Mar 5, 2022 - Day 10

Oh 😀

A paratrooper from Belarus has been detained in the Shatsky direction. People detained him and called border guards.... He says he crossed over to the Ukrainian side because he does not want to fight against us... He is talking about positions, about the number of troops on the border...

Belarusians in the Airborne Forces are doing great 😉 a good blitzkrieg in a Belarusian manner.

Eugene Zhukov, head of the patrol police of Ukraine

‼️ They are carrying out combat flights from the Belorussian "Lida" airfield and attacking civilian population and infrastructure.

This is the list of personnel of the army aviation brigade:

Glory to Ukraine!

🇺🇦 - Ukraine

General Staff. Operational information as of 24:00 04.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion.

The opponent continues the offensive operation against Ukraine, with the support of aviation and the use of precision weapons. The main efforts of the occupiers have been concentrated on encircling the cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv.

In addition, the enemy intends to reach the administrative borders in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions and, in the future, 😟 create a land corridor with occupied Crimea.

In Polissia, the opponent has started engineering work on dividing roads in the Borodyanka area, presumably with the aim of advancing towards Kyiv. Occupying units were stopped in the Shybene and Katyuzhanka areas. In the Dmytrovskyi area, the occupant continues to create a defense area.

On the Donetsk front, the enemy actively uses the mobilization resources from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions as part of the advanced units of the Russian Armed Forces, which operate in the directions towards Kharkiv and Mariupol. The occupiers do not cease their attempts to locate weak points in the defense of Mariupol.

In the Tavria direction, enemy units from the composition of the 58th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation are attempting to continue their offensive in the direction of Zaporizhzhia, while units from the composition of the 20th Combined Arms Army of the Western Military District of the Russian Federation are making attempts to bypass Kharkiv and move in the southwest direction.

In the waters of the Black Sea, after the completion of demonstration actions regarding the readiness for the naval landing in the Odesa-Zatoka area, due to worsened weather conditions, the invader withdrew the naval group and landing ships to an area west of the Crimea peninsula.

The defense group of the city of Kyiv continues to repel the enemy's attack, inflict damage on its offensive formation, and maintain designated boundaries.

BTGr from the composition of the 38th separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus continue to stay at the Belarusian border with Ukraine. However, due to the refusal of a significant number of servicemen to carry out criminal orders, work is underway to convince the personnel to perform tasks on the territory of Ukraine.

💪Keep calm and believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Together we will win!!! Glory to Ukraine!!!

According to the information from the Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the enemy will soon intensify the conduct of information operations against our state.

The Russian Federation, having failed to fulfill the tasks of military blitzkrieg, is now resorting to openly terrorist methods of conducting hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, Russian occupiers pay considerable attention to the intensification of information-psychological operations.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine warns that 😟

In the nearest future, a comprehensive and extensive dissemination of fake news by the enemy is expected, which will be carried out using the full range of modern information means.

We urge Ukrainians to be vigilant, believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and use information from official and verified sources.

Glory to Ukraine!

Together to Victory!

Italy confiscated the yacht of the sanctioned Russian oligarch and owner of Severstal, Mordashov.

The next yacht will be owned by the owner of the investment company Volga Group, Gennady Timchenko, who is also part of Putin's circle of oligarchs. He has long been under sanctions in the United States. The cost of both yachts is 140 million euros.

For the first time, Apple Music Top 100 Ukraine chart is topped by 8 Ukrainian tracks immediately.

The song Stefania, with which Kalush Orchestra will represent Ukraine at Eurovision this year, has been in first place on the chart for several weeks. Also in the Top are the songs Not Your War, Embrace, and Without a Fight by the band Okean Elzy, the track Post by Jerry Heil, 22 by Yarmak, Good evening by Probass Hardi, which has gone viral on TikTok, and the collaboration between Kalush and Skofka — Home. Out of the eight Ukrainian tracks, seven are in Ukrainian.

Listen to Ukrainian and support the Ukrainian army.

Ukrainians are jamming Russian military radio waves with Ukrainian glory.

Journalist-investigator Hristo Grozev wrote about it on his Twitter page.

War of words, songs, and bombs: Russian headquarters are trying to transmit attack plans on shortwave radio, and Ukraine is jamming them... with their national anthem. Gives me goosebumps.

⚡️Operational information as of 06:00 on 05.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion.

The tenth day of heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people against the Russian military invasion has begun.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine and units of Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine are engaged in fierce battles to liberate Ukrainian cities from Russian occupiers.

▫️Parts and divisions of the invaders are demoralized, soldiers and officers of the occupational army continue to surrender and flee, leaving weapons and equipment on Ukrainian territory. Through active military actions, not only armed units of Ukrainian defenders, but also ordinary unarmed people, inflict losses on the enemy, demonstrating their civic position and causing psychological defeat.

Faced with constant resistance and realizing the illegality of their actions, the occupiers continue to shell the civilian population, launch rocket and bomb attacks on critical infrastructure objects and residential buildings, hospitals, and kindergartens. They use women, children, and elderly people as "human shields".

They continue to make attempts to create a picture of a liberating "blitzkrieg" within their own information space, spreading total lies through subordinate media, taking measures to conceal personnel and equipment losses by blocking the population's access to truthful and objective information.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to hold defined positions on all fronts, and in certain directions, they counterattack and force the enemy to retreat with losses, disrupt rear communications, and deliver devastating strikes.


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Well, Moscow girls with iPhones and boys on BMWs.

Now you will fly on Zhiguli cars for vacation to North Korea.





⚡️In Volyn detained Belarusian paratrooper.

He claims to have switched to Ukraine's side and reveals information about the enemy's positions and the number of troops on the border with Ukraine

- the head of the Department of Patrol Police of the National Police of Ukraine.

🇷🇺 Russia will send approximately 1000 mercenaries to Ukraine.

"in the coming days and weeks" - CNN

One more thousand will turn into 200 🤷‍♂️

Good morning, Ukraine!

Andriy Khlivnyuk, our melodic warrior, sends greetings to everyone, and his enchanting hello has even been remixed in TikTok.





"Ukrzaliznytsia" has scheduled a series of evacuation flights on March 5th through Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, and Vinnytsia to western regions.

Schedule is here

Good morning, Ukraine! We will survive! We will retaliate! We will win! Because we are worthy of it!

After incredible pressure on companies around the world, Coca-Cola and Danone are withdrawing from the Russian market. The fact that they are still leaving is good. But we will remember how Coca-Cola did it.

While you were asleep, the biggest luxury brands stopped operating in Russia. Luxurious brands such as Gucci, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Ives Saint Laurent, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Hermès, Chanel, and Van Cleef & Arpels have left Russia. And these are all favorite brands of Putin's circle. Now they can no longer be officially purchased in Russia. And Moët & Chandon champagne cannot be consumed anymore. It will no longer be supplied to Russia.

The efforts of Putin also affected other residents of the Russian Reich. The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has stopped supplying all its products to Russia.

In addition, CNN and Bloomberg ceased operations in Russia.

And in Italy, the yachts of Gennady Timchenko and Alexei Mordashov were also arrested. But this is happening on the water. Good deeds are also being done on land. In Tuscany, they took away the villa from former State Duma deputy Oleg Savchenko.

Anyway, welcome to North Korea, Russians. ))

Yuriy Gudymenko: thoughts aloud.

When we created DemSokyra, we immediately positioned it as a "war movement". We declared war on corrupt officials, we fought these wars and we supported the real war, the war in eastern Ukraine - a war in which not the budget, but people and cities were bathed in blood.

And I am filled with pride to tears that we have proved ourselves to be a movement of war not only in words but also in action.

Hudymenko wants to switch, Shvets is an anti-tank grenade launcher, Shchedrin is stationed at checkpoints, the entire political council is either wearing camouflage or helping the army, the headquarters has become a volunteer center and is collecting crazy millions, Bogdana manages to get married and distribute thermal imagers at the same time, our team is engaged in evacuation and service in the Armed Forces simultaneously in different regions...

If the word "Euromaidan" was "dignity", then the word for this war is "pride". I am incredibly, overwhelmed by intense emotions, and proud of all of you, to the point of tears.

We will win this war. Each one individually and all of us together.

We will cover the sky. With ourselves.

