Feb 26, 2024 - Day 733

733 days of active phase of the 10-year war. We will defeat the enemy. But then it will be important to overcome ourselves and become better. Everyone here?

Time for good news!



As a result of yesterday's attack in Dnipro, 4 people were injured.— OVA.

10 private houses, 3 cars, and a cargo car were damaged. Also, industrial buildings at the enterprise are damaged in the city, and windows are broken in three high-rise buildings.

The enemy did not leave Nikopolshchyna alone. They attacked the city center, Pokrovska and Myrivska communities.

In Nikopol, 4 freight vehicles caught fire. 2 of them were destroyed, 6 cars were damaged, walls and windows of the production premises of the enterprise were affected.

Sorry, but this is simultaneously funny and stupid. And a little bit like from the village. Thank you, but please return the medal...



❌9 assault UAVs and 3 Kh-59 missiles destroyed.

On the night of February 26, 2024, the occupiers attacked with a ballistic missile Iskander-M (Crimea), two ZRK S-300 (Belgorod region), three guided aviation missiles X-59, anti-radiation - X-31P (TOT Zaporizhzhia region) and 14 strike drones of the "Shahed" type (Kursk region).

As a result of the combat work of the anti-aircraft defense, three guided aviation missiles X-59 and 9 drones were destroyed within the territories of Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

Bloomberg analyzes the economy of Russia and draws bleak conclusions for the Kremlin in the article: Don't fall for Putin's bluff. The West can defeat him.

▪Volodymyr Putin wants the world to believe that the Russian economy is in order and that he has the means to continue his war in Ukraine for an indefinite period of time.

▪️He's bluffing. His aggression is costing him dearly, and the West should exploit this vulnerability as much as possible. Before invading Ukraine - two years ago, on February 24th - Putin carefully built up the financial and budget defense of Russia - the most important component of his power pillars. The state debt was only 16% of the gross domestic product and was one of the smallest among all countries. By the second year of the pandemic, the Russian government already had a budget surplus (unlike the large and permanent deficits in the US and Europe). He accumulated $175 billion in the "national wealth fund" and over $500 billion in international reserves of the central bank. The largest Russian banks were well capitalized compared to their global counterparts.

▪Now Putin has radically changed course - both for funding the confrontation and supporting the economy in the face of Western sanctions. Military spending has increased from 3.6% of GDP in 2021 to approximately 7.1%, boosting production overall - from artillery shells to drones and computers. Soldier salaries and support for families of deceased servicemen have increased the wealth of the poorest families whose members went to fight for this money. Over 130 billion dollars in subsidized loans allowed Russians to splurge on new apartments, fueling a construction boom. As a result, real GDP growth last year rose to 3.6%, refuting predictions of a prolonged recession.

▪️ However, the limits of such "war-time Keynesianism" are already evident. The consumption of the working population during the special operation has driven the unemployment rate to an extremely low level of 2.9%, forcing other civilian sectors of the economy to pay more for scarce labor. In order to contain inflation, the central bank had to raise the base interest rate to 16%, further squeezing the private sector. The economy will withstand such pressure with all its might.

Military spending will not continue to drive GDP growth: simply maintaining them at their current level will require significant sacrifices in other important sectors, such as social spending and supporting essential infrastructure. Without military stimulus, Russia's economic indicators would look much less impressive.

▪️What's worse for Putin is that he is rapidly destroying the defensive mechanisms he created to protect the economy and himself from unexpected shocks. Most of the Central Bank's reserves are frozen in countries. Liquid assets of the National Welfare Fund have almost halved since the beginning of the confrontation to 55 billion dollars. The government has an annual budget deficit of about 17 billion dollars, and its borrowing capacity is limited if the only available lenders are domestic banks. These banks are increasingly at risk of losses as extortionate interest rates bear down on corporate borrowers whose affairs are not going well.

▪️It is understood that the West has its financial difficulties. Both in the USA and in Europe, governments need to control budget deficits and state debts, which have been growing recently. This will require tough choices, but temporary expenses needed to support Ukraine are far from being a decisive factor. Joint budget resources of NATO members exceed Russian ones by more than 20 times. On average, EU members spend about 2% of GDP on defense.

