Mar 20, 2024 - Day 756

756th day of active phase of 10-year war. War does not make us better or worse. It shows us who we truly are. Everyone here?

Time for some great news!



💥At night explosions rang out in the Russian city of Engels.

The occupiers report 4 explosions and 2 drones liquidated above the city.

By the way, there is a strategic aviation airbase located there.



At night it was loud in Sinyelnikivskyi district.— Head of Dnipro Regional Department of the Security Service of Ukraine Lysak.

From the enemy attack, 5 people were injured. Among them, there is a whole family, whose house was destroyed by the occupiers.

Brother and sister - 12 and 19 years old, 57-year-old father - in moderate condition. 47-year-old woman is more seriously injured. Severe. All four are in the hospital.

On the affected territory, houses are damaged.

You can take out the Russian language from the Soviet Union to Estonia. But it is impossible to remove the Soviet mentality even in Estonia. Biodegradable waste. The sooner it dies, the cleaner the world will be.



❗️On the Kupyansk direction, the enemy attempted to storm the positions of the Defense Forces 10 times without success, on the Limansk direction our soldiers repelled 14 enemy attacks.- General Staff

During the past day there were 80 military clashes.

Aviation of the Defense Forces struck at 6 districts of concentration of personnel, weapons and military equipment of the enemy.

Rocket troops units hit 2 ammunition depots, 1 ground control point of UAVs and 1 enemy EW station.

Donald Trump changed the polarity of his statements and announced that the US will remain in NATO "100 percent" under his leadership, as long as European countries "play fair," and allies can count on him.

В interviewwith his friend and ally Nigel Farage for the British TV channel GB News, which is to air on Tuesday night, Trump confirmed his commitment to the transatlantic alliance, but warned European countries not to "use" American support.

His comments can help calm the nerves of Western leaders worried that Trump could officially withdraw America from NATO if he wins the election, already as President of the United States.

Answering the direct question of whether during his presidency the United States will come to the aid of NATO countries under attack, Trump replied that it will be so.

"Yes. But you know, the United States should pay their fair share, not everyone else's fair share," Trump replied.



🕯In the morning at 9:00, a minute of silence is dedicated to the memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



Today we honor the memory of the rescuer from Odessa Denis Kolesnikov.

The man worked as a firefighter driver. On March 15, while performing his duties, he received injuries incompatible with life. Together with his colleagues, the rescuer arrived to eliminate the consequences of enemy shelling, but was hit by a second rocket strike by the Russians. The firefighter was 29 years old.

Memory eternal!

‼️ Masterpiece from the fighters47 Separate Mechanized Brigade 🔥

Magic technique that enters the zone of responsibility47 OMBR- back is not coming back. Burn it clearly and skillfully.

Just like the Russian scum. Each of them must be punished☠️

Worksrotary strike UAV squad47th separate mechanized brigade.

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🗣️ Evaders who ignored the summons three times and did not appear at the TCC will be declared wanted.— said MP Vadim Ivchenko.According to him, deputies propose to add such a norm to the law on mobilization. Also, fines and administrative liability for evading mobilization are planned to increase in the Parliament.

We know about the initiative regarding the increase in fines and administrative responsibility. If you received the first summons, this fine will be increased. If you do not appear the second time after the summons in the military commissariat, then the fine will be even greater. And the third time, perhaps, if you deliberately avoid and so on, at the discretion of the court, I think, a person may be declared wanted, - added the MP.



💪Attack on the Russian Engels, where an airfield is located carried out by the GRU- writes RBK-Ukraine with reference to sources.

Consequences are currently being clarified.



The Russian Ministry of Defense reported shooting down 5 UAVs tonight in the sky over Russia - 4 in the Saratov region and one in the Belarusian People's Republic.

The results of the attack require clarification💩.



😡 RF shelling residential areas of Kherson and the region: as a result of the RF attack, 1 person died, another 5 were injured.— OVA.

As a result, 2 multi-storey buildings and 8 private houses were damaged. Hits were also recorded in an administrative building, a preschool educational institution, port infrastructure, and a car -reports the head of OVA Prokudin.



700 occupiers and more than 40 units of equipment: Russian losses for the day.

🇪🇺In advance in the EUagreedextension of duty-free export of agricultural products for Ukraine for another yearreported in the European Parliament.

The European Commission may introduce measures it deems necessary in case of "serious breaches on the EU market or markets of one or more EU countries due to Ukrainian imports," according to the statement.

