Feb 27, 2022 - Day 4

General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informs:


And this is only the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

More details: The anti-aircraft defense of the Air Force continues to inflict significant losses on the occupiers' aviation, armored vehicles, and enemy personnel.

During the current day, Russian occupation forces have lost at least 11 helicopters of various types, three Su-30 SM fighter jets, 2 Su-25 attack aircraft, and one military transport Il-76 MD with enemy paratroopers.

The enemy destroyed equipment: Su-27 fighters, combat crews of S-300 and Buk M-1 anti-aircraft missile systems.

The frontline bomber of the Ukrainian Air Force Su-24M destroyed a column of 20 military vehicles in one strike.

The crew of the Bayraktar TB-2 unmanned aviation complex performed brilliantly, destroying an entire train carrying fuel and lubricants.

Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Death to enemies!

⚡️In Kharkiv, Russian scum blew up the gas pipeline.

✅ DRG in the city are being destroyed quickly. Just a little more - and they will stop crawling.

Rockets in the ORS should start to run out. And airstrikes - they are casualties and downed planes, because they failed to knock out our air defense system.

Under Kiev, there is a significant grouping from the north and northwest. But soon this place may become a trap for them.

Kiev cannot be surrounded, it's tough to storm.

Kyiv quickly increases the number of public transport routes, with more people wanting them than the capacity to accommodate.

A few more days to hold out, until the remnants of rockets are exhausted and supply problems start. And to put in order everything we can. Putin has already thrown almost everything that was on our borders. You see the result. Something went wrong for him.


Victor Tregubov, Democratic Sokyra.

Russian Lieutenant Colonel to Russian soldiers:

In order to avoid meeting you in zinc coffins - assemble weapons.

Lieutenant Colonel Astakhov of the Russian Guard appealed to the army and Russian Guard to lay down their weapons and stop the destruction of civilian population.

UPD. DSNS says that the hit was on the fence, no depressurization occurred.


The RF shells hit the burial site of radioactive waste of the Kyiv branch of "Radon Union".

Currently, it is not possible to assess the scale of the destruction.

According to the preliminary assessment outside the sanitary protection zone, there is no threat to the population.

State Inspection of Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine

The battle for the airport continues, so the Regional State Emergency Service cannot begin extinguishing. Currently, it has been possible to cut off the gas supply. Oleksiy Kuleba, Head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration.

💪37,000 Ukrainians have already joined the territorial defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!!

Source: Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Thank you for the reliable shoulder! Together to Victory!

⚠️The enemy continues to attack the homes of innocent civilians.

Source: State Emergency Service of Ukraine

In Kharkiv, a shell hit a 9-storey building, a woman died, rescuers evacuated 20 people.

As a result, the bearing wall of the stairwell and the stair steps are destroyed.

In the basement of the house, about 60 people hid from the shelling. None of them were injured.

Elon Musk openly mocks Dmitry Rogozin, the CEO of "Roscosmos".

And, as always, a masterpiece from Bogdan Protsyshyn.

One more lost one. ))

Thank you, Estonia, for such support! Tallinn hasn't seen such a crowded rally for a long time. I am proud that in the previous parliamentary convocation, I was the head of the group of inter-parliamentary relations with Estonia. I am also proud that together with the Ambassador of Estonia to Ukraine, Gert Antsu, we implemented such an information policy that allowed us to bring our countries even closer. This support also owes a great debt to Ukraine's great friend, the late General Johannes Kert. Overall, I am overwhelmed with pleasant emotions.

Kyiv stood strong. DRGs in the city are rapidly being destroyed. Just a little more - and they will stop crawling.

Rocket attacks in the LPR must start to end. And airstrikes are just casualties and downed planes because they failed to knock out our air defense.

Near Chernihiv, a fuel train was destroyed - they say Bayraktar did the job. Therefore, the enemy will not be able to advance from the side of the NAF.

Significant grouping is forming north and northwest of Kyiv. But soon, this place can become a trap for them. They cannot surround Kyiv, it is difficult to storm.

Kyiv quickly increases the number of public transport vehicles, more than the possibilities to utilize them.

Kherson was captured. In the East, they are holding on, the toughest seems to be near Volnovakha, it has changed hands twice.

The most difficult situation in the south. The separatists control part of the Kherson region, they are in Zaporizhia, they are trying to break through to Mariupol bypassing the cities.

International support is incredible. Today, the West believed that we can win in this war. Sanctions against Russia are following the toughest scenario.

Hold on for a few more days until the remnants of the rockets run out and supply problems begin. And let's mobilize everything we can. Putin has already thrown almost everything that was on our borders. You can see the result. Something went wrong for him. (c) Victor Tregubov

Writes famous Russian economist Vladislav Inozemtsev:

What happened in the last twenty-four hours has changed the Russian economic reality. On Monday, the country will wake up in a different world than the one people left on Friday. I'm not trying to exaggerate, but the sanctions imposed in the evening of the 25th and throughout the day on the 26th of February will hit critically important elements of the Russian economy. And it's not about the fact that the US and the G7 countries will start hunting for the assets of Kremlin-affiliated oligarchs and their family members - this will change little, as these people have long lost or never had any influence on V. Putin - but rather about the fact that operations with assets of the Central Bank of Russia (in other words, its famous gold and currency reserves, which are among the largest in the world) will be restricted, a number of banks will be disconnected from the SWIFT system, and the Russian aviation industry will lose its international network in a matter of days and a significant number of aircraft leased from European companies within a few weeks.

Yes, we've heard many times that Russia's reserve assets have been "de-dollarized," but that's not the problem. It is believed that about 17% of the reserves are currently held in dollars, but the problem lies more in the fact that at least $450 billion out of $643 billion are assets placed in securities of foreign issuers or deposits in foreign banks. If all G7 countries limit the possibility of their use, it can be considered that these assets are immobilized regardless of the currency they are denominated in.

Yes, the Central Bank of Russia has cash reserves of at least 30-35 billion dollars and almost 140 billion dollars of monetary gold - but it's unclear how they can be used in non-cash payments. At the same time, the population's deposits amount to about 30 trillion rubles, or about a fifth of them (6 trillion, or 80 billion dollars at the long outdated Friday exchange rate) - these are currency deposits. Citizens (hopefully) will be able to withdraw them (taking into account cash availability in banks and possible support from the Central Bank of Russia). However, it is unclear what will happen to corporate currency accounts.

Moreover, it is unclear whether the Bank of Russia will be able to conduct currency interventions to maintain the value of the ruble (we are specifically indebted to them for keeping the exchange rate within "acceptable" limits on February 24). Selling monetary gold under sanctions is an extremely difficult task: one should ask the employees of the Bank of Venezuela who tried to sell a significant batch of it in 2019. At that time, the bullion had to be transported to Uganda, from where, apparently, it made its way to the basements of the Bank of Turkey after melting (I would like to note that only 2 tons of gold traveled this way, while Russia has over 2,000 tons). Furthermore, it is unclear where the payment for the metal can be received in case of account blocking. In any case, I repeat: the coming Monday morning will be more challenging for Russia's finances than the morning of August 17, 1998.

However, the problem will not only be in the ruble exchange rate or the stock market panic. The reverse side of sanctions of all kinds (from financial to transportation, not to mention the moral condemnation of Kremlin aggression) will be a rapid disruption of supply chains to Russia. No matter how insignificant our import may seem, it has hundreds and thousands of points that will be very painful to hit. In import substitution over the past eight years, we have not made much progress, so the problems will be quite significant - and price increases for some items (primarily intermediate ones) will be measured not in percentages, but in multiples.

The closure of the airspace over all of Europe and North America for Russian airplanes, and the reciprocal symmetric sanctions, will only be the icing on this beautiful cake.

Just yesterday I wrote that Russia can quite sustainably survive sanctions against leading banks and even restrictions on SWIFT (which, as expected, will also affect not all financial institutions). But with the appearance of the Bank of Russia in the list of sanctions, everything has changed significantly. Russia will inevitably face a significant economic downturn this year, and the level of inflation is currently difficult to predict.

It is very sad to realize that all of this will become the price of Vladimir Putin's cannibalistic desire to destroy the sovereignty of Ukraine and make it a part of the "Russian world". Ukraine will stand strong, but the cost that Russia will pay for its attempt to conquer it will be enormous.

The last thing I want to say right now: The West, of course, should have been more decisive and imposed all the sanctions directly during the days of the occupation of Crimea. Then there would have been no war in Donbass, no unfortunate victims of MH17, no current shameful page in Russian history. And just maybe, not even V. Putin...

‼️Attention! Enemy missiles hit the nuclear waste burial site!

As reported by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine:

🔺Russia bombarded Kyiv with all available types of air defense and missile weaponry as an aggressor.