▪️This conflict is almost certain to end with negotiations. The goal of the West should be to ensure the maximum security and independence of the Ukrainian state, as well as to deter other countries from attempting similar land grabs. To do this, it must exploit Putin's economic vulnerability to the fullest extent, including by strengthening sanctions and arming Ukraine. With the political will, Western countries have sufficient resources to outlast Putin, and they must use this advantage to stop the bloodshed as quickly as possible.



🕯Every morning at 9:00, we observe a minute of silence in memory of those who perished in the cruel war of Russia against Ukraine.



Today we honor the memory of the military pilot, Captain Andriy Antykhovych with the call sign Sokolyk.

The guy dreamed of the sky since childhood. He graduated from Chernihiv Lyceum with enhanced military and physical training. Later he entered the Kharkiv Air Force University named after Ivan Kozhedub. On the night of February 23-24, 2022, Andriy was on duty, being one of the first to defend Ukraine.

On February 26, Captain Antikhovich, while on a combat mission in the direction of Kherson, discovered enemy columns and successfully attacked them with fire. Unfortunately, the enemy hit the aircraft. Instead of ejecting, the soldier directed the damaged attack aircraft towards the enemy column. He was 25 years old. The pilot's body was only returned at the end of December 2023 as it was initially buried in the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson region.

For personal courage and selfless actions shown in defense of state sovereignty - Captain Andriy Antikhovych was awarded the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky III degree.

Always in formation!

By and large, the West is not to blame for Ukraine, and it seems that all the assistance is just patronage. But it only seems so. Because, by and large, help to Ukraine is not only an attempt to protect global principles of democracy in the confrontation with a dictator regime and to prevent other countries from similar land seizure attempts, but also a deterrent from radical changes in the world when countries choose totalitarianism over democracy, as a more efficient form of governance. It's a struggle for the future. And today it becomes an important factor in motivating assistance to Ukraine.

If Putin wins, the world will change just as it would have changed if Hitler had won. Supporters of totalitarianism are everywhere. In Europe, in the USA, and in other countries. They are among the political elites of the West and there is no need to live in illusions. Orban and Le Pen are gladly implementing the Putin model of governance in their countries using the weakness of democracy and the power of Kremlin money. Therefore, now there is a process of war not only for Ukraine. There is a war for the future of the world. And this is already beginning to be understood in Europe. And this is very important for us. Moreover, better late than never.



😔At night, enemy aviation struck one of the settlements of Sumy district.

1 residential building has been destroyed, 5 more are damaged.

Rescuers unlocked the bodies of two people from under the rubble.

Emergency rescue work completed.



A Bulgarian delegation led by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov arrived in Ukraine..

Together with the head of the Bulgarian government, ministers of justice, environment and energy, deputy ministers of defense and foreign affairs, as well as the head of the Ministry of Defense, also arrived.



Russian military hit residential areas of settlements in Kherson region, in particular, 3 apartment buildings and 13 private houses were damaged.

As a result of the hits in the settlements of Bilozirka and Antonivka of Kherson district, gas pipelines and cars are damaged.

Through Russian aggression 2 people died, another 1 got wounded.



😔 On February 25, Russians wounded 5 residents of Donetsk region: in Kostiantynivka, Kurakhove, Zakitne, Maksymilianivka, and Chasove Yar.

The total number of Russian victims in Donetsk region is provided without taking into account Mariupol and Volnovakha.

One hundred years ago there was a Ukrainian state, and then it disappeared. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers did not manage to keep it. Unlearned lessons are repeated.

Historians have put forward many explanations why this happened. After reading various versions, I have come to the conclusion that there are three main reasons.

When they say that the country was predominantly peasant, that the elites were few - this is not the reason. All colonies that became free, and all metropolises that embarked on the path of modernization, were like that at the start. This is not the point.

So, three.

Internal squabbles. The inability of the elites to come to an agreement to rescue the country, the inability of society to engage in internal dialogue. Immaturity of the elites, lack of a sense of their own country as a value that is hard to achieve and easy to lose.

2. Leftism disease. A natural problem of poor countries with a high demand for justice and low legal culture. Consequences - division in society, falling into the trap of hostile propaganda, lack of interest among the middle class in victory.

3. Lack of Western support. The West never understood what was happening in the lands of the Russian Empire, for them it was wild land, where only Moscow can maintain order, and let it be so. Add a temporary alliance with the Germans, and now Ukraine is part of the axis of evil.

If you look closely, you will see almost the same today. A little better. But just a little.