The decision also provides for "emergency braking" for particularly sensitive categories, namely birds, eggs and sugar. MEPs have added oats, corn, groats, and honey to this list.

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By the end of March, EU countries will transfer half of the promised million shells to Ukraine. ⚔️— European Commission representative for external affairs Peter Stano.

So, by the end of March, we did not deliver a million shells. But Ukraine will receive even more than a million, if we rely on the existing capacities and placed orders," he said.



🗞️EU does not want to publicly discuss accepting new members against the backdrop of farmer protests, as well as future elections., — Politico. -, -Politico.

As the publication writes, the EU keeps secret the work on preparing for the final integration of Ukraine, Moldova, as well as a number of countries in the Western Balkans because it will have side effects for farmers.

Meanwhile, European leaders are making concessions to appease protesting farmers.

Let's be honest: nobody wants to talk about it (expansion, - ed.) before the European elections. Talk of reducing subsidies for European farmers is not what you would want to put on the slogans of your campaign - or give as electoral ammunition. far right.- stated one of the EU officials.

Urgent appeal to social media experts in Ukraine!

Konstantin Galan, thrice wounded, awarded the Order of Courage III degree, appealed to all those who constantly write in the comments asking: why aren't the TCK military personnel on the front lines?

Answer shortly: they were already. Most are injured and have combat experience.

Now, a question to such commentators: why are you not on the front lines?

If there is no answer, break into motion! Sitting at home near mom is boring and not manly)



☠️Aerial reconnaissance troops of the 1st MB 30th OMBr destroy enemy manpower with ammunition drops during night work.



🔥Explosions have been heard in Belgorod since morning.

As seen from the video, the Russian Pe-Ve-O works well.

The MP from "Servant of the People" Demchenko said that Ukraine needs a dictatorship, not democracy. And he is not the first of the servants to say that. Why do representatives of the "Servant of the People" make such statements? Is this heating up society? If the faction does not object to such statements, is this the position of the faction? Is Yermak building a dictatorship in Ukraine? Should we expect Zelensky's reaction? Answered the questions in his author's blog. Write your thoughts in the comments



Volunteers were approached by the defenders of the special unit KRAKEN with a request to provide high-quality tactical clothing and footwear (the issue remains relevant).

Boys also need Starlink, as theirs was destroyed.

We are raising funds for the needs of the unit and hope for your support 🫶🏻 together to victory!

🎯 Goal: 168 888.00 UAH

🔗Link to the bank

💳 Card number bank

5375 4112 1666 00715375 4112 1666 0071

Reports of previous meetings:



❕The Servant of the People faction is close to disorganization.- writes Ukrainska Pravda with reference to sources.

Now in the Servant of the People party there are officially 235 parliamentarians.

Regularly attend meetings and actively vote - approximately 170-180 deputies. The rest either openly split off, like 17 deputies of the Razumkov group, or regularly skip meetings.

According to the source, there is a misunderstanding between the President's Office and the Parliament.

Between the Office of the President and the Parliament, there is a misunderstanding. The President's Office disdains the Parliament. They think that the servants will vote for everything they need, because Zelensky brought them to power. Yes, he brought them. So what? And we have already withstood two years of full-scale war. Therefore, the old model of interaction no longer works. Something needs to be changed.

First of all, everyone is tired of the war. Secondly, there are many strict restrictions, for example, the impossibility of going on a business trip. Thirdly, deputies do not influence the processes in the state and therefore do not see their role in the Rada and the point of being there.



🚨 In Kyiv and a number of regions, an air alarm has been announced!



🥹Two children were successfully rescued from the TOT Kherson region.— head OVA Prokudin.

From the occupation, it was possible to return to the homeland the foster family in which two children were raised, deprived of parental care. These are boys aged 13 and 15.



At the Medyka-Shehyni checkpoint, the blocking of buses has begun.— State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

According to information from Polish colleagues, the restriction of bus traffic started today at around 11:10. Its organizers are blocking the road in front of the Medyka crossing point, adjacent to the Ukrainian crossing point in Shehyni.- say the border guards.

They plan to let one bus through every two hours, both at the entrance to Ukraine and at the exit. The terms of blocking the movement of this category of transport are currently unknown.

The Krinitsky family from Odessa organized a gender party on the ruins of their house, proving that even though the Russians ruthlessly shell the civilian population, this will not break the strength of the Ukrainians. Life goes on, even when there is devastation from another rocket or drone around.

Anastasia Krynitska posted a video on TikTok against the background of the ruins of her house in Odessa, signing it Gender-Ne-pati with a reference to the possibility of arranging a small holiday in one of the rooms of the dwelling, which is no longer there.