🇺🇸 Foreign media is ceasing operations in Russia due to a law that forbids referring to the war in Ukraine as a war. Speaking the truth in Russia can result in 15 years of imprisonment. 🥴

About leaving the country, CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Bloomberg have already announced.

About 74% of Americans support the establishment of a no-fly zone over Ukraine according to a recent poll. Keep pushing!

Russian officials:

"War is peace

Freedom is slavery

Ignorance is strength."

We heard this somewhere already...

Yes, Ukraine has never had such support from all over the world. And yes, we will defeat this scum. Because we have no other options. And let's remember who was with us, and who was against us or cowardly remained silent. Let's draw conclusions. And let's find every bastard who killed Ukrainians. Let's find all these Russians, Belarusians, and everyone else. And let's do to them what Israel did to the Nazis all over the world.

By the way, the Belarusian military pilots who attacked Ukraine will be the first ones. So that everyone learns their lesson.

Compare the center of Donetsk and the center of Kharkiv. Russian propagandists claimed that we have been shelling Donetsk for 8 years. Russian propagandists are saying that the Russian military does not shoot at civilian targets. Apparently, these creatures cannot stop lying. But they deceived their own population.

Maximum repost to groups, channels, and public pages. Let them see, creatures, what is really happening.

⚡️They say, that




Left Russia.

But there are no official confirmations.

❗️The Ministry of Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that during the war, Ukrainian soldiers destroyed 39 planes and 40 helicopters.

Bellingcat investigators consider the "very real" number of 10 thousand deceased occupiers in Ukraine. Their conclusions are based on an analysis of data on remnants of military units that engaged in combat with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the territorial defense.

🕹 Activision, Blizzard, EA

Announced that they will stop selling games in Russia.

🇺🇳 Over 1.2 million refugees have already left Ukraine - UN.

If a person is crazy, then completely. For example, like Margarita Simonyan. She often talks about things she has no understanding of. They just gave her the command to voice such a position and she barks. And then a well-formulated thought of a Russian:

No, Margarita, I don't want it like in China.

Only a person who has never been to China or has been there with a VPN can praise the Chinese internet.

A lot can be said on this topic. I will just note that the Chinese internet before "Si", and after "Si" - these are two big differences. Despite its specificity, the internet before "Si" was genuinely interesting. And now it is awful, indescribably dull crap, which we admire and want to clone.

And one more thing. Wasn't Russia Today the same foreign tank in Europe and America? And the fact that they shot you point-blank, isn't the reason being that you have a lower caliber and your gunpowder is tainted?" (c) Chinese Threat

A little humor from Dmitry Kovalenko.

Humanitarian corridors for civilians will be opened from Mariupol and Volnovakha, as reported to the Public Advisor to the Head of the Presidential Office, Podolyak.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that a ceasefire regime will be in effect starting from 09:00.

Here's how I haven't laughed in a while. In Russia, there has been an order to create the appearance of nationwide support for Kremlin's actions. And officials started sticking "Z" stickers on everything possible. As always, it turned out poorly. In general, the officials made a video comparing Russian vehicles used by occupiers to garbage trucks loaded with waste. Well, at least they honestly showed everything. Russian military is garbage and waste. And it turned out funny. We await the "Z" hearses. It will already look like an awesome joke. ))

Checklist: what to do if a siege of your city begins! ❗️

❇️ Cover the windows with tape.

Glue the entire surface of the window! Strip by strip, not crisscross. Don't even approach the covered windows.

❇️ Always keep your phone charged.

Be prepared for the possibility that the power may go out.

❇️ Use camouflage lighting at night.

If you turn on the light at night, make sure it is not visible from the street. Do not mark your whereabouts to the enemy.

❇️ During the shelling, stay in place.

There is no need to try to escape from the place of shelling, as you expose yourself to even greater danger. Running out onto the street during shelling is dangerous.


Singapore has imposed economic sanctions against Russia.

Stops Investment

In new government and Central Bank of Russia securities, financial institutions are prohibited from conducting operations that would contribute to the capital raising of these structures.

Also, sanctions have been imposed against the banks "Russia", VTB, "Promsvyazbank", and WEB.RF

It is prohibited to supply electronics, computers, and military goods to Russia.

Captured russian vehicles already protects Ukraine from occupiers. It protects successfully and effectively.

‼️ATTENTION! Air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to urgently go to the civil defense shelter!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ (No content to translate)

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

I am proud of our citizens!

❤️ PayPal no longer works in Russia.

Thank you to everyone who signed the petition! This is our common victory!

Map of the departure of refugees from Ukraine since the beginning of the war. And I am unpleasantly surprised by the 149,000 who went to Russia. This is both a response to those who believe that pro-Russian politicians and electorate will disappear after the war in Ukraine. Because if people are ready to go to the occupying country, then they will be ready to vote for someone like Medvedchuk under certain conditions. And this should be taken into account.

What times, such a trident!

Boryspil Airport. Our days.

The occupant will pay for everything.

The war against Ukraine will cost many Russians dearly. Already hundreds of thousands of Russians have started losing their jobs and they have a real question of how to feed their families and not starve to death. And there is no answer to this question.

And now, evaluate the top:

Closure of Ikea - 15,000 jobs.

The factory in Tolyatti (Renault-Nissan) is shutting down due to a lack of imported spare parts - 35,000 jobs.

The "Avtotor" assembly plant for BMW - 3500 jobs.

"Yandex" warned employees about the risk of default - 12,000 jobs.

And these are only major employers. But it must be said that everything will be fine with the structures providing funeral services. Russians dying in the war and from hunger will be provided with work by funeral companies. This is the price for silent agreement and support of the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine.

Situation in the regions as of the morning of March 5 - information from the heads of the regional state administrations:

▫️ Mykolaiv region

The situation is under control.

▫️ Kherson Oblast

: relatively calm, without explosions or gunfire.

Kharkiv region

During the night, there were continuous shelling attacks on residential areas in Kharkiv.

▫️ Zhytomyr region

: There were alarms at night, there was an attack on the plant.

▫️ Sumy region

From the morning, airstrikes do not stop, destroying residential blocks and infrastructure objects.


More than a day without electricity and communication.


The fifth day under occupation - this is the only city in the region that has been occupied by the Russians. There are no products there, all the shops are looted.


- Part of the city destroyed by Russian artillery. Russian aviation destroyed the thermal power plant, so the city has been without heating, electricity, and water for two days.

▫️ Zaporizhia region

The situation is tense, Russian forces are building defensive structures, plundering entrepreneurs and the population, but there have been no serious military conflicts at night. In Zaporizhia itself, it is relatively calm.

▫️ Kyiv region

The hottest remains the Bucovina district, enemy in 😡

Buchi, in Irpen,

battles in progress

Makarovi, Hostomeli

Anxiety about air travel - throughout the region.

▫️ Chernihiv region

The occupiers are striking back.


, There are destruction of residential buildings, defensive battles continue in the city and the region.

▫️ Luhansk region

: The occupiers started shelling this morning, it was quiet at night.

▫️ Donets region

North and center are relatively calm, only occasional shelling, but with heavy artillery: Grad, Uragan

Toretsk, Avdiivka, Pokrovsk

- cassette bombs.

Volnovakha, Mariupol

In the blockade and under constant shelling. There is a critical amount of destruction, the communal infrastructure is ruined. But both Volnovakha and Mariupol remain under Ukraine's control.

Center of Kherson. People came out to protest against the occupiers. The city may be captured by the occupiers, but they will not be able to break the people!

Anyone who whines and complains will be banned. Anyone who writes "it's all over" will be banned. Anyone who voices pro-Russian theses will be banned. Anyone who writes that it's photoshopped, edited, fake, or blames the Russian population - go to ban. And fuck off. I have zero tolerance for those who work for Russia or mindlessly help them. Any questions? No questions.

Damn! Putin's supporters. ))

First of all, it is beautiful when Ukrainian art works.

And secondly, that's enough of the first one. ))

We crossed the psychological mark of 10,000. Congratulations and welcome.

Information about the rape of 11 girls and women by occupiers in Kherson - fake 🙅‍♀️

I'm feeling 😊 today! The ☀️ is shining and I'm ready to take on the world. Nothing can bring me down!

відомостей немає. 😷🏥

He informed.