Our unity at both the societal and elite levels was enough for the year 2022. We need a unity pact again. And this social contract is bilateral: the government does not do stupid things and talks to society as adults, and society does not attack the government and each other.

2. We are a very poor country, and we have become even poorer because of the war. We need to let the economy go and tame corruption (not planting, but cutting schemes), otherwise the threat of social conflict will hang over us like a devastating sentence. Add the non-return of temporary emigrants. The left threat is fundamental.

3. All forces must be thrown into diplomacy: personnel, parliamentary, artistic, public, entrepreneurial, scientific, etc. We are not understood by the West, nor the East, nor the South. Add efforts from Russia to be considered evil. Add indifference, fatigue, a bunch of our own challenges in all, and you will see that we are considered the main problem that should be eliminated.

The majority of Ukrainian society, including politicians, believe: Ukraine is so strong that nothing will happen to it under any circumstances. Sometimes it sounds beautiful: we still believe in our victory! This leads to a false idea of the low cost of mistakes: you can do whatever you want, it's not scary, because nothing catastrophic will happen.

In fact, the price of mistakes is very high, and one must fear making a destructive mistake every day, after which nothing can be fixed anymore. Only with such an attitude towards Ukraine can it be preserved.

Ukraine - quite a strong thing, but even it has a limit of strength. Daily workouts can double the weight you lift. But increasing the weight by a hundred times will simply crush even a champion.

We know the consequences of defeat a hundred years ago. We no longer have the right to make mistakes. (c) Valeriy Pekar



🔥This morning in the city of Artem, Primorsky Krai in Russia, a warehouse of building materials was on fire on an area of 700 square meters.



The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published the approximate losses of Russian occupiers for the past day.



🇺🇸Biden will meet with Congress leaders to approve aid to Ukraine.— Bloomberg.Biden to discuss the urgency of adopting bipartisan supplement to the national security and government continuity law, according to the published Sunday weekly White House schedule.

Johnson's office confirmed that the speaker plans to be present at the meeting.

Majority Leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer, Minority Leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell, and Minority Leader in the House of Representatives Hakim Jeffries will also be present at the meeting, according to a congressman's assistant.

Republicans who adhere to a hard line did not support Biden's request to provide Ukraine with over $60 billion in aid.

Full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation has exacerbated the trends of falling birth rates, increasing mortality, and migration in Ukraine

According to the Institute of Demography and Quality of Life, the population of Ukraine has decreased from 42 million to 35 million people over the course of two years since 1991, says deputy director of the Institute Alexander Gladun in a conversation with DW.

According to the Ministry of Justice, during 2023, almost 187.4 thousand births were registered in Ukraine, which is nine percent less than in the first year of invasion (206,032 children), and 31.5 percent less than in 2021 (approximately 273.8 thousand children).

Although the decline in the birth rate in wartime conditions is natural due to the uncertainty of the situation, notes Gladun, such a tendency can lead to the fact that by 2035-2037 the share of the population under 18 years of age will be 12-15 percent compared to 25 percent recorded in 1993. "And this means that with their transition to reproductive age in the next generation, even fewer children will be born. Accordingly, in the next - even fewer," the demographer notes.



The bill on the demobilization of conscripts has been sent for Zelensky's signature!- reported by the people's deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko.



👊Ukrainian soldiers destroyed the following last week: 3 warehouses of ammunition, 7 bases/command posts/headquarters, 2 warehouses of Russian fuel and lubricants.

In addition, there were hits at the Lipetsk Metallurgical Plant.

What Zelensky stubbornly calls security cooperation agreements - security guarantees - speaks of two things. About the substitution of concepts and about his attempt to convince other Ukrainians that security cooperation is true security guarantees. But these are new Budapest memorandums. Or even less.

To prove this, we can cite the words of the deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs of Italy Antonio Tajani. He said that the bilateral agreement on cooperation between Ukraine and Italy in the field of security will bepolitical and symbolic. Therefore, it does not commit to anything. This was stated by him on February 22 at a meeting of the defense committee of the Chamber of Representatives and the Italian Senate, reported by the ANSA agency. The minister noted thatThe agreement does not impose any financial or legal obligations on Rome., does not require Senate approval.

And Zelensky ignores all this. Why?



💪Border guards of the Guard brigade "Steel border" destroyed enemy checkpoint at night in Kharkiv region.