🔺Projectiles hit the radioactive waste burial site of the Kyiv branch of the "Radon Association".

🔺Currently, there is no possibility to assess the scale of the destruction.

❇️According to the preliminary assessment of State Housing Regulation, there is no threat to the population outside the sanitary protection zone.

The situation in Kyiv is calm, the Ukrainian army and the territorial defense completely control the capital.

At night there were several clashes with sabotage groups - Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration, Povoroznyk.

With warm regards, Ukrainians bid farewell to the traitor who sold out to the Muscovites. Such scum are worse than the occupiers.

In Kiev, on February 26th, a diversionary unit of the occupying Russian forces shot at a car with two adults and three children inside.

A tragedy occurred on Elena Teliga Street. Bullets from Russian enemies took the lives of fourth-grade student Polina and her parents. Doctors are desperately fighting for the lives of two more children. The children are hospitalized in critical condition.

The sister of the deceased girl is in intensive care at Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 17 with a serious gunshot wound. The brother of the deceased child is at Okhmatdyt.

You can help children by transferring money to the school card, where the parents of classmates collect funds for the treatment of orphaned children: 4149 4390 4739 5375.

Google suspends monetization on its platforms for Russian state-funded media. Previously, YouTube banned the possibility of monetization for Russian propaganda resources.

In St. Petersburg, after analyzing the imposed sanctions, the financial director of Gazprom ended his life by suicide.


What people!

Topaz was caught looting in Kharkiv.

Now he can simply be killed and according to the laws of war, whoever does this will NOT get anything!

Occupant who got lucky. Very lucky. Because he is the only one who survived after encountering the SPU.

It became known that in the Belgorod region, which borders Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Sumy regions, a real mutiny occurred among the servicemen of the Russian Federation. In fact, around 5,000 contract soldiers, who were urgently gathered to be sent to Ukraine, refused to go and fight for Putin on the territory of our state.

Formally refusing to participate in hostilities in Ukraine, the rebellious contractors argue that it is not stipulated in their contracts. And they show by this that they won't be sent to Ukraine now. Their contract does not specify the condition that they will fight in Ukraine.

And the real reason that forces Russian military personnel to risk even criminal prosecution by the authorities is fear. Occupying army servicemen are genuinely shocked by the professionalism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the immense damage to equipment and personnel that Ukrainian soldiers have already inflicted on the Russian Armed Forces and other military units that Russia has sent to Ukraine. The information about the destruction of the Kadyrovites and Kadyrov's General Magomed Tushaev, the leader of the 141st Motorized Regiment of the National Guard of Chechnya, dealt a particularly strong blow to the morale. They are feared in Russia. In Ukraine, however, these scumbags were crushed by the Alpha Special Forces of the SBU and the National Guard. Now a strong process of demoralization has begun among Russian military personnel.

After all, despite the fact that the official military-political leadership of the Russian Federation claims that Russia is not incurring any losses in Ukraine and that not a single Russian soldier has died on Ukrainian soil, and despite the fact that any real data about what is happening in Ukraine is maximally blocked in Russia - information still leaks through the barriers of information blockade. Including through social networks. And these same contract soldiers find out that more than 3.5 thousand soldiers have already been killed in less than three days of combat actions on Ukrainian territory, a huge amount of aviation and military equipment, including tanks, has been destroyed.

And the fact that Russian armored vehicles turned out to be defenseless not only against the Armed Forces of Ukraine but also against ordinary Ukrainians, who started burning the occupiers' armored personnel carriers with Molotov cocktails, does not add optimism to the Russians.

But generally speaking, we recommend all Russian military personnel to follow the example of these mercenaries. After all, it's better to spend several years behind bars than eternally in the ground. In our Ukrainian land. Because the Kremlin doesn't retrieve the bodies of its own soldiers. Because they're not here.

Kharkiv. One of the residential areas of the city. "We do not shoot at the civilian population," they said. But these photos speak more eloquently.

Minus DRG is a plus for Ukraine!

"I monitor Russian media to see their reaction to the imposition of sanctions. And I see that they are starting to understand what it entails. They don't fully comprehend it yet, they think they can somehow slip through, but they are beginning to realize. Here is one of the texts: "

The USA demanded that TSMC stop working with customers from Russia – Russian processors such as "Baikal" and "Elbrus" are being produced there, and not only them.

TSMC is one of the largest contract manufacturers of electronics in the world - it collaborates with Apple, AMD, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm, as well as Russian companies "Baikal Electronics," NTC "Module," and MCST (developer of "Elbrus" chips).

According to 3DNews, the Taiwanese manufacturer has informed its Russian partners that it has received a demand from US authorities to stop cooperating with customers from Russia.

In addition to the largest Russian players, smaller developers also collaborate with the Taiwanese contractor: the design center Malt System (operating at MGU) has ordered a batch of processors on its own architecture from TSMC, and the Russian server manufacturer Yadro established the company "Yadro Microprocessors" over a year ago to develop chips based on the open architecture RISC-V and produce them at the same TSMC.

In the Russian government, alternative delivery options were discussed. Taking into account the fact that the majority of electronic components being developed in Russia are based on 22 nm and higher technologies, only a few companies worldwide will be able to handle such orders. Ordering chip production in Russia will have to consider technologies at the level of 130 nm.

However, production restrictions are not the worst case scenario, as existing stocks of local companies will last for one to two years. In a pessimistic scenario, sanctions will affect the import of consumer electronics such as processors, graphics cards, memory cards, and hard drives, and then serious problems will begin as early as next summer - it will be impossible to create impressive reserves of such products.

In Kharkiv, enemy equipment is burning well. Makes you want to sing, "The Russian scum was ablaze, burning!"

And here is the top! Propagandists are writing repentant letters. This is Maria Baronova from Russia Today. This is not some trivial matter! She is a star on RT! She started with Ilya Ponomarev and was his press secretary. This is her as one of Simonyan's deputies on RT. She admitted that the channel is shit and part of the false propaganda. And she started repenting. And how she repents!!! Read it. And the comments. It's fire!


Interception of radio communication from the Russian occupant. They complain that they have been "screwed up". They are requesting help. They need to bring the guy home. In a cellophane package.

This is one of the Israeli Telegram channels. Previously, it used to write neutral things about Russia. Now, the focus has changed. The whole world is turning away from Russia. They are orcs.

The Kremlin bellower starts whining and moves on to the "bargaining" stage. You can watch this endlessly. He's scum. The blood of Ukrainians is on his hands.

Good morning! And why it is good, we will tell you in the next post ⬇️

😕😕😕 Kiev! Sirens!!!

‼️ ALERT! An air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

Please everyone urgently follow up to civilian defense shelter


ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

General Staff, information as of 06:00.

The occupant has reduced the pace of advancement, but still continues to attempt to achieve success in separate directions in the offensive operation against Ukraine.

◾️Column of armored vehicles 🐖🐶 slowed down the pace of advancement deep into Ukraine. The guys ran out of fuel.

◾️ Young conscripts are exhausted from previous training and have low motivation. We are observing desertion and surrender to the enemy.

🔲 The enemy's goal to block Kyiv has failed. Russians are working with the help of sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

🔹Russians launched missiles at an oil base in Vasilkiv and destroyed a gas generator in the city of Kharkiv. Bastards are shooting at residential buildings.

🔥Russian losses🔥

- Over 3000 people are disconnected from SWIFT

- Over 200 - prisoners.

- There are 16 airplanes.

There are 18 helicopters.

- Tanks - 102

BBM of various types over 540 units.

Buk-1 Air Defense Missile System

over 20 units of automotive equipment


🔥Zelensky announced that he is creating the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine.

He will be joined by foreigners who want to fight shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainians against Russians.

As you can see, we are not a selfish nation. We are happy to share Russians with friends from other countries. If you have friends who want to fight, translate this to them.


Stop panicking! ❗️

The operator of the gas transmission system of Ukraine does not confirm any accident on the main gas pipeline in Kharkiv. There is no decrease in pressure. Company employees on the spot are performing their duties and ensuring gas transportation.

Mr. Borislav.

Please, can you publish this text on your page👇🏻 and thus help our compatriots who are looking for temporary shelter? Thank you 🙏🏻

Shelter – a website is operating in Ukraine to search for housing for evacuated Ukrainians.

A website has been launched in Ukraine.


For all citizens of Ukraine who, due to the war, have left their homes and moved to safer places.

People who have agreed to help their fellow countrymen should fill out a form on the website with information about available housing.

Also on the website, you can find information about available temporary shelter if it is needed for you and your family.

In the first 2 days, Ukrainians offered almost 3 thousand places for shelter to their compatriots on the Shelter website.

