Russian experts openly express dissatisfaction with the pace of the "special operation" in the territory of Ukraine.

Be careful!

👉To spread misinformation, the Kremlin uses recruited agents who work on a global audience posing as "American experts"

👉One of them is presented in Russian media as a retired intelligence officer of the US Marine CorpsScott Ritter.

👉This "American expert" is currently advancing towards the western audienceRussian narrativeabout that the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine are an example of military art, and supposedly NATO bases are located on the territory of our state.

❗️Remember that all information, even published in Western media, requires careful verification!


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the total losses of the Russian army during the invasion of Ukraine as of March 22.

Losses in manpower amounted to 15.3 thousand people. Losses in equipment:

- Tanks - 509 units.

- BBM - 1556 units.

- Artillery/MLRS - 252/80 units.

- Air defense - 45 units.

- Aircraft/Helicopters - 99/123 units.

- Drones - 35 units.

- Automotive equipment/Tankers with flammable - 1000/70 units.

- Ships/Boats - 3 units.

- Special equipment - 15 units.

The Russian side continues to remain silent about its losses. The latest data on losses were officially announced on March 2, when it was stated that there were only 498 dead (the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at that time was talking about 6000 killed Russian soldiers). And there was also the story that was published yesterday in "Komsomolskaya Pravda", which appeared, but then was edited. It was said there that the Russian Armed Forces lost 9861 people killed and 16153 people were injured.

In general, the disposal of Russian biowaste and different equipment continues in Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!



🕵🏻‍♂️In the Prosecutor General's Office, there are several operational versions of where Viktor Medvedchuk may be hiding - they are all being worked out. At the same time, the Prosecutor General's Office does not have official data on Medvedchuk's crossing the state border.



Gordon reacted to the criminal case against him in Russia.



Oriflame stops investing in Russiaand the sale of their products online for unregistered buyers.



🇺🇦 Today, the Ukrainian anthem is heard in the Council of Europe. This is the first time in history.



👌 Russian tanker brought a tank to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and surrendered. For this, after the war, he will receive $10,000 and the opportunity to apply for citizenship.

About this told an advisor to the Minister of the Interior. "It turned out that he was the only one left from the tank crew, the rest ran home. He saw no point in fighting. He couldn't go home because the commander said he would be shot and written off as combat losses. Misha said there was practically no food left, the military command is chaotic and practically absent. The demoralization is colossal."



🤦‍♀️ - FacepalmLDPR (Zhirinovsky's party) said they found a trace of Kyiv in creating the coronavirus.

Deputies suggest filing a lawsuit against Ukraine for compensation for the damage caused to the global economy by the pandemic.



Volyn region! Khmelnytsky region! Ivano-Frankivsk region! Rivne region! Alarm!



Operational information as of 12.00 22.03.2022 regarding Russian invasion

The twenty-seventh day of heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to Russian military invasion continues.

The enemy continues to conduct full-scale armed aggression against our State. The tasks defined by the criminal military-political leadership of Russia given to the grouping of occupation forces of the armed forces of the Russian Federation remain unfulfilled.

Due to the lack of success in the ground phase of the operation, the enemy continues to actively launch missile and bomb strikes on important objects of military and civilian infrastructure using operational-tactical aviation, precision missile weapons and non-selective ammunition.

The enemy is trying to form and move reserves to the borders of Ukraine. According to available information, in the permanent deployment point of the 200th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Northern Fleet (Pechenga settlement), a combined unit of servicemen from several military units is being formed.

Due to unsatisfactory staffing levels of personnel fighters in the 1st army corps in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region, representatives of the Russian Federation continue active measures for forced mobilization of the local population in the cities of Horlivka, Yenakiieve and adjacent settlements. After completing a quick training course, the occupiers plan to reinforce the aforementioned personnel units, which suffered heavy losses near Avdiivka and Izyum.

There is no indication of active enemy offensive actions in the Polissya direction. Troops are regrouping, consolidating on captured positions, and providing logistical support.

On the Siversky direction, individual units of the Central Military District continue to regroup and concentrate forces and means to resume offensive actions.

Heading towards Chernihiv, the enemy is not conducting active offensive actions, continuing shelling of positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the city of Chernihiv. No changes in the composition of forces and the nature of actions of the grouping of occupation forces have been noted.

The enemy continues to regroup in the direction of Brovary in order to resume offensive actions. Logistics support of units and engineering equipment of occupied positions continues.