❗️Defense forces withdrew from the village of Lastochkino near Avdiivka,Dictionary OSUV Tavria Dmytro Lykhoviy.

The units went out to organize defense along the line of the settlements of Orlivka, Tone, and Berdychi in order to prevent the advance of Russian troops in the western direction.

Zelensky managed to predict his rule in advance. It's interesting to watch as his speeches come back to him like a boomerang, without losing their relevance.



Lviv Architects' Association calls on the authorities to support the proposalPoroshenko Fund for the restoration of the Shukhevych Museum.The Charitable Foundation of Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko has approached the Lviv Regional Organization of the Union of Architects of Ukraine (LOO NSAU) with a proposal to participate in the discussion and development of a corresponding position and sequence for the restoration of the destroyed Museum of the General-Horunzhy of the UPA Roman Shukhevych in the village of Bilohorshcha. This building was destroyed on the night of January 1, 2024 as a result of drones- kamikaze being aimed at it by Russian army occupiers during the Russo-Ukrainian war, which began in February 2022.- is referred to in the document.



🚨 Air alarm is announced in Ukraine!

Press conference of Volodymyr Zelensky within the framework of the forum "Ukraine. Year 2024" raised many questions. Why is the President of Ukraine avoiding giving a clear answer - who is the real customer of surveillance of journalists Bihus.Info, and how did it happen that the counterattack plan of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ended up on the table of the Kremlin leadership before the start of the military operation - I will figure it out, Boryslav Bereza, on my channel. Join the discussion in the comments.




🚧Polish farmers blocked a checkpoint on the border with Germany.

Blockade by Polish farmers of the autobahn near Frankfurt-an-der-Oder is expected to lead to traffic delays in Brandenburg until the second half of Monday. Numerous trucks, cars, and buses were forced to take detours on Sunday, as tractors were parked for many kilometers on the Polish side.

In Poland, farmers formed a column of tractors on the highway 2 - continuation of A12 on the Polish side - at the Świeck border crossing.

On Sunday evening, the movement of tractors, vans, and trucks on the city bridge in Frankfurt-an-der-Oder from the German side was also blocked. In Germany, farmers protest primarily against the planned reduction of subsidies for agricultural diesel fuel.

As reported by the Polish media, some farmers are waiting in their cars - mainly they are waiting for a meeting with Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the reversal of the EU Green Course policy.



Since February 26, 2014, a lot has changed, and everyone realizes what direction these huge changes are taking. We can end this war on our own, Ukrainian terms. We can reclaim our land and people from occupation. We can hold Russia accountable for what has been done.

However, in order for this to happen, we must fight.

Thank you to everyone who does not forget about Crimea, who helps our efforts regarding Crimea. Who helps our soldiers. Who fights in Crimea against the occupiers. Who does not give their soul to Russian evil. Who helps to release people who have been repressed by the Russian regime, who supports these people and preserves their faith - faith in justice, in its power and in Ukraine. The return of all our prisoners, the return of all those deported from Ukraine, the return of Crimean political prisoners is our unconditional priority. And I am grateful to all countries that help us with this.



🗣️In 2024, Russia plans to produce 2.7 million shells.- representative of the GRU Vadim Skibitsky.

According to him, in February 2024, the Russians planned to launch 130 missiles of the Iskander, caliber, X-101, X-32, Kinzhal class. In total, this year they plan to produce 2.7 million shells. Last year, they produced about 2 million 122mm and 152mm shells.

Skibicki emphasized that Belarus has already exported all the ammunition. And from North Korea, the Russians received 1.5 million shells. However, these are 70-80 year old ammunition, half of which do not work.

However, the aggressor state uses about 300 combat aircraft against us. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for us to get F-16 as soon as possible.



⛓️ The Security Service of Ukraine uncovered a couple of FSB agents who were preparing a missile strike on the thermal power plant to cut off Lviv's electricity.

Among the enemy's main goals were power plants that provide light to most of this region.

To carry out an enemy task, the Russian special services involved a local couple.

At the same time, the main figure turned out to be a man who has been serving a sentence in a local colony since 2023 for causing serious bodily harm.

In the enemy's field of vision, he was caught due to the spread of posts on social media in support of the Russian Federation's armed aggression against Ukraine.

Later, the employees of the FSB established contact with him and recruited him remotely.

At his request, the woman had to find the necessary energy objects and photograph them with a link to the locality.

He faces lifelong imprisonment.