As we waited for this, just not under such circumstances," she wrote.

As the woman pointed out, the fact that they are waiting for a daughter is a good omen. Girls are born for victory, - Anastasia reported. (c) Obuz

Life goes on. And we will not be broken. This is the main thing!



🤣 Checkpoints are appearing at the entrance to 7 settlements in the Belgorod region, said the governor.

In addition, by the end of the week, students from the border regions of the Belgorod region, as well as Belgorod and Yakovlevsky city districts went on vacation. Teaching in colleges and universities will be conducted remotely.

According to Gladkov, starting tomorrow, the authorities will issue free food packages to residents of certain settlements. And on March 22, 1,200 children from the region will head to Penza, Tambov, and Kaluga.

And what happened at all, why such a commotion 😅?



The European Commission has transferred the first tranche of financial aid to Ukraine in the amount of €4.5 billion from a large package of €50 billion, announced by Josep Borrell.



The occupiers once again hit one of the districts of Kharkiv.— Blue-eyed.

There may be people under the rubble. All relevant services are working on site.

Information is being clarified.



📄Draft law on mobilization: there will be no electronic wallets, but an electronic cabinet will be a right, not a duty .

660 amendments to the new mobilization law have been considered out of over 4000.

According to the deputies' words, yesterday the Committee supported:

🔹possibility for citizens who have arrived at the military enlistment offices from specific military units, after training there and serving;

🔹electronic cabinet as a right, not a duty;

🔹there will be no electronic report cards;

Notification regarding mobilization may be transferred to the district administration, not to the village heads - in communities with up to 10,000 residents.



❗️Kharkiv Regional State Administration warned city residents about possiblerepeated strikes. And called to stay in a safe place until the air raid.

"There is a risk of new construction cartels forming due to imperfect regulation," noted Chatham House in government clone decree 5655 in the document "Strengthening long-term stability in Ukraine. Fighting corruption in times of war."

We have repeatedly called the "reform 5655" a cartel conspiracy. Now the Royal Institute of International Relations has come to the same conclusion.

That's the case when we have the European Parliament, the European Commission, Chatham House, and even the President.

Against whom?))

Shulyak with Kubrakov Isayenko, Kozlovskaya and their handmade cartel)))🤦🏻‍♀️

Great that we all know the truth and it is illuminated daily by the best world institutions.

Catch more great news:

Chatham House analysts mention the need for the introduction of a new Urban Planning Code in Ukraine, which must be created in accordance with European practices and is currently being worked on by a working group in the Verkhovna Rada

Working with the best for the best future of Ukraine 🇺🇦

(c)Anna Kiriy

In any civilized democratic country, a member of parliament, caught in a similar situation, not only resigns but also faces legal prosecution. And in Ukraine Olena Shulyan does not resign, but continues to lead the presidential party Servant of the People. This clearly shows what kind of country Zelensky is building with his servants.



As a result of today's strike on Kharkiv, there are casualties.- Mayor Terekhov.

Their number and the severity of injuries are being specified. There is a very large fire at the scene of the crash. All relevant services and volunteers are working at the scene.



Polish farmers have once again embarked on a large-scale protest action throughout the country, -RMF24

Previously, about 70,000 people will take part in the action. The police warn of complications on the roads.



❗️In Kharkiv, five injured are known to be.— Terekhov.

Two have already been hospitalized, the rest are being examined by doctors and deciding on whether to send to the hospital.

However, the search operation continues, as does the fire extinguishing.

Without mobilization of at least 250,000 people, Ukraine has no chance of holding back the advancing occupiers, let alone liberating territories.declaredCombat Vovkiv Da Vinci Philimonov

Also, according to him:

The tactics of the Russian army on the battlefield have changed fundamentally, the enemy better understands the terrain.

▪️Right now, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting against an army with an unlimited wallet.

▪️Today, the defense forces are facing many problems - from a lack of personnel and command issues to fortifications.

- In the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is a shortage of infantry, forced mobilization partially covers this, although there are questions about the quality of its conduct.

Draw conclusions yourself.



☺️You will have even more beautiful shots from Belgorod in your feed.

By the way, Rossmi reports one dead in the city.



Luxembourg has joined the artillery coalition led by France and Germany, the Ministry of Defense reported.

The country now buys drones for Ukraine in cooperation with Belgium and the Netherlands.