Head of Kherson Regional State Administration Gennadiy Laguta.

Senior Lieutenant Ivan Reutin, military unit 12618, city of Zernograd in the Rostov region. Conveys to his compatriots that there is no need to attack Ukraine. There are good people in Ukraine!

Pass it on to his mother, so she can pick up her bio-waste.

Hunting season is open, - Anonymous.

They sent all of them to "exercises". That's what they say. But when they were shooting at live people, they didn't understand that it was a real war? They lie. They want to survive. They came to kill us, but their comrades were killed by the enemy's artillery unit, and they are captured. Don't come to us with war, you scum. Because you can either avoid being captured or die. And already more than 10,000 Russians have been left to rot in our land. Don't be fertilizer, Russian. Stay home.

Melitopol, Russian occupiers are simply fleeing like rats.

We can be bought. But we can never be defeated.

Russian-born Ukrainian magnate Mikhail Outford was found hanged in the garage of his luxurious mansion in Surrey County, according to Daily Mail.

The police consider the death of the 66-year-old father of three children "unexplained, but not suspicious".

The news of Watford's death appeared in British media on the same day that Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson informed the House of Commons about the intention to disclose a full list of individuals associated with Vladimir Putin's regime. The point is that the intelligence services considered Watford as one of Putin's secret "wallets," which means that all his property can be seized and confiscated.

As reported by The Sun, a friend of the magnate's family said that Watford could have been suppressed due to events happening in Ukraine. "His death and the invasion of Ukraine coincided not by chance," he said. Another acquaintance of Watford told The Sun that the magnate's death "raises questions when recalling other suspicious deaths of Russians abroad."

Mikhail Watford (real name - Mikhail Tolstošey) made a fortune in oil and gas before building a real estate empire in the United Kingdom.

Our guys shot down a Russian helicopter. Beautiful.

And why was he flying there?

Excellent text by Russian political analyst Vladimir Pastukhov:

"A war must have a rational goal and a strategy for achieving it (a strategy for victory). This goal may be mistaken, the strategy may be wrong and leading to defeat, but this is clarified during the course of the war. Hitler had, of course, a fascist but generally understandable plan - to conquer territories, turn their population into slaves, and confiscate resources for the benefit of Germany. Then something went wrong, but the initial idea is more or less clear. At least they didn't try to call anyone brothers in the gas chamber. Putin's war lacks any rational goal, and that is its main characteristic. Conquer the territory of a country that propaganda calls fraternal? Okay, let's assume that works, although it seems that achieving this without striking the "brothers" with nuclear weapons is almost impossible. What's next? Feed the "fraternal people" and rebuild their economy at your own expense, while being under sanctions? Well, good luck to you. Not feed the "fraternal people" and maintain a punitive expeditionary corps in a country with a population of forty million, one of the largest countries in Europe, while being under even worse sanctions? Good luck to you even more. One problem, however, this will solve. Within a couple of years, Ukraine will grind up all the Kadurovites to the last one during the nights. I don't know, maybe that's what it was all planned for - like, we can't handle it ourselves anymore, "brothers," help us. Well, they just should have asked, they would have shot them for money, it would have been cheaper than war. Let's assume this is just a fable, and the goal is to screw Europe and America, so they know whose children they are. Then why even bother with an intermediate stage - they should have just screwed Warsaw and London right away, it would have been beautiful and heartfelt. In other words, if the goal is to commit suicide in a beautiful way, taking humanity with it to the grave, then the war with Ukraine only moves further from the goal: what's the point of cutting off a cat's tail piece by piece? No logic, no goal, no meaning, not even a bestial one. This war is absolutely irrational, and that is why I do not expect any rational outcome. The finale will be completely absurd, causing perplexity, and everyone will shake their heads. Like, the king is crazy."

The Kremlin has serious problems. Their oil is not needed by anyone, and it is precisely oil and gas that are the main contributors to the budget. Working with Russia tarnishes the respectable Western business, for whom it is easier to refuse Russian oil than to endure reputational losses.

Currently, most of the trading of Russian oil seems to have frozen. There are no orders for it. On Thursday, the main trader Trafigura Group offered a batch of Russian Urals oil with a record discount of more than $22 per barrel in the pricing window organized by S&P Global Platts in Northwestern Europe. Not a single contender was found. They are disgusted. Even the discount could not attract anyone to buy Russian oil.

🕹Rockstar has stopped selling games in Russia.

Switch to Tetris, gentlemen invaders.

You've come to the wrong place, occupant.

May have a conscience...

Information for those who need help with evacuation.

Vova, the whole Ukraine is waiting. Don't disappoint!

Confident that soon we will be able to say to our people: come back! Come back from Poland, from Romania, from Slovakia and from all other countries. Come back, because there are no more threats.

Remember, I wrote that the CEO of the airline "Pobeda", Kalmikov, sent a message to the Kremlin about a Russian ship, resigned, and never returned to Russia? So, this story has a continuation. The thing is, following the head of the airline "Pobeda," Kalmikov, the head of "Aeroflot," Poluboyarinov, also fled from his position and the country. Damn it, everyone who understands what will happen to Russia and can escape - escapes!

Something 🤔, Putin's managers really don't believe in their leader.

And indeed, there are only a few days left until the sanctions. ))

"Just now, on the outskirts of Chernihiv, the PPO specialists shot down another enemy assault aircraft!" - reported by the Operational Command "North".

Bila Tserkva, consequences of rocket shelling.

Introducing, this is a military Russian helicopter. Or rather, it was a Russian military helicopter until our Stinger shot it down. Now, it's wreckage of a Russian military helicopter and a well-cooked crew.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Auntie, come and pick me up. Ukrainians are fighting like beasts. I am currently captured. Another "liberator" wants to be liberated and complains that he was deceitfully sent to war. Fool.

Kherson today!!! And whom do these creatures want to conquer? Khersonians, you are awesome! Thank you! I adore you!

Did we take Kherson?

only f*ck

Kherson residents - you are simply heroes.

The occupiers left the city center. A video appeared on the internet showing protesters on a "captured" armored vehicle, moving along the central avenue under the Ukrainian flag.

The participants of the action provided a video to the public.

Sorry, but this is also important. The men's biathlon races at 6 kilometers at the 2022 Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing ended with an incredible triumph for Ukrainian athletes - they occupied the entire podium of honor.

1st place - Vitaliy Lukyanenko

2nd place - Oleksandr Kazik.

3rd place - Dmytro Suiarko

Glory to Ukrainian athletes!

That moment when no time passed between a promise and its fulfillment. The pilot of a shot-down Russian plane was captured near Chernihiv. Got what he deserved, scumbag.

The pilot of the downed Russian aircraft SU-25 has been detained. Zabarovka district, Chernihiv Oblast.

Moscow. Anti-war rally. Thank you to all Russians who were not afraid of the punitive Putin regime and came out to the protest against war. This is important. We appreciate it!

Zara brand owner, company Inditex, stops trading in Russia, closing stores and online trading, as well as discontinuing the operation of all its other brands Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Oysho, Pull & Bear, Stradivarius, Uterqüe.

The media reports that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has liquidated Denis Kireev, a member of Ukraine's negotiating group. He was suspected of treason. We await official confirmation. But if this is true, who can guarantee that there are no more traitors there? I wonder, who proposed his candidacy? Really curious to hear that surname.

The second pilot from the downed plane has been eliminated. Well, screw him.

‼️‼️‼️‼️ URGENT!


Due to the fact that the Russian side did not adhere to the ceasefire and continued shelling both Mariupol itself and its surroundings, for security reasons...


Inform everyone in Mariupol to disperse and follow to the shelter areas. Additional information will be provided soon. ☔️💨🚨

Information about the evacuation will be posted soon.

At the moment, negotiations are underway with the Russian Federation regarding the establishment of a ceasefire regime and ensuring a safe humanitarian corridor.

Also, police officers will inform city residents using loudspeakers.

Mariupol residents, hang in there!

This is simply hilariously funny. The Gomel University announced that it will accept all Russian students expelled from European universities due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. I can just imagine this crowd of Russians, with squeals of delight and excitement, rushing from Sorbonne in France, Oxford in the UK, Vienna University in Austria, or Ludwig Maximilian University in Germany to Gomel. Yes, this is even better than a Coen Brothers comedy. ))

This is Kherson today 🇺🇦🔥

And this is not the end yet. It will get worse. And no joking.