On the Slobodian direction, units of the Western Military District did not conduct active offensive actions. In the directions of Kharkiv and Izyum, the enemy is trying to restore combat effectiveness by mobilizing units from the Baltic and Northern fleets. Mass artillery shelling of Kharkiv continues.

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy concentrated its main efforts on capturing the cities of Rubizhne, Severodonetsk, Popasna, Vuhledar and Mariupol.

In the area of the settlement Kremenna, the enemy did not conduct active actions. The forces of the units of the 2nd AK continue to consolidate in the area of the settlement Pshenychnoe.

In the area of the settlement Yampil, a separate unit of the 150th Motorized Rifle Division, the enemy was exerting fire impact on our units in order to secure further advance towards the settlement of Torske. He did not succeed.

In the direction of Donetsk - Maryinka, an attempt to advance was made. Without success, suffered significant losses, retreated.

Russian occupiers are trying to conduct artillery shelling and assault actions in the city of Mariupol.

In the Tavriysk direction, there are no changes in the composition and position of the enemy. In the Kherson region, in the areas of the settlements Kalanchak, Radensk, Brylivka and Tarasivka, "Rosgvardia" units conducted filtration measures to search for places where small arms are stored.

On the Southern direction, the enemy attempted to carry out assault actions near the village of Oleksandrivka with a certain grouping, but was unsuccessful. In the vicinity of the village of Bereznuvate, the enemy conducted reconnaissance by combat, suffered losses, and retreated.

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Keep calm! Ukraine rests on our shoulders! Glory to Ukraine!




Dear Italians! Just over a week ago, I addressed a rally in Florence and in dozens of other European cities, asking you, all Europeans, to remember the number 79. That was the number of children killed in Ukraine at that time. Now it's 117. Another 38 children in these days. Such is the price of procrastination. Procrastination with pressure on Russia to stop this cruel war.



Occupants flee and leave equipment in the woods...



⚡️The government of Latvia plans to ban Russian ships from entering its ports. Lithuania and neighboring countries may join this decision.



🤡 In Rostov-on-Don, schoolchildren are forced to supply soldiers of the "second army of the world" with condensed milk, socks, and sucking candy.



‼️ Through the marriage of reserves in the Russian Federation, debtors and alimony payers are mobilized, - GUR MOU



Childhood in the Kyiv metro, which residents use as a shelter

Video: Pavel Suslyakov

Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu has dismissed the commander of the 6th combined arms army of the aggressor state Vladislav Yershov. It is noted that he is currently under house arrest.

RBC-Ukraine reports this with reference to the journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk on Facebook.

It is noted that Ershov is under investigation due to the large losses of personnel in Ukraine.

According to preliminary data, only in the 6th army, 2 thousand military personnel were missing. Of them - about 180 people - conscripts.

It is known that General Eroshov is currently under house arrest. Proceedings have already been opened against him.



💪 12,400 visas have already been issued to Ukrainian refugees in Great Britain.With these visas, you can stay in the country for three years, as well as work and study.



🤝 Kuleba discussed Ukraine's cooperation with Morocco.



🤬 In Severodonetsk, Russian troops opened fire on a children's hospital, causing a fire - rescuers evacuated 22 people, including 7 young patients.

Over the past day, in Kyiv, over a hundred saboteurs have been detained, many of whom are Belarusians who disguised themselves as "escapees from the Lukashenko regime".

Reportedly, even our media workers are among them...

Why am I NOT surprised at all?

I immediately said that there could be sleeper agents among the real fugitives... And then we found out about the hanging of Vitaly Shishov, who was involved in infiltrating Belarusians here...

Well, it will be very interesting to find out who worked in the media... VERY interesting!



❗️Russia shelled Avdiivka with new Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system shells.There are dead and injured among the civilian population. At least 15 houses have been destroyed, as well as the school building that had just been restored.

We will win. I am sure of it. I am also sure that after this war we will cleanse the power and law enforcement structures from all kinds of racist agents, corrupt scum, and pseudo-patriots. The war has changed a lot in our lives. And it will change much more. I believe in it. It will be so!



‼️In Vinnytsia region, a Russian Iskander ballistic missile was shot down,reportedHead of Vinnytsia Regional Department of Internal Affairs Sergei Borzov.



🚨 Dnipropetrovsk region, Kryvyi Rih, alarm!