🤬 In Kharkiv, three people died, but the number of victims and injured may be much greater.- Head of the Investigative Department of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kharkiv region Serhiy Bolvin.

According to him, around one o'clock in the afternoon, the enemy shelled the city - damaging an eight-storey building and a production workshop in the Kholodnogirsk district. The fire engulfed more than 1000 square meters. A regular printing house and a furniture production and painting workshop.

Among the injured are employees of the enterprise, two of them are in serious condition. The rescue operation and fire extinguishing are underway.



💬 Macron meant the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.— Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kuleba.

When Macron spoke about sending troops to Ukraine, European leaders panicked. Macron only meant the possibility of training Ukrainian soldiers directly in Ukraine, not outside the country, as is happening now.

Kuleba noted that Ukraine needs ammunition and weapons, but never asked France to send troops to fight against Russia.

We have never asked people and armed forces, we are proud of our soldiers.



People who make up the agenda have lost touch with life. Only this morning I returned from the East, where 10 brigades received from us what the state does not provide. So: the land is burning along the entire front line - from Kupyansk to Kherson.

I want to emphasize that history teaches us nothing, even when it is tragic. Like in August 2021, we shouted for increased funding for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and there were such jokes then, and now, when we demand the key word - fortification. And fortification is not driving a quad bike to take pictures at the exemplary VOP. Fortification is 2000 kilometers. This is the control of money use.

Ask the government how many percent have been put into operation - and it will be less than 10.

And who should you ask? There is no government. Parliament is losing its control constitutional function and we are responsible for this.

The question of the commission's decision on fortifications was supported by all except the servants. Give your representative and vote!

Second position: Moscow church. This is the same fortification structure against the influence of the FSB of Russia, as the first issue. Put it immediately and vote.

Third position: return the money to the brigades. Increase the personal income tax in their possession!

Fourth position - pass our bill on protecting the business climate. Because the only ones who support our army are taxpayers of Ukraine. And law enforcement officers, instead of going to the front, love to feed in the offices of Ukrainian businessmen.

And the next question: our movement towards the European Union. You promised that negotiations would begin in March 2024. Where? We must immediately put to a vote the resolution on the implementation of the European Parliament resolution, in particular as regards the delegation of deputies.


RDC and other formations, the strength of which Putin estimated at 2,500 people, managed to lose 3,500 fighters during the hostilities in the Belgorod and other border regions, according to Shoigu's calculations.

Nice to know that for the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, a) military service experience is NOT required, b) honesty and c) basic knowledge of mathematics. (c) Alexander Friedman



The consequences of the shelling of Kharkov by Russia were shown by the State Emergency Service.



Border guards detained 8 violators who, wearing protective overalls, tried to pass the Kuchurgan estuary.

Such a route was organized by two men in Odessa. With their help in crossing the border, they took $5300 from each "client". Part of the sum in the amount of $1000 the violators were supposed to transfer to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Two organizers were informed of suspicion, others were drawn up administrative protocols.



⛓️ SBU detained traitor who adjusted airstrikes on Kharkiv in the early days of full-scale war bypassing air defense systems.

In the first days of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the criminal was scouting the locations of basing and movement of Ukrainian troops, who were fighting for the regional center.

Such information was especially valuable to the occupiers. This allowed Russian bombers to strike the city bypassing air defense systems.

On the eve of the region's liberation, the person in question went into hiding - suspending contacts with Russian intelligence and almost never leaving his own house on the outskirts of the regional center.

According to the investigation, a local resident turned out to be a hostile agent who was recruited by the Russian military intelligence even before the start of full-scale aggression against Ukraine. His close relative is one of the commanders of the Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group Irbis, who uses the call sign Bagheera.

The perpetrator is in custody. He faces 15 years in prison with confiscation of property.



🤽‍♂️12 Russian and 7 Belarusian athletes have qualified for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.- said the IOC.

At the same time, Russian and Belarusian athletes were banned from participating in the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Paris.

Also, the medals of Russian and Belarusian athletes will not be counted in the overall standings of the Olympic Games.

Do servants pull the dictatorship? Why did Ukraine turn into an office-presidential republic? Is Yermak really in charge of everything? What did Prime Minister Shmyhal announce? Is there a demographic crisis in Ukraine? What steps is Europe taking to help Ukraine? Will Germany dare to give the "TAURUS" missiles? Will the British scheme work? Did Zelensky refuse Macron regarding the deployment of troops? Will there be NATO soldiers in Ukraine? Special forces officer, officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, member of the VIII convocation Igor Lapin answered these questions in a conversation with Borislav Bereza.