Kirill Tkachov visualized my idea.

Kyiv. We live in strange times.

Odessa, the childbirth bombshell.

Take care, my dear ones ❤️

✈️ The plane took off from Moscow to Washington. I wonder who is on board.

"Kitty, tell me, where is your squad stationed?"

Creature. Another creature who knew everything, but now lies so as not to be shot under the laws of wartime. "Did you know you were bombing a peaceful city?" - they ask the downed Russian pilot. And Major Krasnoyartsev says he didn't know. Our warrior asks, is this guy blind? In response, the Russian mutters.

In this photo - another Russian tank, destroyed by our Armed Forces near the village of Velyka Vys in Chernihiv region. And also - this is one example of how effectively the official chat-bot works ➡️


Continue to inform us promptly about the movement of enemy troops, sabotage and reconnaissance groups, or agents. Each message is initially verified by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), and then transmitted for further action to the military.

Please send the information clearly and structured.

1. City, region of the event, time of discovery, geolocation (if possible)

2. Quantitative composition of enemy forces and their type

3. Additional information about directions, purpose, and goals.

4. Special characteristics of suspicious individuals

Begone, occupiers! Together we will conquer!




Another sober-minded voice from Russia. There are few voices like this so far. But there will be more.

Maternity ward in Kharkiv, located in the basement.

I receive many surprised messages on the topic: "How can they treat their soldiers like that? They bury them like dogs, burn them like garbage..."...

Friends! Have you read/watched "The Lord of the Rings"? Did they at least mention something about the losses of orcs and Uruk-hai? No. Nobody counted them, neither the forces of good nor Mordor, even more so.

💣 The plane that was shot down over Chernihiv on March 5th, bombed the city with high-explosive aviation bombs - FAB-500. Three more such bombs were found near it. Disgusting!

Sanctions continue. ))

The Italian authorities have seized the property of businessmen Alisher Usmanov and TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov - La Repubblica.

This refers to two villas of Solovyov on Lake Como, as well as Usmanov's villa in Sardinia. The boaster has been bragging all these years in vain. Now he will relax in Kaluga and Gelendzhik, instead of Lake Como.

🔥 Anton Shvets about Kherson

I hope that after the meeting in Kherson, the stories of Russian residents about how difficult it is to fight against Putin's regime (because he has the police and the secret police) will no longer be considered as excuses.

Fighting Putin is not difficult. Fighting is disgusting. The entire Russian opposition has actually united to fight against Putin all these years.

Their pseudo-struggle has led to Putin's increased ability to start a world war. And that's the whole result.

And the people from Kherson did not fall behind. Without weapons, without organization, against the occupiers with guns and armored vehicles, and permission to do anything they want.

Here is an example for every Russian oppositionist. You will meet one like this when they try to teach us again how we should behave - show them a video from Kherson right in their face.

"They should learn from us how it should be, instead of us learning from them."

That's it! The brigade is over. Utilized 100% in Ukraine. Will there be more cannon fodder 🍖 ?

Here's the same major that previously took photos with Bashar al-Assad and apparently bombed the civilian population in Syria. This creature is not subject to exchange. He KNEW he was bombing the civilian population. He will be punished for this.

Ukrainians. You are amazing. We are amazing too!

My colleague told me how her mother (75 years old, former aerospace engineer) went to the store. Now I will share the story as told by my colleague's mother.

"Bought a liter of kefir from "Fora" supermarket. While I was walking home, I bumped into an old man on crutches. I said, "Sir, do you drink kefir?". He cries, "I don't have money for that!". "Here, take it! It's not heavy for me to carry anyway!" - "Oh, alright, because my dentures broke, they told me to come to the clinic on Monday [war, but dentistry still works, that's good - OG], but what about eating before then?". I gave him the kefir."

I walked several dozen meters. I met a woman who said, "Oh, good day! I managed to buy some bananas here - here, have one, enjoy!". I thanked her sincerely and took it.

I walked another 50 meters - a sad elderly woman is sitting on a bench. So I gave her a banana - we still have a few apples and two oranges, so why do I need that banana? And she was happy.

Now mommy is coming home. I'll see what she brings."

After the enemy's plane was shot down in Chernihiv region, 3 aviation bombs FAB-500 were found on the territory of a private sector.

The State Emergency Service is eliminating the aftermath and evacuating the population from the residential area.

Here is how the FAB 500 aviation bombs, which the captured occupant used to bomb the civilian population, look like. Photo from Chernihiv. This creature, a major, is in our captivity.

FAB-500 is an aviation bomb, where "500" represents the weight of the bomb in kilograms! Inside the bomb, there are 300 kilograms of TNT. And all of this is flying towards a peaceful city.

"Kotik, tell me, where is your company stationed?"

In the suburbs of Nikolaev, Ukrainian marines destroyed a "Tiger" and captured four occupants.

Zaporizhia. Thousands of city residents came.

meeting Russian forces

sign up for the Territorial Defense.

How many people are there - unknown 🤷‍♂️. But it seems that a few packs of paper for applications are needed in the packaging center.

An anecdote from Jean Beleniuk, a Member of Parliament of Ukraine.

🇷🇺 Italy arrested villas of Russian oligarchs Usmanov and Solovyov - media.

Italy has frozen two villas owned by Russian oligarch Vladimir Solovyov worth 8 million euros, as well as the villa of oligarch Alisher Usmanov.

This is reported ♡


The Republic.

Two villas of Solovyov worth 8 million euros on Lake Como were frozen by Italian law enforcement. The operation was carried out by the military special unit of the Financial Guard.

Such actions are taken to implement the sanctions provided by the Ministry of Economy regarding the wealthiest Russians. The European Union imposed sanctions against oligarchs on February 23rd and 28th.

The military also made a second arrest in Arzachenya, Sardinia - Italy has frozen the villas of 68-year-old steel magnate Alisher Usmanov. The value of the property is approximately 16 million euros.

Usmanov is a billionaire, the founder of USM Holdings. One of the richest businessmen in Russia and a close ally of Putin. Solovyov is a TV presenter and propagandist, also a part of Putin's inner circle.

🔥🔥🔥 Just now, in Mykolaiv region, our marines, together with comrades from the Southern OK, shot down four enemy helicopters.

At the same time, one of the marines took down 3 units immediately.

This was said by Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapa. - A true example of professionalism, bravery, and heroism! And this is another confident step towards victory!

By the way, this pilot was bombing Syrian cities.

This war has shown very well who is who. And now we have amazing stories about heroes who are changing the course of the war in our favor. Today I will tell you one of such stories.

In the first days, the Nikolaev direction was problematic. Discoordination in actions, the escape of some high-ranking officials, and the fact that the head of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev region said at the first shot that he had a secret mission and under this pretext fled, led to the fact that there was almost no defense. At this time, Major General Dmitry Marchenko himself turned to the General Staff with a request to send him there, where he would be most useful. He was asked if he was ready to take charge of the defense of the Nikolaev region, taking into account that the situation there... is not the best. To this Marchenko replied that he was ready to fulfill a task of any complexity. After that, he was sent to the Nikolaev region to deal with the defense against the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And he succeeded. To this day, the coordination and interaction of all military, National Guard, and special forces there is at the highest level. That is why Russian occupiers cannot break through in this direction, the landing of the occupiers is systematically eliminated, and only today, thanks to well-organized defense, 4 enemy Russian helicopters have already been shot down. And considering that the day is not over yet, this statistic can be improved. In general, Marchenko fights as a true combat general, a graduate of the 79th Nikolaev separate airmobile brigade. His call sign "Marcello" already strikes terror in the occupiers.

By the way, I want to remind you that the State Bureau of Investigations (DBR) fabricated a case against him and accused him of procuring defective body armor for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VSU). The case fell apart due to lack of evidence of the crime. But after that, nobody in the Ministry of Defense wanted to procure body armor. And it is the DBR, as well as those who ordered this case, that are responsible for the current real shortage of body armor. We all remember. And when the war is over, we will not forget to present the bill to everyone - both the customers and the performers. And apologies won't cut it here. And today, Marchenko serves Ukraine as a true warrior. He serves not for rewards and titles, but because of the words of the oath and loyalty to Ukraine. It comes at a high cost. But "Marchello" has always been like that. And today, and in 2014, when he was not afraid to pose as a taxi driver to personally conduct reconnaissance and gather information in Crimea, when the annexation of the peninsula began.