⚖️ In Russia, Alexei Navalny was sentenced to 9 years in a strict regime colony in a case of fraud and contempt of court.



500 thousand Ukrainian refugees in Poland have psychological problems - WHO



❗️Journalist Max Levin disappeared on the front line near Kyiv.

He last contacted more than a week ago, on March 13, in Vyshhorod district, said his friend and colleague Markiyan Lyseyko.

In the place where Max Levin was supposed to work that day, intensive combat actions began.



The head of Vitol warns of a possible shortage of diesel fuel in Europe due to supply disruptions from Russia. However, gaps will try to be filled by deliveries from the Middle East, India, and the USA.



❗️Lawyers of Navalny were detained near the entrance to the colony and put in a police van.



"I want to tell President Zelensky that Italy is on Ukraine's side in this process. Italy wants to see Ukraine in the EU," - Reuters quotes the head of the Italian government Mario Draghi.



‼️Kharkiv region! Alarm!



Vinnitsa region! Alarm!



💰The Bureau of Economic Security has initiated the nationalization of 29 Russian tank cars for transporting fuel and lubricants for 35 million hryvnias belonging to one of the Russian enterprises.



Volyn region!

‼️ Cherkasy region!

‼️Khmelnytskyi region!

‼️ Ivano-Frankivsk region!

Lviv region!

‼️Odesa region!

Kirovohrad and region!




🚨In many areas, an air alarm is sounding! Follow updates from local authorities..



The situation regarding the Russian invasion - briefing of the advisor to the head of the Office of the President Oleksiy Arestovych (22.03.2022 - the day).#stoprussia

Just don't laugh. In the Ebanarium, it was decided that the LDPR clowns could voice another nonsense about Ukraine. So now we are accused of creating the coronavirus. Funny, bastards. In general, such a country - such news.

🔴 Under Kyiv disappeared famous photojournalist Max Levin. He was on the front line.

On the front line near Kyiv, photojournalist Max Levin disappeared, he was in a combat zone with a camera, told the photographer's friend Markian Lysenko.

🔻 Maxim Levin went to photograph the fighting on his own car on March 13. He left the car near the village of Huta Mezhyhirsk and went towards the village of Moshun. A message from the photojournalist's phone came at 11:23, after which he did not contact or appear online.

🔻 In the area where he was supposed to work, intense fighting broke out, during which Maxim Levin could get wounded or captured by the occupiers.

🔻 Levin collaborated with the agencies Reuters, BBC, TRT World, Associated, Public. His photos were published in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, TIME, Breaking News Poland, EU AGENDA, World News, ELLE, TV-24, Radio Bulgaria, and others.




🤦‍♀️ Unknown persons who managed to speak with the British Defense Minister on behalf of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, turned out to be Russian pranksters.

In a conversation with the minister, they said that Ukraine allegedly wants to continue its nuclear program allegedly to protect against Russia, and asks for support.

March 22nd. I will remember this, you creatures, all my life. And my children will remember. And grandchildren. And great-grandchildren. And none of us will forgive you, scumbags.

Sense of humor is normal for us. ))



The armed forces of the Russian Federation shelled Brovary - an investigation has been launched

The procedural guidance in criminal proceedings for the violation of laws and customs of war (art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) is carried out by the Brovary district prosecutor's office.

According to the investigation, on March 22, 2022, the armed forces of the Russian Federation carried out an artillery shelling of the city of Brovary in the Kyiv region. The shell hit the territory of one of the plants, damaging 7 buses and utility buildings, the Prosecutor General's Office reports.

According to preliminary data, there are no victims.


Western film companies have stopped giving Russia their new releases for distribution. Now in Russia there are only old movies. But with new advertising trailers. Ebanarium. ))

Several Russian missiles were shot down by the Ukrainian air defense system.

I assume that Western aid is in action.



Here is what remains of the apartment of 95-year-old Kharkiv resident Viktor Romanchenko, killed by Russian occupiers. A person who survived three concentration camps was killed by new fascists.



In Ternopil, among the sirens of alarm, such magical songs are sung.

📹 Natalia Koltun



🇫🇷ParisappropriatedThe honorary citizen status of Kyiv.

The Paris City Hall has granted such status to the city for the first time.



❗️Ukrainian video game developer Frag Labcollects fundsto help Ukrainian soldiers.

Thanks to donations, we have already managed to purchase two drones.