🙏🏻 Approximately 10 people may be trapped under the rubble of a printing house in Kharkiv,- Sinigubov.



🔥 Lithuania will allocate €35 million to purchase ammunition for Ukraine under the Czech initiative., — Prime Minister of the country Ingrida Šimonytė.



🤬The number of deaths in Kharkiv has increased to 4, - Terekhov.

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What is the connection between the occupied Abkhazia and the Black Sea Fleet?

More videos on our TikTok👇

She was 22.

only 22!

By years - a child. In spirit - a hero.

Nasti is no more. She was our colleague — a military medic. I did not know her personally. But it hurts so much when medics who are called to save lives, and children who have not yet lived, die...

Nastya has been waiting for a medical career - to achieve success, to make the country and medicine better. She was awaiting a long, happy, bright life. She awaited a huge world that needed to be conquered.

But the evil will of the invaders crossed out everything. She is no more, she is now only in our memory...

Anastasiia Marchuk with the call sign "Troy" went to fight in DUk PS from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, and later became a medic of the 1st shooter battalion of the 67th separate mechanized brigade.

Eternal memory. Condolences to relatives and close ones🙏 (c) Olga Bogomolets

Farewell to Anastasiya Maryanchuk, Nastya Troy will take place on March 21 at 11 am in St. Michael's Cathedral. The burial ceremony will take place at Baikove cemetery.

Eternal memory of the heroine 😥🙏



The occupiers struck the Vuhledar community of Donetsk region from the air.

As a result of the attack, two men died, a woman - injured



💥Ukrainian military destroyed two reconnaissance UAVs Supercam in Odessa region

The number of new mobilized may be less than half a million, as mentioned earlier, - says Prime Minister Shmyhal.

He stated that the assessment showed that such mobilization scales are not needed, considering the rotations that take place at the forefront, and the weapons that arrive.

The assessment showed...The shashlikami 2.0. And there are many who want to hear such statements from one of the talking heads of the Bank.



🖊The parliamentary committee approved the renaming of a number of settlements.

They sent me this. I watched it. And why remove such crap with cardboard characters and primitive dialogues? Who is this garbage designed for? I hope at least it wasn't funded by the State Treasury.



Spain will deliver Ukraine another batch of 20 Leopard 2 tanks, - InfoDefensa

This lot was in storage at the army base near the city of Zaragoza. Tanks will soon be decommissioned and sent for repairs to Seville.

Repair and transfer lines for tanks to Ukraine are not disclosed yet.

Today, on Wednesday, March 20th, at 20:00, we will be doing a broadcast with political observer and publicist Vitaliy Portnikov.

Elections in the Russian Federation. How can this show be summed up? Does the world recognize Putin's legitimacy? What will change in Russia now? What are Putin's plans until 2030 and for which position will he run if he does not die?

- Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Radosław Sikorski confirmed the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine. What is being talked about and why these statements?

- Chinese tour on peace restoration in Ukraine. What role does China play and why is it activated now? What can be proposed to Ukraine today? China fulfills Russia's request to be present at the peace forum. Why does Beijing need this?

- What does Trump's statement about supporting NATO again mean? Is it an attempt to show that Russia is good and everyone else is bad? What is Putin's purpose for negotiations now? What does Medvedev's statement that Ukraine is Russia mean? Is it worth paying attention to statements from the Russian Federation?



🇺🇸The US House of Representatives condemned Russia for abducting Ukrainian children, - the co-author of the resolution, congresswoman Democrat Wild.

The legislator added that Russian crimes against Ukrainian children violate the International Convention on Genocide, and the resolution she submitted holds the Russian government responsible for the illegal abduction of children from Ukraine and condemns these actions.



🔻Downdetector reports a massive outage on Facebook and Instagram worldwide.



❗️Polish farmers have lifted the blockade for buses and cars and do not hinder their passage through the Medyka - Shehyni checkpoint, - DPSU.

Nazar Husakov fights all his life for the right to live. Therefore, on the birthday of Nazar Husakov, on his thirtieth anniversary, we are collecting a total of 3 million hryvnias, so that he can maintain his physical condition throughout the year. Our share is 750 thousand hryvnias. And then the text from Nazar:

Friends, I remind you of my collection for the 30th anniversary.

Without you, it cannot be closed.

He is important to me, as constant medical support is the only way to prevent things from getting worse at this age. Without it, you constantly become weaker and lose the remaining strength you have. I communicate with the city's government apparatus, trying to ensure that next year partial treatment will be funded by the city, but we still have to live until next year. Please join if you can. Thank you!