"I spoke with the fighters about what is happening in the Nikolaev region. And one phrase really stood out to me:"Note: Since the provided text does not include any specific phrase or content after the colon, it cannot be translated further.

He's not full of shit and manages well. That's why we're doing well and crushing the Russians. And it's not a joke.

When soldiers speak like this about their commanders, it inspires and adds confidence in our victory over the enemy. And this is just one of the stories of Ukraine's defense against the invasion of the rashiats. There will be more. We have someone to be proud of.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

‼️ Be careful!

Occupation Russian forces have reached Nazism. In the city, explosive items in the form of children's toys are scattered.

If you see something similar, don't pick up anything, don't even touch it! It is extremely dangerous!

Hold on, Mariupol residents.

It is noted that these are rechargeable batteries from disposable cigarettes, however, it is better to be cautious.

And here is confirmation of my earlier information through a post. Four more occupant helicopters down. The ADS is working!

Zaporizhia is joining the defense. "Katsaps," do you understand that the whole country is against you?

Another column of fascists has been destroyed near Kharkiv. Damn, I'll definitely open a scrap metal collection point after the war.

"Catsabs with weapons retreat in front of unarmed Ukrainians. This is Ukraine, baby!"

Nikolaev today particularly effectively shoots down the fascist aviation. Another plane is shot down.

Minus Russian drone.

Kyiv. This is the photo of the day. And the photo for history.

Vova, stop being shy. Show your symbol openly already.

True heroes are ordinary people.

Probably the most expensive delivery in the history of Ukraine was paid by the sender. In our case, it was Putin 🙂

My friend is writing. His style. Right now he is on his way to Ukraine in Istanbul, with a layover before Bucharest:

"It was epic. Lounge area of Istanbul airport. I found a lounge chair. Next to me, a guy around 50 years old stretched out his legs. He had a Slavic face. "Are you from Russia?" I asked. He vigorously waved his hand and claimed to be from Italy. He said he learned Russian by himself, just like that. Well, I started telling him about Russian fascism, killing peaceful Ukrainians. I spent about 15 minutes talking. He agreed with everything and even referred to Putin in the same way as Kharkiv football fans and elsewhere. And then, he hurriedly got up from the adjacent couch and started rummaging through his bag before leaving. In this nervous atmosphere, his passport fell on the floor. It was a Russian passport. The guy caught my gaze, lowered his head, and quickly left."

Bro, they are already ashamed 😔

Just curious how Putin lives. So he woke up in the morning. Not on alarm, but when he wanted to. He goes to the bathroom (or whatever he has there) and then sees himself in the mirror. What is he thinking about? After all, he can't help but think about the war he started. And he doesn't need reports from the front for that. He knows very well that his own generals lie to him, trying to please the sick fantasizer. Is he disappointed? Thinking about the fallen soldiers? About the mistake he made?

By the way, about Russian soldiers. Putin betrayed them. All this cult of the army, "St. George ribbons", "we can repeat!" parades, and the militarization of children - in essence, all of this turned out to be low-grade cardboard. The army has been looted, demoralized, and is of no use to anyone. He doesn't call the mothers, but tries to buy them off with promises to compensate for the lives of their killed sons with a few tens of thousands of dollars. He doesn't grieve over irreplaceable losses. He doesn't care, and Russians need to understand - they (you) - are nothing but raw material, fertilizer, from which billions (now millions) of dollars grow, which the government uses. Russians are abandoned by their own! This is now the slogan of the Russian Federation. And there is a reason to refuse it and not go to war, to move like cattle being led to slaughter.

To be honest, it's time to stop looking for anything human in Putin. "They are not there." Even a lost politician cannot live with deaths. His obsession with nonexistent threats as a reason for aggression reveals his complete incompetence as a leader. He is just as cardboard-like as the power surrounding him.

This is ten! )))

Why not listen to the taxpayers?

When they are captured, they immediately become saviors or "heroes" during exercises. Scumbags...

Interrogation of the occupant by a doctor and nurses.

⛓ The last living prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials, 101-year-old Benjamin Ferenc stated, that Putin should be "behind bars" for crimes against humanity

Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Rockstar, Bethesda and CD Projekt RED suspend the sale of their games in Russia.

Soon only checkers, dominoes, and chess will remain from the games. Well, and lapta. In lapta. 😄

And how he blabbered, how he blabbered about freedom of speech. But what now? Jerk!

Sorry, but this is a fabulous photo. And this bare-assed Russian pilot understands that the phrase "got their ass kicked" is not a metaphorical expression for him, but the consequences of the invasion of Ukraine.

Criminal, who bombed Chernihiv and Aleppo, is going for neutering.

Kherson now - video footage from witnesses.

Irpіn, people hide under the bridge from rockets and bombs of the "fraternal people."

🚅 "Ukrzaliznytsia" appoints evacuation trains to Poland. On Sunday, March 6, they will depart on a journey.

📍At 11:00, train No. 918/919 will depart from Zaporizhia to Khelm.

📍At 09:00, train number 902/903 from Dnipro to Khelm.

In addition, the train composition No. 67/68 Kyiv – Khelm includes a group of cars connecting Lviv – Khelm. The trip will depart on March 5 and 6 at 19:13.

At the Helm station (Poland) you will be able to transfer to trains to Warsaw, provided by Polish Railways.

‼️ Free transportation.

Today is an epochal day in the history of Ukrainian air defense. Planes and helicopters are being shot down in droves. Several pilots have been captured and a dozen more have been neutralized. And each pilot represents years of training. And there was another very important moment, which deserves a separate text about the pilots. So, I wrote the text. And I will publish it tomorrow. And you will understand why I am doing it tomorrow. But for now, I bow down to our air defense, which not only thinned the ranks of the Russians today but also saved many Ukrainian lives.

Glory to our warriors! Glory to air defense!

This is a scary photo. In it, people are hiding from Russian bombings under a destroyed bridge in Irpen. And Russia did this. I hope that in Russia everyone understands that we will not forget something like this. And our children will not forget. And grandchildren. And great-grandchildren. And we will point the finger at the Russians for these crimes every time.

"The situation in Ukraine has reached the point that China did not want to see," said the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in a conversation with Anthony Blinken.

Even China can no longer restrain itself in assessing the situation.

"To support the Army and provide humanitarian aid, more than 10 billion UAH has been collected," - National Bank.

A little more of beautiful Melitopol 🇺🇦💪

Now we understand the phrase "with hoops and sticks".

They scared us with the second army in the world. But it was the second army from the end. ☺️

In Kyiv, a woman knocked down a Russian drone from the balcony by throwing a jar of pickles at it. Damn, and these people want the Russians to win??? Crazy idiots!

And also, a jar of combat cucumbers from the previous post and two platoons of Jedi were found.

And if seriously, these drug addicts have already exhausted describing their hallucinations.

As a result of the bombing by the Russian aviation, none of the buildings in the village of Yakovlivka survived.

Out of 45 houses, 21 were completely destroyed, and another 24 were damaged. According to the police investigators, four people died, including one border guard. Fourteen civilians were injured.



Criminal proceedings for the offense of "Violations of laws and customs of war".

Consequences of an air crash on the village on the night of March 3rd -


I'm so excited for tonight! 🎉 I can't wait to see my favorite band perform live. 🎵😍 I've been listening to their music all day and now I finally get to see them in person. This is going to be the best night ever! 👏

List of servicemen from the 11th Aerospace Forces and Air Defense of the Russian occupying forces conducting the invasion of Ukraine from the side of the Russian Federation. You should know all the names of these criminals. And the Special Operations Forces already know these names.

📌 Russia lost $3 billion worth of equipment in the war against Ukraine.


Since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian army has destroyed 1902 units of enemy Russian technology, the value of which is estimated at $3 billion, which in rubles is 331.2 billion rubles.

Worth attention.

🇺🇦🇺🇸 Writer Stephen King, who previously expressed support for Ukraine in the war with Russia, will not enter into new contracts for the publication of his books in Russia.