The metro in Kyiv used to be perceived exclusively as a means of transportation. Now, however, it is seen as the main bomb shelter. And the kids who hide here from Russian bombs, come up with games that are suitable for wartime.



⚡️The invaders released journalist Viktoria Roshchina from captivity.

She is heading to Zaporizhzhia, where her relatives are waiting for her.

Chernobaevka. 8th time. This is from the series Can we repeat?

Incurable. Will it be ten?



The warehouse of the "Farmak" plant in Kyiv region is fullyburnedthrough enemy shelling

The company suffered losses of approximately 1.5 billion hryvnias.



🇪🇺European Unionvotedfor Ukraine's joining the common linguistic space

New masterpiece from Dmitry Kovalenko.



🇵🇱Poland proposed to exclude Russia from the G20.

In Sumy region, fascists shot pensioners who were riding bicycles. As a result, a woman died from wounds, and a man was hospitalized.



🔎 Google began evacuation from the country of employees of the Russian office, - Bloomberg.

I read the full text of the interview with Volodymyr Zelensky to three public speakers.

And I have to say that it looks much more adequate than the news of yesterday's referendum that preceded its publication.

Therefore, the question is: who launched it???



💻 Anonymous has published data of the Swiss company Nestle, which continues to operate in Russia.



😡In Severodonetsk, the occupiers opened fire on the children's hospital. As a result of the shelling, the roof caught fire.

Rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine evacuated to a safe place 7 children and 15 adults, 8 of whom are doctors.



Kramatorsk under fire!



💪Ukrainian soldiers from the 80th separate airborne assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Mykolaiv region recorded and destroyed with a shot from the Igla MANPADS a Russian cruise missile flying towards Kropyvnytskyi.

Actress Maria Mashkova, living in the USA, daughter of actor and State Duma deputy Vladimir Mashkov, said in an interview with CNN:

What is happening right now is simply unimaginable. And the fact that so many Russians, including my father, believe that this violence is somehow justified, breaks my heart. But, of course, this cannot be compared to what the Ukrainian people are experiencing right now, dying.

I spoke with my father on the phone yesterday, and now I believe that Russians may not know about all the suffering that the actions of Russian troops bring to Ukrainians. Unfortunately. I said that I am going to an interview with CNN and asked if I can say here what he told me. He said: - Yes. And he asked me to return to Russia immediately with my daughters to be a good Russian, to ask for forgiveness for betrayal, to be with the Russian people, with my nation in the fight against Ukrainian Nazism.

Yes, Mashkov is a typical brainwashed Russian nationalist. And, as is customary for a nationalist, he is ready to sacrifice his daughter to Putin and his ideas. Fucked up. And their country is the same. Fucked up.



🇺🇸USA forbade any actions related to servicing of Russian aircraft, including even their refuelling.



Belarus may soon join Russia's war against Ukraine, - CNN.



❗️ Ukrainian air defense shot down an enemy drone and two Russian fighter planes on the Slobozhansky direction, - Eastern Air Command.



Three Russian teams are excluded from the Euroleague basketball competition in the 2021/22 season.



⚡️At 16:45 in the area of ​​the Neptune pool, our defenders shot down one of the Russian occupiers' planes that had been destroying our city for the past few weeks.Mariupol City Council.



On air, Al Jazeera called on the countries of the Persian Gulf to increase oil supplies to the world market instead of Russian.

Emphasized the need to immediately impose an oil embargo against Russia as an aggressor state. The sooner Russian invasion of Ukraine is stopped, the lower the global risks of a food crisis will be.

CNN, citing unnamed NATO officials, writes that Belarus may soon openly join the war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine.

According to sources, Belarus is already taking steps to participate in a full-scale invasion. It is noted that the final decision on Belarus' participation in the war still needs to be made in the Russian Federation. Involving Belarus is necessary to "try to block the military assistance from NATO, which is coming into Ukraine from its western border."

In fact, Belarusian soldiers and officers will decide whether to live or start a war with us and die for Putin. We did not plan to fight with Belarusians, but we will kill any occupiers, regardless of nationality. The choice is for Belarusians. We have made our choice. This is proven by 15,000 dead Russians.



📺 Russian propaganda as it is.

Kremlin propagandists have been threatening NATO and the USA for years, outlining plans to divide Poland and attack the Baltic countries.



In Pavlograd in Dnipropetrovs'k region, Russian occupants destroyed the railway station Pavlograd-2 with a missile strike, announced the head of Dnipropetrovs'k regional military administration Valentyn Reznichenko.