Please share this message with all your acquaintances and the media in your regions so that as many people as possible can find safe shelter in these difficult times.

🙏 Maximum repost 🙏

Belarus expects no less responsibility than Russia.

The country that promised not to interfere, cynically intruded, giving 🐶🐖 the opportunity to take Chernobyl and advance towards Kyiv.

Belarusians, wake up. You have an opportunity to forever rid yourselves of the mustachioed misunderstanding.

Yuriy Gudymenko: Time works for us.

Reservists OR-1 are returning to their home brigades, the enemy's equipment is being destroyed, logistics as well, and as for the number, I won't even mention it - our guys are working hard, and the flowers that the population rarely sees turned out to be "Peonies". Sanctions are increasing more and more, defense battalions are practically growing into regiments and brigades, weapons are flowing to us, and the anxiety of the population has turned into anger.

Such a month seemed – February.

Every minute, every year gives us strength and takes away the strength of the mad dogs. Every second brings us closer to our victory.

Understand this, stay calm and keep order. Everything will be fine. 😊

Good Sunday

@privatnamemarnyaTranslation: @privatnamemarnya

The glorious warrior from Turkey defeated a fuel convoy from Belarus along with connecting railway tracks. All the enemy's equipment, which is stationed near Kyiv, has nothing to move on. This is one of the key operations and a huge step forward in our victory.

Russians, this is for you, for behaving like trash in Bodrum and Antalya.

💪🇺🇦Cool story, as border guards, police officers, and soldiers intercepted a van with enemies.

Our Defenders have detected suspicious individuals in a Volkswagen minibus. When trying to check the unknown persons, these scoundrels opened fire from another vehicle, a jeep. Our team returned fire in response to the saboteurs, after which the off-road vehicle started to flee.

In the detained minibus, weapons were found (including rifles, grenade launchers), ammunition, mines, and explosives. One of the saboteurs was also detained.

The title "Історія від" translates to "Story from" in English.



You know, when you carry an extra 30 kg in the form of armor, equipment, and weapons, you begin to appreciate even more what our warriors do. And you also understand that when the siren sounds and you're sitting in a bomb shelter, there's a sentry standing up there risking their life to prevent the enemy from approaching. It really bothers me to constantly change locations because I am one of the DRG targets, but I am grateful to every warrior who knocks the nonsense and life out of the "russhist" (Russians). I understand that everything that's happening bothers them even more. After all, each of them risks much more than me. And my heart cries for every fallen one when I see the statistics of our losses and celebrates when the occupiers suffer losses. And what started to make me happy, rather than annoy me as before, is the ton of complaints about me on Facebook. It tells me that I am effective in the information field and that we Ukrainians are clearly winning the information war and not letting the Russians hide the facts of their crimes, defeats, and losses. Let them complain. For me, it's like a reward. My Telegram channel "Berezovyi Sok" has grown from 30,000 to 68,000 subscribers in just a few days. And among these subscribers, there are many Russians who share my posts and break through the block of Russian propaganda. And I'm not alone in this. Together with my colleagues in information technology and friends in Aspen, we beat the "russists" in the information field and communicate closely with Western media. By the way, the former Ukrainian delegation in PACE is now actively working. It seems that there are no former ones. I am pleased that we, forgetting conflicts and personal grievances, all together fight against the occupiers as soon as possible. And of course, I am inspired by the fact that we successfully resist one of the strongest armies in the world and show them that we are not only stronger but also defeat them with skill, not quantity. And the partisans have yet to speak up. By the way, Lukashenko will have to make an effort after everything that's happening. Because we won't forget to thank him either. In any case, victory will be ours!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to our people!

🔥"Soon the scum will have no rockets or food, so we stand," - interim conclusions from Trehubov 🐈

Reading ⬇️

Kyiv held strong. Sabotage and reconnaissance groups (DRG) in the city are being destroyed quickly. Just a little more - and they will stop crawling.

🔵 Missiles in the sky should start to run out. And airstrikes - these are casualties and downed aircraft, because they failed to knock out our air defense system.

▪️Under Chernihiv, a fuel-laden train was destroyed - they say Bayraktar did the job. This means that the offensive from the side of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbas will not be able to advance.

▪️A significant group is forming north and northwest of Kyiv. But soon this place may become a trap for them. They cannot surround Kyiv, it's too difficult to storm.

🔹Kyiv is quickly increasing the number of Public Transportation Options (PTOs), with more people wanting them than there are opportunities to use them.

▪️Kherson has been captured. The situation in the East remains tense, especially near Volnovakha, which has changed hands twice.

▪️The most difficult situation in the south. The RS formations control a part of the Kherson region, they are stationed in Zaporizhia and are pushing towards Mariupol to bypass the cities.

International support is incredible. Today, the West believed that we can win in this war. Sanctions against Russia are following the most difficult scenario.

Just a few more days to hold on until there are no more leftover rockets and supply problems begin. And let's put everything we can into action. Putin has already thrown almost everything we had on the borders. You see the result. Something went wrong for him.

So, our government shows resilience. I am truly grateful to it for that. The war opens eyes, doesn't it?

We stand!

Haters!!! Troieshchyna is being shelled. Fire after rocket explosion. We will return everything. With interest.

Nikolaev center after a night battle. Welcome to hell, fascists. Some bullets won't be needed. Dust doesn't need bullets.

We didn't want war. But bitches came to us. Fascists want to destroy our Ukraine. That's why they will die, and we will win.

In Koryukivka, local residents stopped a column of Russian troops and convinced them to retreat from the city.

The city council informs about this.

"Divination technique stopped at the entrance to Koriukivka and does not continue moving."

People have united and conducted negotiations together with law enforcement officers.

"As of 8:25, the enemy agreed to withdraw," according to the message.

This is a real hero of our time! Bahmach, Chernihiv region. The tank is stopped with bare hands.

Just now, a column of Russian occupiers on "Tigers" was smashed in Kharkiv. The "Tigers" were tamed. The invaders were blinded. Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

In the Sumy region, local residents stopped a T-90 tank using their own efforts, removed the occupant from the tank, tied him up, and took him captive (later handing him over to the Ukrainian Armed Forces).

Our people are amazing!

What the occupiers are doing to Kharkiv, Okhtyrka, Kyiv, Odesa, and other cities and towns deserves an international tribunal.

In Kharkiv, our warriors have cornered the "katsaps" and systematically destroy them.

A friend wrote yesterday. It seems that Kozhugetch purposely didn't plan to provide supplies. They thought, idiots, that in a day they would be dining in Ukrainian restaurants. And on the second day, they realized in the Kremlin that it was a failure, but there was still no point in feeding those potential corpses. Food is not needed for them.

I don't remember if I said it or not, but this mustached bastard, who is willing to suck up to Putin for the sake of his rule. Although he might be doing it now. Not on camera, though. But this old senile person should really step down.

Lukashenko hinted that Belarus may openly support Russia's aggression against Ukraine. Are Belarusians ready for their sons, fathers, husbands, and brothers to come to Minsk, Gomel, Bobruisk, and other places in cellophane bags? Are they ready to die so that Putin and Lukashenko can reign? Well, okay. This is their choice. Although, it's not too late for them to stop the crazy cockroach, Lukashenko. The salvation of Belarusian children is in their own hands.

Ukraine sent a "fuck off" proposal to the Russkies for negotiations in Gomel. There's no point in saying that this proposal could not have been accepted under any circumstances. As they say, "if you have to explain, then you don't have to explain." I can already see the Russkies coming up with explanations as to why Gomel and not, for example, Warsaw. I admit that their explanation might be something like - you've closed the sky for us, so we simply can't fly anywhere. It's unlikely that they'll openly establish a cause-and-effect relationship there, but nevertheless. If you want to talk - we can meet in the south. Baku, Ankara... But it seems that the Russkies really want to talk, while we have to listen to them.

Kharkiv has collected a new "harvest".

Spread this photo in public, on all social networks, and everywhere where there are Russians. ))

What a life-giving thing Bayraktar is doing!

s. Chornobaivka, Kherson region

Welcome to hell!

Occupants are looting in Trostyantsi.

"Russian world" has arrived here. The occupiers are pillaging in Trostyanka, Chernihiv region. I wonder, have they already tried to steal the toilets? It's their signature style.

They don't even bother disguising themselves. Hitler had the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question" (German: Endlösung der Judenfrage), and this botox freak has the "Solution to the Ukrainian Question." The Nazis were replaced by the Rashists.

Russian fake news spread actively false information that the air defense troops surrendered near Kharkiv. Well, logically. What else can they do if no Ukrainians surrender, Russian ships are sent away, and occupiers surrender to us by the hundreds. That's why the Russians lie. And they have no losses, right? )))

PS. And the anti-aircraft gunners continue to work on the disposal of occupiers.