Stephen King terminates cooperation with Russia. All new translations of his books are stopped. And this is a real screenshot of his Twitter.

Strengthened patrols and assistance during evacuation: Kyiv Oblast Police continue to serve during the state of war.

The personnel of the police of Kyiv region continues to protect the Motherland, counteract looting, and assist the population.

As of March 5th, the situation in Buchanshchina remains difficult. There have been attempts to break through to Stoyanka. The fighting continues.

The hardest ones remain Irpin, Makariv, Bucha, and Borodyanka.

▪️In Vyshhorod district, the enemy carried out 2 airstrikes. A projectile hit a military unit of the Ukrainian National Guard. Also, a mobile tower in Mezhyhirya was damaged. The evacuation of the population from Demidov is being conducted.

🔹In Borispol region, enemy troops carried out artillery fire on a military object. Law enforcement officers continue to verify information regarding possible sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

▪️Territory of Brovary region is under control. Several residential buildings were destroyed during the shelling in Rusaniv.

▪️The situation is calm in Bila Tserkva and Obukhiv regions. The police are checking information about enemy beacons.

We continue to work 24/7. Together we will win!

War. Photo.

Max Levin

, the end of February - the beginning of March

The mightiest army in the world could have turned America into nuclear ash, but didn't have time, because it was digging in a village in Sumy region.

S&P Dow Jones has stated that it will exclude Russian stocks from its standard equity indices next week, as reported by WSJ.

Russian stocks will be excluded from markets and other indices at market opening on Wednesday.

Two more pilots. Idiots, stop flying to us. And they'll say they also didn't know that they're bombing civilian population. Do they all have Neznayka there?

⚡️⚡️ President Zelensky held an online meeting with senators of the US Congress.

He asked to support the establishment of a "no-fly zone" in the sky over Ukraine and stricter sanctions against Russia in the financial and energy sectors.

Source - CNN.


The city of Leipzig offers assistance to Ukrainians who are forced to leave their homes due to the war.

✔️Help for people who are leaving, as well as for people in Ukraine, is organized and coordinated jointly by the city of Leipzig and civil society. More information can be found here:

▫️Detailed information from the city authorities about the first steps in Leipzig:

✔️You can contact the municipal administration of the city of Leipzig for assistance and they will connect you with those who are ready to help.

Humanitarian aid for Ukrainians

🏠 Housing exchange in Leipzig for Ukrainians is here: 😊

✔️Association of Social Protection of Workers offers assistance to Ukrainians. There is information in Ukrainian:

🚆Ukrainians traveling through Poland can travel to Germany for free by Deutsche Bahn trains.

🚌 Currently, the city of Leipzig is negotiating the organization of bus transportation from collection points in Poland and Slovakia.

🤝 Leipzig in Germany is the sister city of Kyiv. In 2021, Kyiv and Leipzig celebrated the 60th anniversary of signing the Agreement on Sisterhood.

Oh, what a cutie. Minus another swine dog. "Vokha" went to hell. I hope he at least put sunflower seeds in his pocket, mankurt. ))

Arakhamia announced that the third round of negotiations with Russia will take place on Monday. But he did not say anything about who will replace the killed spy and whether he will also be a Russian spy.

It's all so confusing...

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Russian orcs left Enerhodar.

- Head of Zaporizhia Regional State Administration

Control over all branches of power has been restored in the city, and the local authority's leader is also in place.

‼️ Zaporizhia is preparing for a siege.

Let's hold on! Everything will be Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Enerhodar. Ukraine. March 5, 2022.

Consequences of the attack by Russian invaders on the administrative building of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

⚡️⚡️ The third round of negotiations between the Ukrainian delegation and the Russian delegation will take place on Monday, March 7.

- David Arakhamia


Igor Shedrin: We are facing tough times, but we have already won strategically.

It is quite difficult to write: you cannot talk about the tasks at TRO, but about the situation in general, everything is simple: difficult times await us, but we have already strategically won.

When the United States entered the Second World War, knowledgeable people wrote letters to each other: "We have won." Ahead were years of war, but the presence of such a resourceful player in the alliance equalled victory.

In a protracted war, alliances and resources decide everything. On the day when Ukraine demonstrated its thirst for independence and Europe stepped back from a new Hitler and stood by our side, we emerged victorious.

The first phase of the war is still ongoing, which will end when the bloodied Russians lose the ability to advance everywhere. Ahead is the second phase, when we will start driving them to the border, and rebellions will begin in Russia.

The price we will pay for our freedom and the life of our people is still unknown.

But we have already strategicaly won, so the liberation of Ukraine from invaders became a matter of time and the unprecedented perseverance of our soldiers. 💪

Read an article in UP where journalists ask our oligarchs if Putin is a war criminal and if Russia is an aggressor country. And it turns out that only three out of eleven could answer affirmatively. Apparently, something is bothering those who have business in Crimea or in Russia, and others are simply waiting to see how it all ends before saying anything.

So, only Akhmetov, Pinchuk, and Tigipko - three Ukrainian oligarchs who did not wait for the outcome of the war, and clearly and publicly called Putin a WAR CRIMINAL! The rest either beat around the bush or stay silent altogether. But even if only three oligarchs were able to call everything by its name, it speaks volumes.

And this is yet another reason to call the war people's. Because today in Ukraine, everyone thinks and acts the same - from a refrigerator driver to a university professor, from a military officer to a blogger, from a security guard to a member of parliament, from a cashier in a supermarket to an oligarch. Everyone!

"Now our main and unconditional value is Ukraine, its freedom and territorial integrity. And everyone should do everything in their power for the common victory, so that we have a future in our independent Ukraine, not as an appendage to the Russist Reich."

And when it is achieved (and it will surely be achieved), we will remember those others who zigzagged, evaded their position, and laid down straw. There are also such people, quite a few of them. And not only among the oligarchs. They want to quietly "disappear into the woods" today. But we won't let them do it. We will document everything, and I promise that they will not "go into the woods."

This will happen later. But now it is important that more and more diverse and unexpected people find the strength to say the sacramental phrase: Putin - go fuck yourself! Along with the Russian military ship! Glory to Ukraine!

‼️ The mayor of Energodar, Dmitry Orlov, has denied the information that Russian forces have completely left Energodar. Currently, they control the perimeter of the city and are located at the nuclear power plant.

In the existing circumstances, the municipal government organizes law and order, vital support, and economic activities of all services in Energodar.

⚡️⚡️ The Security Service of Ukraine thwarted the Kremlin's plans for new "people's republics" in western Ukraine.

The following regions were supposed to be included in the "Federative Republic of Ukraine":

▪️ Ivano-Frankivsk

▪️ Zakarpattia

▪️ Lviv

▪️ Ternopil

▪️ Chernivtsi

The logic of creating a pseudocrisis - to destabilize the situation among Ukrainian military.

💪 The SBU detained the organizer and key members of the network in Ivano-Frankivsk.

In the western and central regions, they were supposed to recruit over half a thousand traitors.

Armed separatists were supposed to eliminate key law enforcement officers and government representatives.

After that, it was planned to capture administrative buildings and declare "people's republics" following the example of the so-called "L/DNR", and then unite them into a new state under Russia's control.

Conspirators gave testimony against him, investigative actions are being conducted with the organizer.

According to Article 109 (actions aimed at violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order or seizure of state power) of the Criminal Code, a traitor and his accomplices are threatened with 10 years of imprisonment.

🔥 In Kramatorsk, the PPO forces shot down an enemy rocket.

Fascist scum hit Kramatorsk. Kremlin creatures that are killing Ukraine.

He's really afraid of everything. Putin is so scared in his bunker that they're drawing a doctored crowd and microphones in front of a green screen. And they're doing a terrible job at it.

Nikolaev. Patrol police keeping the peace for the city inhabitants.

IBM is completely leaving the Russian market. Thank you for the support, peace! And how does Russia envision itself without IBM's software and hardware?!

⚡️⚡️ One volley and 300 orcs were injured and 70 died - Vitaliy Kim on the situation in Mykolaiv region.