Destroyed railway tracks and rails, 15 freight wagons derailed. One person died.

Movement through the station has been stopped for an indefinite amount of time.



🧯We continue to bring the truth about the war in Ukraine through TikTok. This time at the initiative of the USA. Let the spark keeps burning!



🚀British company OneWebrefusedto cooperate with "Roscosmos", instead the company signed an agreement with SpaceX.



As a result of enemy shelling in the Obolonsky district of Kyiv, 1 person was killed and 3 were wounded.

In the contest for the most fantastic fool, a contender for the second place appeared. Why not the first? Because there was still the option of North Korea. But still, it's very funny.

Belarus granted refugee status to Evan Newman. He participated in the storming of the Capitol.

Evan illegally entered Belarus from Ukraine - according to him, he fled because he noticed he was being followed. After crossing the border, Newman immediately applied for refugee status.

"In Belarus, I feel safe. I am calm, I like the country. Today I have mixed feelings. I am happy because Belarus showed concern about me. I am upset because I found myself in a situation where problems arose in my native country," Evan said.

Aaaaaa! Facebook equated dead rusnya, in my post, to the coronavirus. Well, in general, everything is logical. From rusnya one harm, like from the coronavirus.

This is probably the news of the day. Bloomberg reports that Google is evacuating employees from its Moscow office. The company does not rule out that claims against YouTube could lead to Google ceasing operations in Russia.

Next on Yandex, Russian. ))

Musical interlude. Premiere from Kobzon's concert.

If someone wants to write that this is an exaggeration, then go to Mariupol and sit there for a day under the bombs. Then we'll see what you sing.



The second army in the world in the Kherson region - a Chinese wheelchair with a Maxim machine gun.

Okay, the Russians are coming. By express procedure.



🇧🇾In Vitebsk, local residents recorded a column of armored vehicles moving through the city under Belarusian flags.



❗️Air raid alert in Kyiv and Vinnytsia region.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation launched a criminal case against journalist Alexander Nevzorov.

If a person in the fascist Reich does not have a criminal case, then one should look closely at him and understand what is wrong with him.

Oh! Can't be? Or can it? How confusing. Yes? ))

As I predicted, after analyzing the situation and all of China's interests, it was decided in Beijing not to help Russia and to use this situation to improve relations with the USA and for the purchase of cheapening state energy-generating and industrial companies. China will not get involved in Putin's affair because it will lose more than it will gain.

Biden's national security assistant Jake Sullivan: The United States currently does not see any evidence of China providing any military assistance to Russia in light of the events in Ukraine. But they also do not know how the situation will further develop.



In the capital, the performance of planned operations is being resumed, - KSCA.

- The special military operation in Ukraine is being carried out precisely in accordance with pre-established plans and tasks, nobody from the very beginning thought that the operation would take a couple of days, - said Putin's press secretary, Peskov.

Well, if the goal of the special operation was to lose 15,000 people, 100 airplanes, more than 500 tanks, and bomb the civilian population of Mariupol, Kharkov, and Chernigov in a month, then the goal is achieved. But we understand that Peskov crudely lies and simply justifies himself. But it seems that Yanukovych has been put back in mothballs again. And he wanted so much to say that he is legitimate again. But it's not meant to be. Let him sit in Russia. We'll deal with him later.

This is terrible. This is done by a scum.

According to CNN, the Pentagon believes that Ukrainian forces are capable of reclaiming the territories captured by Russian occupiers.

Of course able. And of course we will return.



🇮🇱🇺🇦 Israeli field hospital started its work in Ukraine.

Hospital, deployed in western Ukraine, will provide assistance primarily to internally displaced persons, women and children who have suffered as a result of the war initiated by Russia in Ukraine.

A group of 60 Israeli medical workers representing medical institutions from across Israel has already started working.

All, as I predicted. The Taliban are getting more active. And then the Caucasus will flare up.

This is the best for today. ))

Everything is said correctly. But Russians do not understand this today. But they will soon understand.



The USA strengthens sanctions against Russia this Thursday, - CNN.

The office of the President’s chief of staff Andriy Yermak spoke at the London-based Chatham House analytical center, stating that Ukraine needs offensive weapons, medium-range missiles, and lend-lease to resist in the war with Russia.