Did you order shish kebabs? Our guys are awesome!

🇷🇺☠️Approximate losses of Russia for the past three days - February 24, 25, 26:

Airplanes 27

helicopters 26

Tanks 146.

Combat armored vehicles 706

Cannons 49

Buk 1 SAM

Grade 4

Automotive technology 30

Cisterns 60


Ships/boats 2.

Personal composition approximately 4300 (to be determined)

Ganna Maliar, deputy in the MOU.

Irpin is ours! ))

⚡️⚡️⚡️The attack on Irpin has been repelled. As we reported earlier, the bridge between Irpin and Bucha was blown up. When the Russian army left the city of Bucha, the destroyed bridge blocked their retreat routes for their machinery. The Ukrainian Armed Forces began burning Russians with Molotov cocktails, and the territorial defense forces, together with the army, were shooting at enemy personnel. The Russians are defeated, and Irpin has been cleared.

I hope that everyone will remember who among the public figures of Erephia remained silent, and who showed a civic stance. After this, some will follow the Russian ship, while others will always be welcomed as guests by us. Just don't let those who remained silent later claim that they were afraid of being arrested. While they were afraid, we were being killed.

PS And just not to forget - Baskov is a scumbag!

Gentle appeal to Russians from defenders of Kharkiv 🇺🇦💪

After the victory, they made a 10-hour version 🔥

"Tanks are moving in reverse."

The locals went out to prevent the Russians from entering their city. You are incredible ❤️

Did you order good news? ))

Ukrainian avia-cossacks received a large batch of rockets 🚀🔥.

Oh, we hear someone approaching...

Animals shooting at children's playgrounds deserve a special place in hell. In Kharkiv, this "Russian world" will never be forgotten.

I, Boryslav Bereza, trust our Armed Forces and obtain TRUE information from these pages.

Page of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine's Page


Subscribe yourselves and spread this message as widely as possible. I am not the only one asking you to do this, but also the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainians, practice information hygiene!


In Kharkiv, clearance from Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups, as well as part of the Russian military that had infiltrated the city, is taking place.

Kharkovians, do not go out on the streets, do not move in cars, do not attempt to leave the city. In times of war, such actions may be considered as sabotage, and open fire can be initiated.

Kharkiv residents, stay in shelters, take care of yourselves and your loved ones. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are working, the police are working! We do not give up!

Occupiers, surrender. You have angered us. You can see, you bastards, that we are not happy with you here. Only those who surrender their weapons will survive. Glory to Ukraine!


Ukrainian military is searching for a column of enemy vehicles marked with the letter V.

Emphasis! These are particularly dangerous terrorists who have arrived in Ukraine with a special mission.

The equipment is moving towards Kyiv.

Very important.

We address all citizens of the Kiev region and Kiev! Everyone who has seen, documented, knows the location of this column, urgently provide information to Ukrainian defenders, or if possible, prevent their further movement.

This is extremely important!

Glory to Ukraine!

Friends, please share this video among foreigners and officials. It is extremely important. We have some crazy people from Zaporizhia who may cause trouble in Chernobyl. International community attention and intervention are needed!!!

They wanted to shell our civilian population. Now they are sitting at Kobzon's concert. And you evaluate what the Ukrainian Armed Forces are saving us from.

Each of us is in our own place, each of us does what they can.

Each of us is ready and will give a rebuff to the enemy! 💪

The occupiers are suffering huge losses.

Your support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and defense is now very necessary.

In your area, near your settlements, checkpoints have been installed, where the following are always required:

🔸Food 🔸Water 🔸Cigarettes🔸Batteries🔸Matches/lighters🔸Medications🔸Essential items🔸Chargers for batteries and type c blocks🔸Warm clothes



Center for Countering Disinformation:


State Special Communications:



Do you see Russian troops and equipment? Did you notice enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups? Report it in the official Telegram chatbot.


In case of detecting suspicious individuals - report to the police or local territorial defense forces!

‼️Do not share information about the movement of Ukrainian equipment and military on social media‼️ DO NOT publish videos from the locations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or from the movement of equipment, including aircraft, even if you really want to! Because by doing so, you are not helping yourself, nor the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the enemy!!!

Your help to the military, police, and defense is invaluable.

We are on our own land!

Together we will win 💪

"Liberator" of mom's. Should be happy that he didn't become a filler for some cellophane bag. Will there be more people willing to "liberate" us?


The Ukrainian people really have a separate state of "Maidan". A state where elderly grandmothers call to find out where to bring their household junk to build barricades. A state where Ukrainians from different parts of the world unite in one impulse to buy bulletproof vests for brave soldiers who are dealing a real death to the enemies. Everyone can and wants to do different things: someone buys aid, someone is ready to deliver it.

However, there is often a problem with cooperation: people who have ALREADY purchased a dozen bulletproof vests and helmets cannot find a driver who will agree to deliver everything. And people who are willing to travel all over the world cannot find those who will provide something to transport.

That is why we are publishing the following list.

Buyers, delivery needed.

°Polish border - Kyiv


Volunteer, a car is needed.

Berlin - Lviv

Drivers ready to deliver:

"The list will be updated."

▪️Yaroslav Hamanchuk



(in Ukraine)

▪️Carrier from France to Ukraine

◾️Carrier - Poland


Poland -


Poland - 🇵🇱


▪️ Carrier, Poland cargo van sprinter -


Join in, write and don't be indifferent. The list will be updated, so don't lose it.


There is a very high probability that the self-proclaimed government of the Republic of Belarus...

(RB) will make a decision on the participation of the Armed Forces of RB in the war in the nearest hours.

The Russian Federation against Ukraine. This will mean the involvement of all the forces and means of armament.

Belarus forces against our defense forces.

The only reason for such a decision will be that citizen Lukashenko is completely

It depends, including on issues of personal security, on Putin. This decision does not affect at all.

It takes into account peace and friendship between the peoples of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, which has been stretching for centuries. Belarusians and

Ukrainians have never fought against each other in history. We are fraternal nations and we cannot...

To fight against each other. If this decision is made and implemented, it will be another.

Tragedy of historical proportions in the hands of Putin and Lukashenko.

But we kill any occupier. So let's do everything we can to ensure that...

Despite Putin's regime madness, Belarusians and Ukrainians remained brotherly people.

Important: Belarusian military personnel may not understand where they are going, their television is overflowing.

understand the tasks. 🤔

To understand much of what is happening. They may not know about the insane losses of Russians here.

We need to call and text all of our acquaintances in RB and talk about it, asking them not to go.

War against Ukrainians. Mothers and wives - do not let your husbands perish.

to fight against one's own people!!!


❗️If someone from Russia is reading me (and I know you are, you crazy ones), tell your heroes that several of your idiots have already been banned by us just because they surrendered incorrectly.

Don't fucking run to a Ukrainian soldier, even with your hands up, assholes! We understand that you really want to live, but running towards a Ukrainian fighter is considered a target and leads to getting shot.

To avoid being shot when surrendering, you need to throw away your weapons as far as possible, kneel down or lay down, showing open hands and loudly, damn it, loudly express your desire to surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Shouting "Putin is a dickhead" is not prohibited.

You scream loudly, but in the heat of battle, you yourself know that people have a habit of going deaf. Especially after you go around hitting people for no reason. Such deafness, you know, immediately forms - horrible.

I was asked to pass it to you, because you, gloomy disaster, can't even figure it out yourself before that.

Russians! There is no vodka here. There is only death for you. Do you want it?

Kyiv. These beasts are rushing into captivity in droves. Why the hell did we even come here???

Doctor Komarovskiy addressed Russians and Belarusians.

The translator of the German newspaper Welt burst into tears while translating President Zelensky's final video address.

The racist quickly became a bender follower. Is this why he came to Ukraine?

"Control over Kharkiv is completely ours!" - Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration


, that in the city the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Police, and Territorial Defense are working, a complete clearing of the city from occupiers is taking place. "The Russian enemy is completely demoralized. Directly in Kharkiv, by abandoning enemy equipment in the middle of the road, whole groups of 5-10 individuals are surrendering to Ukrainian forces"

Chuhuiv is completely controlled by Ukrainian forces. The Russian aggressor continues to advance in the direction of Lipetsk, Vovchansk, and Belgorod.

The best of today.

You will hear Gazmanov's concert immediately after Kobzon's performance.

🔥🔥🔥The new schedule of the Russian army has been leaked on the internet.

7:00 - Wake up.

8:00 - funeral of the two hundredth.

12:00 - lunch

13:00 - burial of new two-hundredths.