Good evening, we are from Ukraine!🇺🇦

💥 Under Volnovakha, they eliminated the leader of the Donetsk militants, Volodymyr Zhoha "Vokh" ⚔️

He was the leader of the armed group "Sparta", previously - a personal driver of "Motorola". And now he has gone to the Kobzon concert.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! 💪

Zaporizhia is preparing for the attackers' invasion. The girl is helping to dig fortifications in front of the city.

Mysterious message from the Special Forces.

*But we know that a few days ago they promised to work behind enemy lines.*

International group of hackers Anonymous 😄 stopped the website of the Russian FSB

Ukrainians behave in a way that neither Spartans from legends nor gods from myths nor Romans from textbooks behaved.

Ukrainians stop tanks with their bare hands. Postmen knock down airplanes, hunters capture their pilots. The queues for mobilization are longer than those for concerts by celebrities in peacetime. Everyone who can, fights against the enemy with all their might. If they wrote such things in books, you wouldn't believe these books and would throw them out the window.

But this is it. This is happening here and now. The only nation in the world that has forgotten the feeling of fear and has earned the honor that is cast in iron.

I think we didn't even expect this from ourselves. But it happened.

The generation of our ancestors is now taking a great revenge with our own hands. Can't you hear that Carpathian rebels are joining your bullets, and the whistle of our missiles is the whistle of Cossack sabers?..

We will not just stand. We will conquer and write with blood in the history textbooks of all countries one word. A word that contains centuries of rage and hatred. A word that will answer everything.

The word "revenge".

Odessa can make you smile even in such a difficult time.

"Our people, our Ukrainians do not retreat. They do not give up. They do not stop resisting. They shout to the occupiers: go home! Like a Russian ship!" Appeal by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Once Shnur was a hooligan and the voice of free people. But then he either got old and sold out or got tired and sold out, but he definitely sold out to the Kremlin. And now he runs one of the Kremlin's TV channels, gets a good salary, doesn't hesitate without orders, and asks Putin the right questions on talk shows. In general, Shnur used to be an AmStaff, but now he's become a Terrier. But he understands that himself. And Shnur is not stupid. Therefore, he sees and understands everything. And he is confused by everything that is happening. But he can't run away. For many reasons. Firstly, because he is in the same boat as Putin's chums, and secondly, he is now a Terrier himself. So he will sit and bark. But nothing more. That's why he and his band "Leningrad" barked. Subtly and harmlessly. And this is his last outburst. It turned out pitiful and whiny. And it's evident that he's hurt. Like a Terrier. But this was his choice. And now all one can wish Shnur is - Fuck off, along with the Russian warship.

This is the Russian aviation crash only for today.

But now it was offensive. The Russian OMON, from whom Russians flee, entered Ukraine and was destroyed. These idiots came to fight our soldiers with batons and shields. Does it seem to me that they were sent there just to be slaughtered?

During the execution of special tasks, three scouts - employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine - were killed.

🏆 Dolya Oleksiy IvanovichTranslation: 🏆 Dolya Oleksiy Ivanovich

🏆 Chibineev Valeriy Viktorovich

🏆 Kiryeev Denis Borisovich

🇺🇦 They died defending Ukraine, and their act brought us closer to victory!

🤝 On behalf of the Main Intelligence Directorate, we express our sincere condolences to the families of the deceased.

Heroes don't die! They live as long as we remember them!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! 🦉

Our air defense system landed 9 Russian helicopters in one day. Clearly, we are heading for a record.

WARNING! The video lists the surnames of Nazi aviators who will definitely be held accountable for their crimes.

Each of them has become a target for our CROs today.

Russian propagandists are incredibly STUPID creatures.

The photo from Irpen today has been circulated by all Ukrainian media outlets, public pages, Telegram channels, and has made its way into foreign press.

But some Vanya will be telling that the Ukrainian army destroyed a bridge in Mariupol.

This is Ilya Novikov. He is well known in Russia. He made a correct video with the right message. Spread it across Russian channels, public pages, and groups. This works. Let's go, Ukraine's information troops.

"A Muscovite walked through the forest."

Looking for an adventure 😃

The sun shone from the sky ☀️

"Beautiful weather!"

All of a sudden, it fucking exploded.

And the earth trembled.

The shell has arrived.

"To a young Muscovite"

This is somewhere in the region of Kharkiv. Russians decided to take a shortcut through the forest. But it was only their lives that got shortened.


Now you'll be shocked. But information has emerged about our prostitutes being supported by Putin in Russia.

Now, attention, this is no joke: Yanukovych's entourage spent the entire week before the war studying the Ukrainian equivalent of Avito to find cheap real estate in the center of Kiev, so they can grab it when Russian forces take over Kiev in three days))

This was leaked to Moscow journalists by the assistant of Yanukovych's Prime Minister Azarov))

Yanukovych and his team actually wanted to "enter" Ukraine as Gauleiters - as a joke, which was invented by Putin, to teach Ukrainians a lesson))

But the joke turned out to be more complicated.

Photos from Nikolaev, where 4 helicopters and other Russian garbage were knocked down. ))

And a few more fresh photos of not fresh but fried rusnian.

Russians, Ukraine is not Chechnya for you, but much worse. Here they will shoot, cut, burn, and poison you all the time. But it can be avoided. Just don't come to us. Live in your own Russia. Or else come and they will write about you the same way as they did about this dead "ra*ist" - with bitterness, tears, and snot. But you can ignore me and join the statistics of the dead "rusni" (derogatory term for Russians). The choice is yours.

Biden believes that Russians are against the war with Ukraine.

Hm, so why have they come here?

🔥 Took a small roller-skate

About how our volunteers work hard so that the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces have something to shoot with, something to eat, and something to (God forbid) treat their wounds with.

We continue working.

Glory to Ukraine!

The actor who played Sméagol in Lord of the Rings parodied Putin.

Here we are, just as we imagined.

Thank you, Mr. Andy Serkis.

We will win!

🙃 Putin entrusted make a list of countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia

🔥 Serge Marko: Actually, Russia has already lost.

I just haven't understood this yet. She, like a chicken with its head cut off, continues running forward, not realizing that soon she will collapse due to loss of blood.

Because the whole world has seen a different Russia - a colossus on clay feet. He saw broken columns with hundreds of units of equipment and corpses all around. He saw panic in the economy from sanctions. He saw the real effectiveness and combat capabilities of Russian operational-tactical missile systems.

I saw the possibilities of Putin's main horror story - Chechen units. I saw an inadequate old man who hysterically clings to power, causing harm to his own country, who decided to take everyone with him in agreement.

I saw the shelling of peaceful cities with the aim of genocide and attacks on the nuclear power plant. I saw the inability to deal with Ukraine by their own forces, so I forced dictators from Belarus and Kazakhstan to provide their troops, whose combat capabilities in this theater of operations are simply ridiculous, but they have to prove themselves to their dwarf ruler and they send their people to be slaughtered in someone else's war.

They saw nuclear blackmail a few days into the war, simply because "great Russia" had no other options.

The entire regime of Putin was built on military advantages. Armies, Iskanders, analogues, constant wars with weak countries compared to Russia. And they were able to create an illusion that they are strong. And now this soap bubble burst. It burst during a full-scale military operation against little Ukraine, which did not succumb to the general fear and hit back in response. And everyone saw with surprise that the favorite stumbled, took a step back, and lost the first round with a crash.

And though the end of the battle is still far off, the giant is already standing in front of the little one, enduring a hail of blows, with an unconvincing appearance. The same giant who previously terrified the whole world with its military power. But in this category, there is also China... which from this moment on will not perceive Russia as a worthy opponent.

And the world won't let go of this. And it means that for all the bombings of our cities, all the lies from the television screens, for dividing Ukrainians from Ukrainians, we will have to pay the full price. Not Putin.

To Russians. Like the Germans after the first and second world wars. Only the Germans managed to overcome the circumstances thanks to their practicality and hard work.

And here is a fuck you for the Russians.

The main mistake of Putin is that he was convinced that Ukrainians would NOT fight. The main mistake of Zelensky is that he thought that NATO would fight. The main mistake of NATO is that it believes that if Putin feasts on Ukraine, it will not have to fight. In vain, he eats not out of hunger, but out of fear, and fear makes eyes wide.

📌 Writers Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman, and Rebecca Kuang are canceling their contracts with Russia.