Also planned to inform the woman suspect of state treason. The investigation is ongoing.

It seems that the superpower trip of Shmyhal with ministers to the border with Poland has paid off. I think Zelensky no longer needs to blame the Poles for border incidents in the best traditions of the Kryvyi Rih School of Diplomacy. And the Government shouldn't rush there either. Otherwise, someone else might join this damn strike. Maybe it's worth working according to the classic protocol, not just performances?



😈The reconnaissance of the RUP Hornet discovered the rotation of the enemy. The infantry that entered the building was hit by direct artillery fire from the 3rd OSBr.

Even if the body is mutilated... There is a Soul and a Voice.

This is the hero of my interview Andriy Smolensky with a call sign "Apostol". The last time we saw each other was half a year ago in the hospital. He was singing then too, but it was very difficult for him. I was crying.

For 9 long months he fought for his voice. Here is the result after, after which there are no more tears. There is faith. If it exists in the Apostle, then it must be in each of us.

This is not just about the unbreakability of the Voice.

This is about the invincibility of our country 🇺🇦 (с)Anna Miroshnichenko



Activists raised the flag of Ukraine on the summit in occupied Crimea.

10 years of Russian occupation, partisans continue to remind the Russians that Crimea is Ukraine!

Today, activists of the Yellow Ribbon movement raise our flag on one of the Crimea mountain peaks. Soon you will see how the blue-yellow flag soars above the entire peninsula.

We know for sure that Crimea will be free from thet Russians, and we will resist as much as necessary.The message says.



The bill on mobilization was submitted with 4195 amendments.— People's Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

If everything goes well, then from March 6, the bill will begin to be considered in the Rada. Since there are many amendments, this process in the hall may be delayed for a couple of days, - adds the deputy.



The government is developing a cashback program Buy Ukrainian - Ukrainians will be able to get back some of the money for buying certain goods made in Ukraine.

Cashback can be obtained on a special card. It is planned that the program will start working already this year.In order for Ukraine to have all the necessary resources for its victory, Ukrainian goods, Ukrainian services, Ukrainian consumption, and Ukrainian exports must also win - that is, Ukrainian entrepreneurs," Zelensky said.



🤝Macron is convening a conference of European leaders to help Ukraine.

It is noted that Macron invited his European colleagues to the Elysee Palace for a working meeting in order to develop a way to counter the Kremlin's claims that Russia is inevitably winning the war against Ukraine.

Another reason for the conference was the escalation of aggression by the RF in recent weeks.

We plan to send a clear message to Putin that he will not win in Ukraine," said a French president's adviser to journalists.

He added that this working meeting does not imply an announcement of new arms supplies to Ukraine, but will have the format of a brainstorm - to improve efficiency on the ground, as well as to strengthen coordination between allies and Ukraine.

Among the leaders of the states at the conference, they are waiting for the Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, as well as the leaders of the Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

Other countries will be represented at the ministerial level. The meeting will also be attended by the United States and Canada.

Russiania was burning, is burning and will continue burning. Especially when it goes so densely. Glory to the Ukrainian military!



Fighters of the 1st self-propelled artillery division of the 32nd separate mechanized brigade are asking for help, namely to gather vehicles for the evacuation of heavily wounded and for the movement of personnel.

Also, cars are needed for the mobility of the fighters, and therefore for a higher quality performance of combat missions on the Kupyansk direction - one of the hottest frontlines!

We ask everyone who is not indifferent not to pass by and join this collection💙💛

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😳 Two offenders were planning to illegally sneak into Romania.- State Border Guard Service

The movement of unknown persons towards the neighboring country was discovered by the crew of the patrol helicopter. The aviators adjusted the border patrol, which detained the men near the state border within a few minutes.

Materials on an administrative offense have been drawn up regarding the detainees.



⛓️ The SBU exposed a collaborator who set up a field kitchen for the militants during the battles for Mykolaiv.

The culprit turned out to be a resident of the village of Novopetrivka in Snihurivskyi district. During the capture of the community, he set up a field kitchen for the groups of Kadyrovtsy who entered this settlement.

It was found that the collaborator arranged a canteen for the occupiers on the territory of his own house, and took products for the menu from his own farm.

Also, the collaborator delivered food to the trenches, to the front positions of the regular troops of the Russian Federation.

In addition, the man repaired the military equipment of the Kadyrivtsi who were on duty at checkpoints and looted the private homes of local residents.