18:00 - evening

19:00 - burial of the new two hundredth

And so it goes in a circle, until they leave Ukrainian territory 🇺🇦

Russian soldier, surrender! In captivity, you will receive warm food, dry clothes, and safety. In captivity, you definitely won't become a filler for a cellophane bag. Your choice is to take your chance. You won't need to rob stores and sit on bottles anymore. The places in our captivity are limited. The first surrendered Russian Nazi will receive psychological help. Be smart and alive, not a dead soldier of the Kremlin. The choice is yours. Time is running out.

Kadyrov's saboteurs were driving through Kyiv in an ambulance. It was decided not to take them prisoner. The Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a swift and successful disposal.

❗️ Russians have seized two Ukrainian vessels: the tanker "Athena" and the dry cargo ship "Princess Nicole". This was reported by the Odessa border guard unit.

The tanker "Athena," while in the territorial waters of Romania, 22 miles from Snake Island, received an order to approach the Russian military ship for inspection. The cargo ship "Princess Nicole" from Romanian waters was also heading towards Snake Island.

As both civilian vessels approached the Russian military ships, their AIS was disabled and communication was cut off. And this morning, the automatic identification systems of the vessels showed their presence 18 miles from occupied Crimea.

", - it is stated in the message."

⚽️🇷🇺 All of Russia's opponents in the qualification for the 2022 World Cup in football have refused to play with them.

"Propagandist Skabeeva declared that Ukrainians 'will greet the Russian army with flowers'."

Skabeeva, what will you say now?

🔥Trehubov: Today is the day, I think, when the countdown of our victory begins. Let it be quiet though.

Everything is very simple: the Russian operation, in terms of scale and supply chains, was planned as a blitzkrieg without alternative action plans. In other words, these idiots truly believed that everyone would surrender to them. Undoubtedly, they had some experience for such thoughts - it went easily in Crimea in 2014 and during the invasion on our Independence Day. But then came the classic underestimation of the enemy and overestimation of themselves, beloved by Russians.

This means that right now they are running out of everything they need for the advancement of the offensive - reserves, fuel, rockets. Kiev was promised an unprecedented rocket storm at night, but it was more or less the usual. They are simply running out of ammunition. Hence the attempt to involve "additional forces" - from Caucasians and Kazakhs to Belarusians. Our kittens accelerated the process by hitting the key fuel supply convoy with the "Bayraktar" drone.

The plan of the Russians was initially as follows: Russian troops quickly advance through the territory of Ukraine, surround key cities, send special forces inside to clear the pro-Ukrainian assets, encircle and destroy the Ukrainian military group in Donbas.

How it turned out - you see for yourself.

Now they are in deep 💩, just in deep 💩. The troops have been stuck in Ukraine, without taking any major cities, with very extended supply lines and limited resources. Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are growing by tens of thousands of reservists and defenders every day. At the same time, the West has imposed such sanctions that were not even discussed two days ago as the most severe option, and they are ready to impose even more. Monday on the Russian stock exchanges is awaited like the Apocalypse.

Good news - they finally kicked the bucket.

Bad news - losing hope of winning beautifully and without a scenario for their exit, they will resort to cruelty and foolishness. The blow to the oil base and the mining of civilian infrastructure - part of this opera. We are awaiting even greater idiocy. In the end, there will be nuclear blackmail, believe me.

But now - we are winning.

This is the equipment of the 90600 military unit, the 15th separate motorized rifle brigade from the Samara region on the Sumy direction. It used to be.

Believe in the Ukrainian Armed Forces!!!!

🇷🇺❤️Who said that Ukrainians don't love Russians?

We love.

‼️ Belarusian military personnel are preparing for an invasion of Ukraine - sources.


The special forces will be transported by planes to Kiev and Zhytomyr direction.

According to information received from diplomatic sources, units of Belarusian special operations forces are preparing for an airborne assault on Ukraine. Therefore, Belarus is effectively starting an invasion of our country.

For information from sources, the landing locations are Kiev and Zhytomyr directions.

We already have a warning for Belarusians. We will publish it soon 😉

Russian media and bloggers have been prohibited from using the word "war" to describe everything happening in Ukraine. There are fools sitting in the Kremlin. Rare.

This is an amazing text!!!

Roskomnadzor sent a demand to independent Russian media to stop referring to "military operation as an attack, invasion, and war." Thank you Roskomnadzor! I, the writer Leonid Kaganov, enthusiastically comply with this demand. After all, it allows me to say much more than I could afford before.

My dear readers! The THIRD WORLD PEACE, which began on our planet on the night of February 24, when PSYCHICALLY CONTROLLED AND COMPLETELY SANE Vladimir Putin gave a LEGAL order to the Russian army to be FRIENDLY with the territory of a neighboring country — this is HAPPINESS which our nations have not known for the past 80 years.

I want to inform my NON-UKRAINIAN friends and readers that I am NOT ASHAMED of the LEGAL, LOVELY, and completely HONEST leadership of my country, which has turned Russia into a stronghold of global GOOD right before our eyes. I am particularly DELIGHTED that the decision to unleash PEACE was made by open-hearted CUTIES right now - when the whole world is fighting a pandemic and an economic crisis, and the people of Russia are ENJOYING the INCREASE in prosperity and unprecedented CHEAPENING of even basic products. I see that Vladimir Putin has completely transformed into a HUMAN. This absolute NATURAL (of course, in the BEST sense of the word) has only one way - to forever SHINE IN PARADISE. You can have no doubts, history textbooks will give a deserved assessment of his ACHIEVEMENTS, as well as to all those who supported them today. I will be painfully PROUD in front of my children and grandchildren, flipping through these WHITE pages of history.

It's amazing how this CHARM, leading the country for the past 20 years and having all the opportunities to improve the people's quality of life and realize the scientific potential in the fields of technology, construction, and space exploration, managed to ENRICH the country, make FRIENDS with the whole world, turn Russia into a different country, and make the word "Russians" a COMPLIMENT for the whole world for many decades, and bring it to the point where people on our planet, without coordinating, wish Vladimir Putin a long life, hoping that only this will bring long-awaited positive changes to the world.

I want to talk about some of my SMART compatriots. Unfortunately, in social networks, numerous publications approving this treacherous WORLD are written not by trolls at all - they are written by living people who seemed intelligent and judicious before. I am not ashamed to read their NON-CONTRADICTORY constructions in an attempt to reconcile the propaganda clichés ingrained in their minds with the concepts of goodness and honor that we, it seems, absorbed together from childhood, reading the same books. It is not me who pain sees how their unequivocally HUMAN desire for blood, revenge and territorial trophies bursts out under the guise of their statements. I am not ashamed for them, I don't feel their own future shame when they realize. I just hope that this is not a total humanitarian catastrophe of Russian minds, but simply the majority of them are SUFFICIENTLY REASONABLE and INDEPENDENT THINKING citizens, whose minds are now ENLIGHTENED by years of propaganda and HONEST values. They simply themselves KNOW what they are doing. I believe that the majority of citizens of Russia are at peace with what is happening and fully SUPPORT the entrenched joy in the Kremlin, they can do anything.

DEAR Ukrainians! On these EASY days, I think only NOT ABOUT YOU all day and night. I see photos of IMPROVED residential high-rises in Kyiv and Kharkiv, where Russian shells MISSED, I read news about the JOYS, RECOVERIES, and BIRTHS of peaceful residents, women, and children under Russian bombs, and I catch myself thinking that the events have turned me - a Russian citizen who considers human life the highest value - into a person who is forced to openly GRIEVE for any failures and losses of the Russian army and fervently wish it DESTRUCTIVE VICTORIES in that FAIR and monstrous STALEMATE, which it NOBLY unleashed according to the LAWFUL order of a handful of MENTALLY DERANGED military LAWMAKERS from the Kremlin.

Damn it all, I can't think of anything else except these words: Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

No, come on people, seriously))))))

Our fighters defended Vuhlehirsk!

This was reported by the representative of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Tatiana Ignatchenko:

"Volvovakha - ours! However, rachists turned it into ruins."

Information about the victims among Kiev residents from February 24th, from Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

Died or passed away 😔

— 9 peaceful civilians, including one child

— 4 unknown people

— 8 military personnel and fighters of the Terobona.


- 106 people. Of them, 47 are civilians, including three children.

In Kharkiv, dozens of Russian soldiers surrendered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian soldiers, who were captured, talk about complete exhaustion and demoralization, they have no communication with central command, they do not understand and do not know their next actions. Since the beginning of the attack on Ukraine, they do not receive food and water, and there are no fuel reserves for the equipment.

Leaving their positions, Russian soldiers try to hide among the civilian population, asking people for clothes and food. Because no one is waiting for them anymore "at home."

Residents of the Kharkiv region, please be cautious, do not open the doors to strangers, do not assist the Russian aggressor in hiding.