🎯 Goal: 750,000 ₴

🔗Link to the bank

💳Bank card number

5375 4112 1630 9943



The Netherlands will provide military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 350 million euros.

As reported by the Minister of Defense of the country, 150 of them will go to ammunition for future Ukrainian F-16s and 200 million for a contract for new reconnaissance UAVs.



We have gathered the main things you might have missed by March 20:

🔹Number of victimsas a result of the missile strike on Kharkivgrown to 9 people

🔹 Luxembourg joinedto the "artillery coalition" and purchase drones for Ukraine.

🔹 Russian aviation completely bombedvillage Kozinka in the Belgorod region, where Russian volunteers from the Defense Forces entered these days.

Russia startedwithdraw its troops from Ukraineto defend Belgorod.

🔹Onto the territory controlled by Ukrainereturned to the adoptive homeland, in which two children are being raised.

🔹Trailer for the film about the literators of Executed Renaissance appearedHouse Word .

Rusnya became somewhat rude. Probably offended by something, so she lies and is silent. And the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared all their friendliness with them.



When we combine our efforts, we can do incredibly much! The guys from the 93rd brigade can confirm)

Viewers and the Espresso channel team, along with our volunteer friends, collected funds for FPV drones for the 93rd Brigade. I could not help but support such a great initiative! Therefore, today we are handing over a large batch of drones to the fighters of the legendary brigade.

🔹200 FPV from Poroshenko Fund

🔹130 FPV from viewers of the Espresso channel and the volunteer team from Prykarpattia.

You are all great! I am confident that thanks to our drones, the legendary Cold Yarivists will cause the occupiers a lot of problems.

Also the guys approached and asked for ATVs. They say they saw how we deliver them to the marines, and they also really need them) We agreed that together with the viewers Espresso will buy and hand over to the guys our cool modern quads: first 7 pieces, and then 7 more. A total of 2 for each battalion.

Don't stop, keep working, because when we are together - we can do incredible things!


What is it to us? Where have we sinned so much that we have exemplary idiots in power?



The number of victims as a result of the Russian strike on Kharkiv has increased to 9, - State Emergency Service.



❗️During the day, 67 military clashes were recorded. In total, the enemy inflicted 2 missile and 54 aviation strikes, carried out 41 shelling from reactive systems of barrage fire on the positions of our troops and residential areas, - General Staff summary.

Defense aviation struck at 10 locations where enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment are concentrated.

The rocket troops units struck the enemy ammunition depot.

It's awful to receive such messages, but due to another military crime, Kharkiv residents received messages: "I'm suffocating, goodbye" and "I'm burning, I'm overwhelmed, forgive me for everything"...

Relatives of the deceased and injured Kharkiv residents received such messages and calls after the Russian attack on Kharkiv today during the day.At the moment in Kharkiv there are 5 dead, 9 wounded and 5 missing.the mayor Terikhov reported.

Russians are not people. Bio-waste.

My condolences to all those affected and who have lost loved ones.



❗️ In Kharkiv, explosions are reported.

Air alarm is ongoing in the region!



🤬"Five people went missing as a result of Russia's strike on the Holodnogorsk district of Kharkiv," Tereshov.

Currently there are known about 5 dead and 9 injured.

Interesting survey results from the Rating.



Our Kharkiv. For over two years now, Kharkiv and the region have been experiencing terrible Russian strikes. Saltivka destroyed by rockets, other districts and streets of the city damaged. Villages and towns in the region are in ruins. Today - another Russian strike on Kharkiv, unable to influence anything other than Ukraine responding more decisively and accurately. Five people died in Kharkiv today from a Russian rocket. My condolences to all family and friends. Necessary assistance is provided to everyone injured. But this is not enough - everyone must realize this. Kharkiv needs sufficient air defense systems. Sumy region needs air defense systems. Chernihiv region and all our other regions suffering from Russian terror. These defensive systems are in the hands of our partners. And our partners need to understand that air defense systems are meant to protect lives.

Thank you to everyone who defends normal life in our cities and villages! Thank you to everyone in the world who helps! Thank you to each and every one who fights for our state and people and who works for defense, for Ukraine! We must definitely stand firm and ensure reliable security for Ukraine. All of Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine!

Very clear and calm argumentation that helped a Republican and Trump supporter change their position on Ukraine.

But the main thing is that he listens and agrees with the arguments. This is not very common in Ukraine. Especially among power fans...