Kyiv, Independence Square

Do you see in these photos a nation that has given up? No, this is a nation that will fight. It was on this Maidan that we won Freedom. And we do not intend to give it away. Ask the 10,000 Russians who have already tried to take it.

Photo: Radio Liberty.



Residential quarters of Chernihiv were hit by powerful unguided aircraft bombs FAB-500 - head of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration.

The Liverpool vs West Ham match began with a minute of support for Ukraine.

In West Ham, the Ukrainian Yarmolenko is playing.

A bit of good news from the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ⬇️

Today, March 5th, Russian occupiers once again suffer further losses from the anti-aircraft defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

☑️ Three helicopters shot down by a Navy infantryman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

☑️ 1 Su-25 ground-attack aircraft and 1 helicopter were shot down by servicemen of the Operational Command "South" of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

☑️ Two Su-34 fighter-bombers were shot down by military personnel from the Northern Operational Command of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

✅ Two Su-30 SM aircraft were shot down by military personnel of the "South" Air Command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Also, the air defense system shot down the UAV "Orlan-10" and several cruise missiles that were flying towards peaceful Ukrainian cities.

Overall, as of 23:00 on March 5th, the losses of aviation equipment of the Russian occupation forces are as follows:

44 planes and 44 helicopters - going hand in hand.

Ukrainian soldiers found enemy pilots who ejected and survived. They have been provided with medical assistance and are already giving testimonies regarding the crimes of the Putin regime against humanity!

🛩🛩 It is worth noting the work of the strike aviation of the Air Force - Su-24m bombers and Su-25 attack aircraft, which carried out several aerial assaults on enemy columns, inflicting powerful missile and bomb strikes.

🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine!

🔴 Oscar-winning actor Jack Nicholson expressed his support for Ukraine in his own way.

A stone with the Ukrainian flag, presumably symbolizing the difficult fate of Ukrainians.

Humor is all good.

Moving forward.

All fair. He wanted to kill us. We strongly opposed. And it killed him.

🔴 Shell apologized for purchasing Russian oil, and promised to allocate part of the profits from its processing to support Ukrainians.

🔻 This was a difficult decision that the company made to ensure uninterrupted fuel supplies throughout Europe, the corporation reported on Twitter.

Shell has assured that they will continue to search for alternatives to Russian oil wherever possible.

Earlier Bloomberg wrote that the price of Russian oil for Shell was $28.45 per barrel lower than the cost of the benchmark grade Dated Brent.

🔻 In connection with the purchase of Russian Shell oil, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba has called for the termination of any business ties with Russia by transnational companies in his Twitter. "

One question to Shell: Does Russian oil not smell like Ukrainian blood to you?


This is trolling of the year. Putin, are you sleeping? ))

Yuhhoooo! Mastercard and Visa have announced the suspension of operations in Russia. 💪

By the way, I found a positive moment in the military situation :) looks like we defeated COVID. I'll confirm tomorrow 🤣


According to the latest information, enemy equipment is heading towards the Kyiv region, namely the anti-aircraft missile system "Tor" and the tactical missile system "Tochka-U".

ℹ️The "Tor" system is designed to protect the first echelons of ground forces from attacks by anti-radar and guided missiles, remotely piloted aircraft, air bombs (guided air bombs), planes and helicopters, including those made using "stealth" technology. It can operate both in manual mode with operator participation and in fully automatic mode.

9K79-1 "Tochka-U" is a tactical (divisional) missile complex. The complex is based on a full-drive floating chassis BAZ with a formula of 6x6. The missile of the complex has a warhead weighing 482 kg and can be equipped with various types of combat units. The missile's flight range is 120 km, and the circular probable deviation is 95 m.

Attention! These are particularly dangerous terrorists who arrived in Ukraine with a special mission.

The technology is moving towards Kyiv.

Very important!!!!!

We address all citizens of Kyiv Oblast and Kyiv! Everyone who has seen, recorded, knows the location of this column, urgently provide the information to Ukrainian defenders in the bot

At the Krakovets checkpoint.

are located

Thousands of Ukrainians: some of them escaped from shelling in their cities, people are waiting to cross the border with Poland. They say they have to wait in line for 5-8 hours. Men bring their families and then return back.

Photo by Oksana Seniv, Suspilne.

⚡️ The Hlukhiv quarry of quartzites, which belongs to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, is planned to be nationalized for the benefit of Ukraine.

- Head of Sumy Regional State Administration, Dmytro Zhovytskyi.

🚀💪 Zelensky is already thinking about what he will do after the victory.

⚡️ Operational information as of 24:00 on 05.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion.


The tenth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion has ended.

The enemy continues the offensive operation against Ukraine, concentrating the main efforts on the encirclement of the cities Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, reaching the administrative borders in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, and creating a land corridor with the annexed Crimean peninsula.

Before carrying out airstrikes on military and civilian infrastructure in the Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions, Su-35C, Su-34, and Su-25 aircraft were deployed from airfields on the territory of Belarus (Baranavichy, Luninets, Lida). In addition, Su-34 bombers from the Buturlinovka airfield carried out airstrikes on Ukrainian infrastructure in the Sumy region.

The units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus have been stationed in the areas of the settlements Grushka (Malorita district) and Khotislav.

In the Polissya direction, the forces of the Eastern Military District, the Pacific Fleet, and the Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, by the 18th Separate Tank Brigade, are operating in the areas of the settlements Poliske, Kukhari, Borodyanka, Bishiv, Gorenichi, Demidiv.

According to available data, after regrouping, the subdivisions of the Eastern Military District and the Airborne Troops of the Russian Armed Forces, which have suffered significant losses in the area of Gostomel Airport, are relocating units of the 76th Airborne Assault Division towards the village of Bilotserkivka. The enemy does not cease its attempts to advance towards the southwestern outskirts of Kyiv.

In the direction of Siversky, the forces of the Central Military District's group consisting of the 12th Separate Tank Brigade from the composition of units of the 41st and 2nd Combined Arms Armies, and the 90th Tank Division, are conducting an offensive operation in the northeast of Ukraine.

In the direction of Kozelets, the movement of up to 100 units of weaponry and military equipment has been recorded, including TOS-1 "Buratino".

The enemy's forces are currently undergoing regrouping on the Brovary direction.

The detachment units are advancing towards the settlement of Peremoha. The occupiers are trying to approach the Brovary-Boryspil highway.

Subdivisions of the 6th General Military Army and the 1st Tank Army of the Western Military District are being deployed to launch an offensive on Chernihiv and Nizhyn.

In the Slobodzhan direction, the group of troops of the Western Armed Forces, consisting of the 23rd Guards Tank Brigade of the 1st Tank Army and the 20th General Military Army, the 14th Army Corps of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation, after numerous losses, is undergoing restructuring in order to resume the offensive in the directions of Lubny, Poltava, and Kharkiv.

According to available information, the occupation intends to seize another important infrastructure object - the dam of the Kaniv Hydroelectric Power Station.

On the Donetsk direction, the enemy forces, consisting of the 7th BTG, 1st and 2nd army corps, and the 150th motorized infantry division, are attempting to continue their offensive actions towards the Dnipro and Zaporizhia directions.

On the Severodonetsk direction, the enemy, with the forces of up to 2 BTG, is trying to advance towards Izium. Halted near the Siverskyi Donets river. Accumulating manpower and equipment to resume the offensive.

On the Mariupol direction, the enemy continues to block the city of Mariupol, carrying out artillery shelling of civilian infrastructure objects in the city.

On the Mykolaiv direction, up to three separate battalions of the 7th Air Assault Division of the Airborne Forces conducted offensive actions throughout the day towards the city of Mykolaiv, but suffered significant losses. The enemy did not achieve success.

On the Zaporizhia direction, the enemy forces, up to 3 BTG, with aviation support, are advancing towards Zaporizhia, in the direction of the settlements Nova Odesa and Mykolaiv.

In the South Buzhsky and Bessarabian directions, units of the operational group of Russian troops in the security zone of the self-proclaimed Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic are in a state of heightened combat readiness. The morale and psychological state of the personnel is low. The majority of servicemen do not wish to participate in combat actions on the territory of Ukraine. At the same time, the "leader" of the self-proclaimed Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, Krasnoselsky, currently excludes the possibility of involving units of the "Armed Forces of the PMR" in Russia's war against Ukraine.