🇺🇦 We are strong, united, on our own land and we will not surrender! Glory to Ukraine!

(C) Oleg Sinegubov

The appeal of the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Yevgeny Moisyuk, to Russian servicemen, calling on them to lay down their weapons and surrender, in order to save their lives.

Maximum reposts to Russian publics!

⚡️It cannot be anything but joyful: 18 European countries closed their skies to the occupant's planes.

And the list keeps growing.

Sorry for asking, but if I already have 2 hectares of land, can I take two slaves from prisoners?


⚡️⚡️⚡️URGENT‼️⚡️⚡️⚡️Ukrainian military appeal to the Belarusian people‼️

If you truly are brothers to our people - retreat! Think before it's too late! Preserve your honor and dignity while you still have the opportunity! More details in the video!

‼️ Please share! Maximum repost!!! ‼️

Embassy of Ukraine in Minsk. Trash demands everyone to disperse. People are bringing flowers in mass. This is Belarus, not the mustached jerk Lukashenko.

B*tch!!! Medvedchuk escaped from custody.

Attention!!! Racist provocation maximum repost!!!

🇺🇦 Above Volnovakha – the Ukrainian flag is flying again.

"Our Volnovakha!" - wrote the head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Tetiana Ignatchenko.

In the photo, it can be seen how the occupiers transformed the city.


Defenders of Ukraine 🇺🇦 tune in to the broadcasts of Russian occupiers and very politely, as much as possible, advise them to return to their usual, common state, namely - to go f*ck themselves.

Yes, yes, we are listening to you, mortals!

❗️The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, Elizabeth Truss, has stated that she will definitely support the British citizens who have decided to go and fight with the Russian forces in Ukraine.

Putin is a dickhead? Dickhead! Even if even the Russians understood this, the world will change. It will change for the better. But only when the dickhead is dead.

Bucha. We will rebuild Bucha. And the fascists will be fertilizers. Although, why will they be? They have become.

PS The local resident who comments on all of this is powerful!

All, that column with the letter V, which our self-propelled artillery units were chasing all over the Kyiv region, has been stopped and disposed of. Glory to our self-propelled artillery units!

❗️❗️❗️Office of the President:

Oleksandr Lukashenko called Volodymyr Zelensky.

Politicians have agreed that the Ukrainian delegation will meet the Russian delegation without any prior conditions at the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, in the area of the Pripyat River.

Alexander Lukashenko took responsibility for the fact that during the travel, negotiations, and return of the Ukrainian delegation, all planes, helicopters, and missiles located on Belarusian territory will remain on the ground.

Well, my dear Russians, did you want nuclear ashes? You have all the chances to become them. I'm not happy about it. But you are reaping the consequences for your cowardice, stupidity, passiveness, and voting for Putin. Maybe someone brave will finally smack him on the head with a tobacco box? Or do you still want to become ashes after all?

🇺🇦🇧🇾 Belarusians are taking part in anti-war marches in Minsk.

Let's, friends, show that you love freedom as much as we do. Fight, and you will conquer!


In Bucha, they are supposedly gathering women and children in buses for evacuation to Kyiv.

"In fact, this is done by the occupiers, they want to hide behind people like a human shield, and enter the capital behind their backs," said representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine A. Herashchenko.

The tank company 🐶🐖 was destroyed in the Pryluky area - General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Those were "old and dysfunctional" Javelins ☺️☺️☺️

⚡️This man removed a landmine from under the bridge with his bare hands.

Now you understand that we will definitely win?!

❤️ Right now. Prague.

Monitoring the Russian Instagram, you will be surprised to learn that the majority of Russians are not worried about the war with Ukraine or the possibility of turning into nuclear ash, but rather about who will be the "bachelor" on TV show. They should be worried about who will be the Russian widow after the war with Ukraine. Complete idiots. 😒

The referendum in Belarus is going according to plan.

30 minutes ago Rocket in the center of Chernihiv. They missed the city hall. Children's clinic destroyed. F*cking fascists.

Kharkiv region. Destroyed Russian SAM system "Tunguska".

💪This is Putin's hometown - Saint Petersburg.

❌ Putin, your end is near!

FUCKERS! Russians could destroy the AN-225 "Mriya".


Anton Shvets predicted what will happen with Russia.

They are f*cked.

Turning on my phone and seeing that tomorrow is already Monday.

Tomorrow will be a day when the economy and finances of Russia will come to a halt.

This will not be destruction, they will live in such a mode, and for a long time.

But that image of Moscow, which everyone knew as the image of Russia, will disappear.

📌The course will go up.

📌The Central Bank of Russia will not be able to do anything because their reserves are practically frozen. But even if they can, it is very difficult to stop the panic.

📌Possible confiscation of currency deposits from the population. Blocking from Western countries will turn Russia into Iran.

📌Russia will not disappear. Russian oligarchs will not disappear.

The middle class in Russia is evaporating.


⚡️ As a result of the air attack by Russian forces on Gostomel airport near Kyiv, one of the largest and most powerful airplanes in the world, the Ukrainian-made AN-225 "Mriya", was burned.

The information was confirmed by the mayor of Bucha.


#StopRussianAggressionTranslation: Stop Russian Aggression


#RussiaInvadesUkraineTranslation: Russia invades Ukraine.


So far, this is the best confession of an occupant. He is scared. Rightly so, let him be afraid. And let him not fight. This is his chance to survive.

💪 One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges donated 10 million dollars to Ukraine.

⚡️ NATO is increasing the supply of anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems to Ukraine, as well as ammunition.

, the alliance secretary general declared.

Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia have started. Venislavsky.

Are they idiots or masochists??? The Russian occupiers in the Kharkiv region have run out of diesel fuel, and they decided to go to the local police department to get it. Now they are giving testimony.

How to get reliable information about an air alarm in Kyiv 🚨

Please upload the Kyiv Digital application.

App Store


Google Play

2. Click on the icon of your profile.

In the "Settings" section, choose "Notifications".

Allow all notifications and make sure they are also allowed in your phone settings.

Also, subscribe to

telegram channel

KMДA. Trust only official sources❗️(Note: "КМДА" is the abbreviation for Kyiv City State Administration, the executive body in charge of governing the city of Kyiv, Ukraine.)

Crying. Saying that they hate all these propagandists...

In Nikolaev, the NSU patrol and the city commissioner of Nikolaev stopped trucks with ATB markings. During the inspection, troops of the occupiers were discovered.

There was a battle. All Russian military forces have been annihilated.

Great channel with "well-fried" cutlets.


⚡️ Russians destroyed the An-225 "Mriya", it will be restored using occupant's funds.

Russian occupiers have destroyed the flagship of the Ukrainian aviation - the legendary An-225 "Mriya" (Dream). This happened at the "Antonov" aerodrome in Hostomel near Kyiv, where the aircraft was located. Its restoration will cost over 3 billion dollars and will require a considerable amount of time. Ukraine will make every effort to have the aggressor state pay for these works.

Russia targeted "Mriya" as a symbol of the possibilities of Ukrainian aviation. An-225 "Mriya" is an aviation giant, holding records for transporting the maximum commercial cargo and the longest and heaviest single cargo in the history of aviation. Unfortunately, these options are lost today.

But they will definitely be restored. The occupiers destroyed the plane, but they will not be able to destroy our common dream. It will definitely be revived. According to preliminary estimates, it will take over 3 billion dollars and more than 5 years. Our task is to ensure that these expenses are covered by the Russian Federation itself, which intentionally caused damage to Ukrainian aviation and the cargo aviation transportation sector.

"Russia destroyed our 'Dream', but it is impossible to destroy the dream of a Ukraine free from occupation. We will fight for our land and our home until the victorious end. And after the victory, listen carefully, we will definitely rebuild our new 'Dream', which has been waiting for this for many years in a safe place. Everything will be Ukraine!" - said Yuriy Husyev, the CEO of Ukroboronprom.

At the time of the invasion, AN-225 "Mriya" was undergoing repairs at Gostomel Airport, so it did not have time to take off from Ukraine.

Russians are kind of hinting...

Ukrainians, many of us are currently abroad. We want to recommend a channel that gathers and verifies people and organizations that welcome us overseas. Russian invaders are bad neighbors.

And here - good ⬇️

Use it.


In Kharkiv, Rivne, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, and Volhynia, an air alarm has been announced — everyone should


into shelter.

Khlyvniuk - 🔥❤️🇺🇦

Now I have seen everything.

What could Durov have done?

To condemn the war.

- Calling on Russians to come out to protest.

- Close the Russian trash cans.

But he didn't do it. Because "рускій лібєрал"

Hristo Grozev confirms the information voiced earlier by ZSU.

Bucha. The occupant's foot on Ukrainian land.