After being released from the village, the person moved to Khmelnytskyi as a resettler. In this way, he tried to sink to the bottom and avoid justice.

The perpetrator faces up to 5 years in prison with property confiscation.

Why didn’t Zelensky prepare Ukraine for defense in 2022? Did Kyiv save itself from occupation with one illegal order? Did the Russians outsmart Zelensky? Is the government cutting funding from the EU? Details were shared by Ukrainian politician and statesman, former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko in a conversation with Borislav Bereza.




⚖️ The Higher Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine has chosen a preventive measure for the former deputy Sergiy Pashinsky in the form of detention until April 25 with the possibility of bail of 272 million 520 thousand hryvnias.



✍️ Zelensky signed a law on the demobilization of conscripts.



Polish farmers decided to start a blockade on the border with Lithuania on March 1 at 10 a.m.

Protesters plan to stop and inspect vehicles near the checkpoint between the Lithuanian city of Kalvaria and the Polish Budzisko, reports "YEP".

This will not be a complete blockade of the border crossing point. We, farmers, together with representatives of the Polish authorities, want to check what is being transported in trucks, paying special attention to those that may carry agricultural products… If it is grain and other agricultural products, we want to know where and how it is coming from, in order to understand the volumes, - explained the co-organizer of the protest at the Lithuanian border Karolis Pechinskis.

Farmers promise to freely pass fuel trucks, industrial cargo, or cattle trucks, as well as passenger and light vehicles.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz once again spoke out against the supply of long-range missiles Taurus to Ukraine. In his opinion, this could drag his country into a war with Russia.

Against this background and understanding that the end of the Republican blockade of aid to Ukraine is still far off, questions arise regarding the president's statement from yesterday. "Regarding ATACMS at 300 km, we understand what they are for, RF also understands. We are working on long-range weapons. I would answer in general: I am in a positive position in their recent response from partners," - Zelensky said, responding to questions about Ukraine's prospects of receiving ATACMS missiles.

Let's hope he talked about real prospects, not new kebabs.



The Russian army is deploying its reserves to the direction of Kharkiv, their main goal is to capture Kupiansk - stated spokesman OSUV Hortitsa Illya Yevlash.

According to him, the situation on the Kupyansk direction remains difficult. The enemy is deploying heavy equipment there and increasing the number of personnel without sparing them. The Russian army is also strengthening the border line and reinforcing reserves with units of the Russian National Guard near Kupyansk.

ZSU, in turn, actively use FPV drones, destroying up to 60% of enemy equipment during attacks.

We have occupied quite powerful fortifications, built a defensive line on the Lymano-Kupyansk direction near Kupyansk, equipped with a lot of engineering structures," Evlash said.

A small survey!

Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with FoxNews said that due to his current popularity, if elections were held today, he would be re-elected by the people. If presidential elections were held, how would you vote? Please click on the link and vote. I want to measure the mood among my audience. Thank you.




❗️The Hungarian Parliament has ratified Sweden's application for membership in NATO..

By the way, just one observation. The journalists who were sitting at that press conference yesterday applauded at the end.

This is two in one: firstly, an accurate and unambiguous description of this press conference, secondly - an accurate and unambiguous description of these journalists.

Because they do not applaud at press conferences. Never. Nobody. At all. A press conference is always a completely working moment. And if they applaud - it's a show, and in the hall - either satisfied spectators, or hired clappers. But not journalists.

The journalist with 30 years of experience completed the report. (c)Boris Nemirovsky



🇩🇪Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz spoke out against supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles Taurus, as this could drag his country into a war with Russia.

Germany is the largest military supplier to Ukraine in Europe. It remains so. But one thing is clear: we will not take sides in the war - neither directly nor indirectly. These two principles guide me in all my decisions, he wrote on the social network X.

Olaf Scholz spoke out against the delivery of Taurus winged missiles to Ukraine and explained his position by concern for the security of Germany and the threat of dragging the FRG into war.

Scholz's explanations are not without sense. Rockets of such range (up to 500 km) have not been supplied to Kyiv yet, and Berlin's main partner, Washington, is not moving in this direction yet. Unlike France and the United Kingdom, which supply cruise missiles, Germany does not have its own nuclear weapons. It is more vulnerable than London and Paris. There is a point of view that Putin directly threatened Scholz to use nuclear weapons against Germany, and Russian propaganda is successfully spreading fears in German society.