Source: Telegram channel Yermak

Yermak? Spoke at Chatham House? Stated that Ukraine needs medium-range missiles? Now we definitely won't get anything. Although, if the British have already made a decision to transfer missiles to us, then this is just Yermak's attempt to attach himself to this story, to take credit for it. Especially considering that this news comes from Yermak's own channel. But knowing the British attitude towards Yermak, they will send him after the Russian military ship and will not give him anything upon his request.



In the Kharkiv metro, children sing the anthem of Ukraine.

📹Serhiy Zhadan

Russians steal everything - territories, ideas, names and technologies. Nothing of their own. Now they have started stealing articles in the press. Literally. This is an Israeli newspaper Vesti, which is banned in the Russian Federation. And this is Komsomolskaya Pravda and a stolen article from Vesti. In general, the Russian people do not change. They steal everything they can reach.

Phew! Finally the Satanists are reached. So soon it will be the turn of the reptiloids and the Masons. But for now, let the Jews prepare. They will be blamed by the Kremlin anyway.

According to the Pentagon, Russia has fired approximately 1100 missiles of various calibers into Ukraine since the start of the full-scale invasion.

I believe in karma. It will come back. Maybe only one thing. But to everyone at once.



Zelensky will participate in the NATO leaders summit via video link.

Madonna with a baby in the Kyiv metro. One photo that inspired the artist to create luxurious art.



Irina Vereshchuk talks about the results of the humanitarian corridors' work on March 22.



😡 In Kherson region, the elder of Stara Zburivka Myronyuk Viktor Vasilovich was kidnapped.



Dmitry Kiselyov and Olga Skabeeva were declared suspects, - Prosecutor General's Office.



🇬🇷The head of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to personally accompany the humanitarian mission to Mariupol.



On March 22, more than 7,000 people left Mariupol via humanitarian corridors, - Office of the President.



We will work, we will fight as much as we can. Until the end. Brave and openly. In all areas. With full energy. For the result. With all our might. And we will not get tired. We will rest when we win.



📄 To arrange humanitarian cargo at the borderneededonly a declaration.



🙏🏻During the day, almost 8,000 more people were evacuated from Mariupol.

In the city, under constant shelling, about 100,000 Mariupol residents remain in a humanitarian catastrophe.



In Brovary district in Kyiv region they record cases of rape by occupiers.



❗️Yesterday, the occupiers struck the military infrastructure object three times in Rivne region.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces shot down a Russian drone and missile, announced the head of the OVA Koval.



⚡️Due to the lack of success in the war with the Ukrainian people, the enemy has resorted to the total destruction of critical infrastructure objects. Operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 24:00 22.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion.

▪️The enemy carries out artillery shelling and missile and bomb attacks on residential quarters of settlements, historical architectural monuments, schools, hospitals, and civilian industrial enterprises.

In cities and villages that offer peaceful resistance to the occupiers' troops, they resort to looting and violence against the civilian population.

▪️Armed Forces of Ukraine in close interaction with other components of Defense Forces continue to hold occupied positions, conduct enemy reconnaissance in all directions of its advance, and inflict fire damage on it with available forces and means.

▪️ In the Donetsk and Luhansk directions, the enemy tried to advance and consolidate, but did not succeed.

▪️The military-political leadership of Belarus continues to provide comprehensive support to the enemy's troops in the use of airfield and transportation networks, individual healthcare facilities, and is an accomplice to crimes against the Ukrainian people.

▪️There is a possibility of involving the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus in the war against Ukraine on the side of the Russian Federation. However, according to available information, a large number of personnel and some commanders are refusing to participate in occupation actions against Our State.

▪️Ukrainian defenders repelled 7 enemy attacks and destroyed 7 tanks, 2 BMPs, 6 artillery systems, and several vehicles, captured 3 BMP-3s. Air targets of the enemy were hit by air defense units, specifically 2 UAVs, 4 aircraft, and a "Tochka-U" missile.

▪️Losses of the enemy personnel amounted to about 100 individuals (the losses of the occupiers are being clarified).

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Keep calm! Glory to Ukraine!



‼️Russian occupiers captured drivers and employees of the State Emergency Service, who escorted a humanitarian convoy from Mariupol to the villages of Nikolske and Melekino on March 23.



❗️In Trostyanets, Sumy region, a massive fire broke out - they cannot extinguish it due to shelling and street battles, said the head of the Sumy Regional State Administration Dmitry Zhyvitsky.