By the way, if the Crimean Bridge collapses now, it will be very timely.

In the battles for Kyiv on February 24th, a Ukrainian fighter pilot shot down 6 enemy aircraft. He was named the "Ghost of Kyiv".

As of today, he has already shot down 10 enemy planes.

Attention KYIVITES! There are still doctors at Ohmatdet who continue to provide help to little patients who desperately need it! The doctors have not left their positions for several days already and are urgently requesting assistance:

To everyone who has the opportunity at the moment, it is necessary to deliver:

1. Water 20 liters. Bottles + pumps

2 cookies

3 tea, coffee (instant and beans)

4 soap, toilet paper, disposable razors

5 cans (a lot)

6 IQOS menthol cigarette sticks, green.

7 children's milk and non-milk mixes, porridges, yogurts, curds, cookies, jars with baby food.

8. Children's dry and wet wipes.

9. Diapers sizes 1-5

Contact information for the on-call doctor.

+38(066)444-94-63Translation: This is a phone number in Ukraine.

Igor Naumovich.

This is one of the best operations of our information warfare. Such targeted advertising has flooded Russian social networks. Now many more citizens of the Russian Federation know about the losses there.

"The Russian ship - go fuck yourself!" becomes a worldwide trend.

The conversation with Alexander Lukashenko was very substantive. I don't want missiles, planes, and helicopters flying from Belarus to Ukraine. I don't want troops coming from Belarus to Ukraine. And he assured me of this.

Negotiations with Russia will begin in a few hours, the delegation has changed its route - Venislavsky.

Oh! Boys in underwear. They also came to liberate us. ))

⚡️ Attention! The curfew is in effect. No evacuation measures are being conducted in the city.

We have information that unknown individuals are urging to leave buildings and shelters for evacuation. If you are offered to leave a safe place, ignore these calls.

We remind you that a curfew is in effect in Kiev until 08:00 on Monday (February 28).

Keep calm and use official sources of information.

The conversation with Alexander Lukashenko was very substantive. I don't want missiles, planes, or helicopters flying from Belarus to Ukraine. I don't want military forces coming from Belarus to Ukraine. And he assured me of this.


At 18:00, military exercises will begin at the territory of the armored vehicle factory in Lviv!

This is a learning experience!

Please do not panic and keep calm!

‼️ - Exclamation mark x 2 Translation: !! - Exclamation mark x 2

ATTENTION! Air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We urgently ask everyone to seek shelter in civil defense!

⚡️⚡️⚡️Translation: ⚡️⚡️⚡️

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

The White House reacted on February 27 to the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to transfer nuclear potential for strategic deterrence to a heightened readiness mode. I remind you that earlier in the day, during a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, Putin ordered the transfer of deterrence forces to a special combat alert mode, including nuclear weapons.

"You see that Western countries are not only taking unfriendly actions towards our country in the economic sphere, I mean the illegitimate sanctions that everyone knows about. But the highest officials of the leading NATO countries also make aggressive statements towards our country," Putin said. "Therefore, I order the Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff to transfer the deterrent forces of the Russian army to a special regime of combat duty."

In response, White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated that Putin "fabricates threats to justify his aggression".

"This is a well-known scheme of action by President Putin during the current conflict, when artificial threats are created that do not actually exist, in order to justify further aggression. The global community and the American people should look at the situation precisely through this prism," Psaki told ABC correspondent George Stephanopoulos on the program "This Week," as reported by CNN.

According to her words, the USA intends to defend itself, but at the same time expose Putin.

Psaki added that the United States plans to provide Ukraine with additional humanitarian, economic, and military defense assistance. The American leadership is in contact with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. "He is courageously standing up to Putin, and we are maintaining communication with him," she noted.

A source inside the Biden administration commented on Putin's decision to increase the combat readiness of strategic deterrence forces, stating that it is "yet another escalation phase and a completely unnecessary step."

According to the reference book on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the strategic deterrence forces are the "foundation of the combat power of the Armed Forces of Russia, intended to deter aggression against Russia and its allies, as well as to defeat the aggressor in a war using various types of weapons, including nuclear."

What is meant by Putin's "special regime" of combat duty is unknown, notes the Russian service of the BBC.

🇬🇧 Georgian brothers refused to refuel the Russian ship.

"Russian ship, go fuck yourself! You can use oars!"

❗️Putin used 2/3 of Russia's military power, accumulated for invasion, by launching "over 320 missiles," said a high-ranking representative of the US Department of Defense.

Everything is very simple, like 2 + 2 = 4. The Kremlin is currently losing the information war. And it is especially noticeable on Telegram. At this moment, Durov makes a statement that he is ready to restrict all channels in Telegram that write about the war. Not just those that spread fake news, but all of them. This will clearly be in favor of the Kremlin. Therefore, if he does this, it is a clear sign that he surrendered to the Kremlin.

That is why he just stated that he refuses this idea. Reputation is a significant matter in a civilized society.

We continue to receive incredible news. Dmarket, a platform for trading NFT and In-game Metaverse items, has frozen all user accounts from Russia and Belarus. The funds were sent to support the Ukrainian army. And this is $4.5 million. True allies!

❗️ Ukrainian Volunteer Service

It calls.

Close ALL volunteer chats, except for verified individuals.

The enemy is watching all chats and using them for their own selfish purposes, including posting information about collecting equipment.

Closing chats will help protect Ukrainian military and civilian population from deception.

Papa-racist came to kill us. No more of this father.

Chatted with my friends in Russia. Not with all of them. Out of the four, two have already been taken by the cops for participating in an anti-war rally, while the other two got away. One is from St. Petersburg, the other is from Moscow. They're all bookworms. So, in St. Petersburg, it's impossible to buy currency today. It simply doesn't exist. In Moscow, a friend saw the dollar once at 118 rubles. There was no euro. And at the same time, the EU blocked all transactions with the Central Bank of Russia. This means that a financial collapse will start in Russia tomorrow. Well, why the hell did they stick their noses in Ukraine?

Ukrainians, have we already told you that you are the best?

So, you are the best 🇺🇦

💪👋 Keep it up!


Yurii 🔥

Yes, everything is like that with us, the people from Benders! ))

"Gadyatske safari" is no worse than anything else. And it's already a new story of Ukraine.

Yes!!!! Turkey is finally closing the Bosphorus Strait to the Russian Navy. This was announced by Turkey's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

"In Ukraine, the situation has turned into a war. 'Turkey will fulfill the Montreux Convention regarding the Turkish straits,' he wrote."

Bucha. They say these are Kadrov's elite troops 😂

It's a shame, can't go back home. Although no, it's not a shame.

❗️A preschool in Ohtyrka was shelled with prohibited cassette ammunition. As a result of the shelling, three civilians were killed, including one child, and another child was injured.


Ukraine is providing weapons to prisoners.

Propaganda Telegram channels, as well as Russian Picabu and Yaplakal forums, are spreading a document in which supposedly the Department of Execution of Criminal Punishments of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine issued an order to offer prisoners in Ukrainian prisons to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on condition of their pardon. The document, which has neither a signature nor a seal, supposedly was issued by the chief of the department of execution of criminal punishments, Serhiy Hrechanyuk.

As reported in the Department in response to StopFake, there is no such document or order. Fact-checkers emphasize: this is a fake aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Good evening!

This animal is located in the area of Mariupol. To whoever captures it, I offer a bottle of extraordinary rum, which cannot be found in Ukrainian stores. I promise. But this propagandist must look into the eyes of the children of those whose parents were killed by his stories.

Gandons continue to try to destroy the building of the city council in Chernihiv. Earlier, I already wrote that the Russkies missed and hit the children's polyclinic. Now they have completely lost their minds and launched an Iskander missile from the territory of Belarus. And once again, they missed. Useless bastards. And at the same time, the mustachioed creature swore that no missile would take off from the territory of Belarus until the negotiations were over. He lied. Again. It seems we don't need such Lukashenko.

The UEFA Executive Committee will consider the issue of suspending Russian clubs and the Russian national team from competitions organized under the auspices of the union on February 28th.

Correct! Russian football - goes to hell!

Learn Ukrainian! It's worth it. ))


Threat of rocket strike!

Wow! The guys have it really bad. What were they talking about in terms of being willing to give up 13 salaries for recognition of the Luhansk People's Republic? I think they will give up even more, if not all.

‼️ Kyiv



"Mama, take me away from here! We are killing innocent civilians here!"

These are the words of Russian occupiers voluntarily surrendering to captivity in Ukraine.

The SBU showed how the invaders from Volgograd repent for coming to our land with war.

💪‼️The EU will finance the purchase of weapons for the third party - Ukraine, for the first time in history!

This was stated by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the EU's chief diplomat Josep Borrell.