2. These fears of the Russian colossus on clay feet are greatly exaggerated, but that does not mean that the chancellor is not under their influence. 65-year-old Scholz is a politician of the old formation, his youth fell on the era of the peace movement in Western Europe, which the USSR tried to manipulate by spreading fears of a nuclear catastrophe. Today's Russian rhetoric is "an old song in a new way," but this "old song" still works.

3. Scholz focuses on public opinion and moods in his own social democratic party. Public opinion rejects rocket supplies, and most of the German social democrats - as a party of pacifists, for whom it is still morally difficult to break with Russia - are against such a decision

4. Scholz himself has no political future. His chances of staying in power look bleak. But there are also the interests of the party, which does not want to lose the votes of pacifists and sees itself as part of a future coalition.

5. Schultz does not have to rely on the indulgence of descendants. He will be criticized for indecisiveness and inability to assess the importance of the moment and make fundamental decisions. But the Chancellor is hardly concerned about this today. He is a politician for whom there is a "today", not a statesman who looks to the future.

6. Schulz's words should be taken calmly. With Taurus missiles, it will most likely be like with other weapons from Germany: "No, never - no - possible - yes." The missiles will eventually be delivered, but Schulz will not be credited with this decision. He will go down in history as Mr. Indecisive. (c) Alexander Friedman

And a little about good news from Russia. Biobreed is returning from the war, which believes that it is the heroes of their country and tries to educate the local population. But in the end, they get punched in the face. Everything is logical. Either these freaks will be beaten or they will be beaten. For now, heroes are being systematically beaten. In this video from Kaluga, the education of the hero and his buddy took place at a high and accessible level for him. They got what they deserved. And this will soon be widespread in Russia.

"We fight for you, here are such faggots."- Who is a faggot? Scumbag! Fuck off from here.

We should start a challenge in Russia - hit the first hero. ))



In 2023, for a TV-marathon, government spent over 800 million hryvnias.

In 2023, the state enterprise "Multimedia Broadcasting Platform of Ukraine", which is subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, and the state enterprise "Parliamentary TV channel "Rada" spent 842.2 million UAH on producing content for two telethons: "Only news" and FreeДом.

As Dozorro reports, 618.5 million hryvnias were spent on "Yedini Novyny", and 223.7 million hryvnias on the Russian-speaking FreeDom.

Today, on Monday, February 26th, at 19:00, we will be going live together with Oleksiy Golobutskiy.

We are talking about:

- On February 25, a big press conference of the President of Ukraine took place. There Zelensky said and promised a lot. Questions arose about his statements. So what did Zelensky say? And will his words somehow turn into decisive actions?

- At the press conference, Zelensky named the figure of 31 thousand fallen heroes. Many have perceived this with mistrust. Why doesn't the people believe the words of the authorities?

- Ukraine needs unity. During the war, no nation can withstand without it. What does the government need to do to restore trust? Is it ready and able to do this?

Zelensky stubbornly calls security cooperation agreements "security guarantees." But what are they really?

- The situation on the Polish border is only getting worse. Starting from March 1st, Polish carriers plan to join the farmers' protest. What will happen next? What will be the actions of the Polish government? And what can our politicians achieve?




The documentary film "20 days in Mariupol" was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Documentary category.

And some Americans have already managed to watch the film and are impressed with what they saw.

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Today attended a special summit in Paris - a summit of leaders convened by President Macron of France. The main theme - anything that strengthens us in Europe, our resilience, capabilities: of course, our arsenals, our ability to produce weapons, the supply of weapons to Ukraine, and the continuity of support.

Everything we do together to protect against Russian aggression adds real security for our peoples for decades to come. Because each Russian loss and each Russian defeat teaches Russia and any other opponent of Europe and the free world in general, teaches that aggression does not bring and cannot bring results. Cooperation and determination are the two answers that everyone should give to the question of ending the war and bringing peace.

Thank you to everyone who works for Ukraine like that! Thank you to everyone who fights for Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

Better confirmation of the words of our president. When he is right - then he is right. You can't even imagine that. ))



From the promised one million of ammunition by the European Union, Ukraine has only received 30% so far.reportedZelensky.

As for Europe and the percentage you mentioned, it's not quite right. Out of the million doses that the European Union promised us, only 30%, unfortunately, arrived, - said Zelensky at a joint briefing with Bulgarian Prime Minister Denkov.