This video must be watched with sound.

The ovations for our fighters on the successful hit on the Russian BUK missile system in the Malina area of ​​the Zhytomyr region - this is just unbelievable 😍

Estonia's ambassador is kind of hinting... ))

Information about the start of negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation is not available yet. Venislavsky

The EU introduces new sanctions against Belarus: restrictions on trade of mineral fuel, iron, and technologies.

Belarus, Ukraine knows everything about your military strength. The whole of your defense is shown on the diagram.

Let the whole world know now.

What Lukashenko Putin is using to invade Ukraine means that he is already in agony.

Belarusians, unite your forces - it's time to overthrow the dictator!

Source of the scheme: General Staff of Ukraine.

PS. This photo is recommended to be shared.

🇬🇧 In London, thousands of caring people come out to support Ukraine.

🛢🛢🛢 Hungary has delivered 100,000 liters of fuel to Ukraine.


Shariy's Facebook account got blocked!

Sorry, we can't react differently.

Air alarm, Kyiv‼️

"Almost destroyed." Happiness and Stanytsia Luhanska on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.

— Head of Luhansk Regional State Administration

One of the soldiers complains about his situation: "We captured this village here, but they pushed us back." 🔥

Had to back down.

Today is not 2014 here at all.

Now, out of nowhere, 120 shells will fly. There is a drone hovering above us.


#StopRussianAggressionTranslation: #StopRussianAggression

#RussiaInvadedUkraineTranslation: Russia invaded Ukraine.

#RussiaInvadesUkraineTranslation: Russia invades Ukraine.

Dima Tankovich: "If simple Ukrainian guys are already destroying the professional Russian army with simple Molotov cocktails, believe me, they will do even worse with the Belarusian army." I agree with him 100%.

ATTENTION! Please remain in shelters!

There is an air alarm in Kyiv! 😱


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

No comments.

🇬🇪🇺🇦 And this is Tbilisi.

Sakartvelo, thank you for the support.

We will celebrate the victory together!

Yes, it's no longer trolling but mockery. But it's beautiful.

A few more Bayraktars 🔥

The same place.


Text by Oleksiy Parnovskyi:

Senior Researcher at the Institute of Space Research, Acting Science Speaker

Dickhead in agony decided to panic Ukrainians. But let the old fart choke on it, and in the meantime, we suggest you a nuclear sedative.

Tactical nuclear weapons under the control of conventional armed forces. These are the same Tochka and Iskander missiles, but they are supposed to be equipped with a nuclear warhead. Warheads are always kept separate from the missiles, so intelligence needs to see their transportation in advance.

The strategic nuclear weapon, which Putin has put into a special regime, consists of intercontinental missiles.

ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles of submarines, and strategic aviation.

Rockets have not only a maximum, but also a minimum range. Intercontinental ballistic missiles cover territory.

Ukraine can only be launched from Kamchatka.

Pressing the button 🍆 doesn't necessarily mean that the rockets will immediately fly. Pressing the button gives the order to use nuclear weapons to the commanders of corresponding forces (Strategic Missile Forces, submarine fleet, long-range aviation). They, in turn, transmit this order further along the chain of command, and at each link of the chain, the execution of the order can be canceled.

5. In the history of the Cold War, there were occasional cases when the launch command either seemed or was supposed to be issued according to protocol. However, no actual launch took place.

🇺🇦🇪🇪The Ambassador of Estonia in Ukraine presents a liqueur according to the Ukrainian recipe.

So, relax. Kyiv is not surrounded. You just remember that not everyone can watch Klitschko today in tomorrow. Actually, not everyone can watch, not all. Few can do it.

And if we're serious, then we're all a little tired. And Klitschko just made a mistake. It's exhaustion.

According to intercepted radio communications, the crews of Russian tanks on one of the northern fronts are occupied with practicing how to correctly pronounce the word "palyanitsya."

I can't take calls from these idiots anymore.

And now about the main thing. We are strong as long as we are together! We can criticize the authorities in peacetime, but in times of war we unite around them. And today I say that Volodymyr Zelensky is the president who defends Ukraine with us! And we all defend each other. When the war is over, we will figure things out with each other. But today we are all Ukrainians and we defend our Ukraine from enemies! Everyone in their place! Each, as far as possible. But together! And we will win!

Glory to Ukraine! Death to enemies!

In Nikolaev, they caught a looter. Well, at least they didn't hurt him.

It seems that some guys managed to tow a Russian armored personnel carrier (BTR) onto their yard using a tractor.

Oh God. We simply can't. No. Call.

And this is definitely the strongest army in the world, which was supposed to destroy Ukraine before lunch and put a puppet government with some idiot at the helm? Because we don't think so.

Erefia - a country of idiots. And their bots are the same.

❗️The EU will supply combat aircraft to Ukraine, said Borrell.

Putin, are you sleeping?

What do you think?

👍 — сам (thumbs up — self)

🔥— will help

🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ And Putin is trying to intimidate these guys from Kharkiv with his soldiers?? Can you imagine what they would do if there was a mobile phone 📱 inside there)))

P.S. But of course, you shouldn't do that. In general, I barely understand what could have been such a motivation.

Sorry, but this is the best option for everyone. Or a heart attack. Because it can really start the third world war and destroy this world. He is clearly inadequate and it seems that he doesn't have much time left. So the matter of saving the world is now in the hands of his circle.

Choice is always there.

By the way, the video turned out to be very powerful. We are showing how the Ukrainian army works.


🎥In Zhytomyr, the National Guard and the police have received orders to shoot at those who engage in looting.

Ukrainian cyber forces hacked the Kremlin and extracted a database of contacts of Russian officials. There are phone numbers and emails. Call and write to these scam artists everything you think about them.

There are a lot of contacts, so we created a bot for the convenience of choosing who you can express your feelings and thoughts to. And don't be shy in your expressions.


PS Instead of dialing 8 at the beginning, please dial +7 if you call.

Let's sum it up. Yes, I haven't had such an urge to rub my face in the dirt of Russia for a long time.

And here are a few more real facts about the "scary Russian army".


❗️❗️AIR ALARM (27.02/23:20)❗️❗️


Keep an eye on the notifications!

Dear Russians! Surrender. They will even pay you. Surrender and leave.


I'm feeling so 😊 right now! It feels like I'm on ☁️ 9. Life has been treating me well lately. I've been blessed with 🌞 and 🌈. Everything is falling perfectly into place. I'm grateful for this amazing journey! ✨

‼️ ATTENTION! An air alarm has been announced in Kiev!

We urgently ask everyone to take shelter in a civil defense shelter!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

Over the past three days, I have slept about 7 hours. I realized that my battery has run out. It started to slow down and freeze. I feel like there is sand in my eyes. Anyway, I really want to sleep. Sorry, but I'm going to bed. 😴

PS Can you wake me up urgently, if the botoxed creature shows up? Please don't bother me with other trifles.

PPS Russian ship - fuck off!

You, probably, are interested in the question:

What will happen with Russia next?

I had relatives. I didn't love them very much. They were typical russified snobs, Moscow hangers-on from Mariupol. When Maidan started, those relatives called me for the last time and blathered about the Kantemirovskaya Division in Kyiv within 4 hours.

Well, we hung up the phone and never heard from them again. In general, there was a narrative in Russia about the victorious army that everyone fears. This is a defensive reaction of cowards - to make everyone afraid. And that whiner on the Internet about powerful forces, he has always been.

And now no. And it will never be again. Never. Simply a country of suffering and fools in poverty.

📌There will be no more Russian car bloggers.

📌There will be no tacky Russian pop music.

📌Not even Russian streamers will be present.

📌There won't be any computers, cars.

📌There will be a "cheburnet" where they listen to Gazmanov.

Even with shitty moskali online, you won't be able to insult them because there won't be any internet as such. You won't even see shitty moskali at resorts anymore. There won't be any vatans in the Ukrainian parliament anymore either. The next Ukrainian politician who speaks of reconciliation should immediately go to hell and there build a Russian world with soft melba toast.

And Ukraine will be. Ukraine, which exists and will be a stronghold of the world, defending against orcs. We will rebuild everything. Now everyone in the West understands what they did not understand in 2014, namely what Ukrainians defend the world from.

I am glad to be in Kiev at this time, glad to help as much as I can. This is a historic moment, which is difficult to overestimate.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

Taras Kotov, Ukrainian.

⚡️11 transport ships of the Russian Federation are heading towards Odessa, there will be an attempt to land a landing force. Arrestovich.

Air alarm

- in Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi, Poltava, Bila Tserkva, Bohuslav, Myronivka, and Tarashcha

Everyone to shelter!

"Second army in the world, you say? - well, well"

❗Air alarm in Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia and Chernihiv.