During the day, the aviation of the defense forces struck 9 districts where enemy personnel were concentrated. Strikes were carried out against live forces and positions of the occupiers.

Glory to Ukrainian soldiers!



Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine SIRSKIY is developing two variants of a plan on how to continue fighting, Zelensky informed in an interview with CNN.

If Kyiv receives assistance from the USA, it will be able to push back Russia. If not, then we will have to focus only on defense, - explained the president.

They sent from Strasbourg. Photo bomb!



Near the Watchful Ravine, engineering work was and is being carried out, said the OSUV spokesman Khortytsia Ilya Yevlash.

Near the Chasovyi Yar, engineering works were and are being carried out, the enemy is already quite close to this settlement. However, these engineering fortifications that are there will not allow the enemy to simply take a leisurely walk. Of course, we will beat the enemy from all directions, with all available weapons, ammunition," Yevlash said on the air of a telethon.



🇩🇪The government of Germany has announced the dispatch of another batch of military aid to Ukraine.

Ukraine received 14 thousand artillery shells of 155 mm caliber, as well as:

🔺4 WISENT 1 demining vehicles.

🔺3 mobile remotely controlled and protected demining systems;

Materials for neutralizing explosive objects;

🔺 250 sets for demining;

🔺10 reconnaissance drones Vector with spare parts;

🔺22 detection and suppression systems against drones;

🔺12 SatCom terminals

🔺4 vehicles for border security.

Germany provides Ukraine with a new package of military aid:

- 4 WISENT 1 demining vehicles

- 4 patrol cars

- 14,000 155mm shells

- 250 means of demining

- 10 reconnaissance UAVs Vector with spare parts

- 22 anti-drone systems

- 12 terminals SatCom

materials for neutralizing explosive objects

- 3 remotely controlled demining systems



We have gathered for you the main things you may have missed for February 26th:

🔹Ukrainian soldiers strengthened the defense line west of Avdiivka.

🔹In Ukraine could launch work at one of the airports.

🔹 Zelensky signed law on the retirement of conscripts after the end of their service period during a state of war. From March 1 in Ukraine grow pensions

🔹Pashinsky got preventive measure in the form of detention until April 25, 2024 with the possibility of posting bail in the amount of 272,520,000 UAH.

This is for not praying. )))



🚂 Ukrzaliznytsia will not increase tariffs for domestic passenger and freight transportation.

In the financial plan of Ukrzaliznytsia for this year, there is no increase in tariffs for transportation. Neither for passengers nor for freight, - said the chairman of the board of Ukrzaliznytsia Evgen Lyashenko in a comment to "Ukrinform".

He stressed that it is about domestic transportation. As for international transportation, pricing is based on agreements with international partners.

On foreign policy - depends not only on us. So I can't say for sure that there will be no growth. However, if there is, it will definitely be insignificant, - Lyashchenko added.

Yuriy Butusov says important things. The problem is that they don't want and are not ready to hear in the Office of the President. Zelensky still believes that if you cover yourself with a blanket, the monsters will disappear. But the Rusnya is not monsters from fairy tales. This is a real enemy. And to defeat him, you need not to simulate vigorous activity, but to really act. And not only do everything possible, but also superhumanly. And Zelensky should listen to those who are smarter and more experienced than him, not sycophants.

Through the Russian invasion, Western arms manufacturers have the opportunity to test their products in real combat conditions. Testing is carried out on Muscovites. And this is the choice of Muscovites. If there was no invasion, there would be no such thing.

France will supply 250,000 strike drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the end of 2024, - French Defense Minister Sebastien Laycornu

Drones will be equipped with fragmentation explosive devices by area and artificial intelligence. They are autonomous, find targets themselves, identify them, and then carry out an air explosion, he said.

Such massive testing in real combat conditions has never been done in France before. Potentially - this is minus 250,000 Russian soldiers. Waiting for delivery.



Trump does not understand Putin because he has never fought with him, Zelensky said in an interview with CNN.

I know that Trump met with Putin, but he never fought with him. The American army never fought with the Russian army. I understand this better, - said the Ukrainian president.

Zelensky noted that Trump does not understand that Putin will never stop.



💪 Today in the evening, the PPO forces shot down two cruise missiles in the Kryvyi Rih district, - the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional administration Lysak.

Katsap died a natural death


Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people